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Looking for a Chief Executive and a Director of Membership of FaithInvest

May 20, 2019:

FaithInvest, a newly-created organisation stemming from ARC’s Faith in Finance initiatives, is now a legal entity and is looking for a chief executive and director of membership.

Chief Executive

The Executive Director will build the membership by assisting faith groups in creating their own Guidelines (based on the model of the Zug Guidelines) which will enable them to commit to becoming pro-active in faith aligned investing. S/he will be responsible for developing specific events and a rolling programme of research, reports and specific topic platforms. The Executive Director will also be responsible for securing funding for FaithInvest. Contact Korn Ferry directly. Read more here about the position, responsibilities, and how to apply.

Director of Membership

The Membership Director will be responsible for finding potential members, bringing them on-board and integrating them into the FaithInvest community; other roles include creating materials and communication strategies, leading workshop groups and planning for the future. Application deadline: June 20, 2019. Read more here about the position, responsibilities, and how to apply.

What is FaithInvest?

FaithInvest is a network and platform for supporting and amplifying the investment efforts of faith groups to be aligned with their values. It became a legal entity in spring 2019 and will also soon have charitable status. FaithInvest is currently creating its website, media presence, and office.


FaithInvest has been formed by major religious investors working with philanthropies, the United Nations, national governments and financial companies specialising in impact investment. For its first few months, it is being hosted by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), a UK-based international NGO started by HRH Prince Philip in 1995.

FaithInvest’s vision is the enabling of faith investment groups, faith laity, faith philanthropies and faith-based NGOs to become the major worldwide forces engaging in investments in pursuit of pro-active investing. Such investments will focus on criteria and goals such as ESG, the SDGs and upon the Catholic vision for faith action outlined in Laudato Si whose message has been supported/endorsed by the leaders of many diverse faith groups. FaithInvest’s goal is to help all faith investment to move to faith aligned values investing

Currently FaithInvest is developing access to around 600 faith investment groups with a potential of helping influence up to $1 trillion of faith investments within eight faiths – Buddhist, Christian, Daoist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Shinto.

In its first three years FaithInvest aims to have recruited around 175 members and to have developed appropriate support services.

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