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Presentation introducing ARC.

Printable leaflet about ARC

Reasons to work with the faiths.

Download our leaflets here.

Some historical press releases


When we were open and active our policy was always to allow reproduction of any of our material to anybody wanting to reproduce it in good faith, and asked only for it to be attributed in a clear way. This is still our policy. We hope some of it will be useful.

ARC's photostream

Flickr photostream: photos are available under a Creative Commons licence for anyone to use; we simply ask that you credit ARC (and, where relevant and evident, the photographer) as the source.

Working with the media

ARC works with many media partners including faith-based and secular publications. Stories about our work have appeared on the BBC (TV and radio), Al Jezeera, NPR, Vatican Radio, The Economist, The Tablet, Jerusalem Post, The Hindu, the Times, the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, O magazine,,, the Church Times, the Times of India, Independent Catholic News and many more.

Photo credits

Details of the Creative Commons photographs used on this website.

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Vision and Strategy
ARC's vision is of people, through their beliefs, treading more gently upon the earth. Link here to find out how we achieve this.
June 27, 2019:
ARC has closed after 23 years
ARC has closed after 23 exciting years brokering links between the world's major faiths and organisations working on environment programmes. We have made this decision for the best of reasons: we have done what we set out to do. THIS WEBSITE IS NOW ARCHIVED.
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The five ways a faith-based conservation project can succeed