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Jain eco-quotations

"Lord Mahavira preached about the environment in the first book of 'Acharanga Sutra', which is accepted, as His direct words. The elements of nature were described as living beings and under the fundamental principle of AHIMSA these were to be protected in all ways - no waste, no overuse, no abuse, no polluting. If we follow these principles, then we would stop destroying our environment as well as preserve the resources that are available for all to share. If there are more resources available for all, then the poor will also get a fair share thereof".

- Quotation from R. P. Chandaria, Chairman of the Institute of Jainology, 15 August 2008.

"You are that which you intend to hit, injure, insult, torment, persecute, torture, enslave or kill" (Mahavira).

- This passage is based on The Jain Declaration on Nature by Dr L M Singhvi, which was presented to Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace on 23 October 1990 to mark the entry of the Jain faith to the WWF Network on Conservation and Religion.

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