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   ARC has closed after 23 years
   Faithinvest launched
   Beliefs and Values Programme at WWF
   Create your long term Faith Plan to protect the environment
   Access ARC's extensive website archive of news about religion and conservation
   A letter of thanks from HRH Prince Philip to our long-standing sponsor MOA International
   The ARC archive donated to the University of Bath
   The story of the Indonesian Muslim Conservation Movement
   Webinar on faith-based climate programmes
   DEFRA grant to work with Muslims in Indonesia to reduce illegal wildlife trade
   Martin Palmer profiled in Emergence Magazine
   Remembering our friend and ARC poet, Jay Ramsay
   Sustainable environment needs religious bodies' partnership: report from Nigeria
   The Assisi Poems 2011
   ARC working with Nigerian conservationists to encourage religions to protect species
   Major international conference on Faith Investment in Geneva this month
   Prince Philip's environmental sermon for Advent
   How FaithInvest started. Inspiring new video from the "TED talks" of sustainability
   Have a happy ecological advent 2018
   How connected are we with nature? The answer will predict how good we are at conservation
   Redefining a good investment: Faithinvest announced
   The second Zug Faith in Finance starts this weekend. A new organisation will be announced.
   Report from the First Maoshan Daoist Ecological Temples Forum
   Daoist eco plan bans rhino horn, ivory; addresses mercy release crisis
   Maoshan prepares to hold a major conference for Daoist ecological temples
   The Economist features FaithInvest
   You're invited to a meeting about faith-consistent ethical investment. Edinburgh Oct 22-23 2018
   The road from Zug 2017 to the creation of FaithInvest
   Tessa Tennant did so much for ethical finance. For that and our friendship we'll miss her
   Press release: Major grant from UK Aid Direct for Dignity for Girls programmes in Uganda
   Fond memories of our president, Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, who died last week
   News from the 8th World Sikh Environment Day 2018
   Faith Initiative magazine features religions and environment this month
   Penguin India publishes important new book on Hinduism and Nature
   Monks Community Forest is part of important new wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia
   Milestone in journey towards international faith-consistent investment
   Sudan the last white male rhino dies: it is a spiritual matter, Catholic eco leader says.
   Happy SIKH ENVIRONMENT DAY tomorrow: 14th March 2018
   Buddhist traditions and conservation programmes protect rare otters on Tibetan plateau
   Our EcoSikh colleague Ravneet Singh attacked outside Parliament in Westminster
   Urgent Environment Agenda for the Jewish People: Jerusalem Post reports
   Monks in Cambodian Community Forest take action against soldiers for alleged logging and threats
   Update from the EcoCoffin project in South Africa
   Important Jain temple in Mumbai installs solar panels in inspiring rooftop project
   ARC formally working with Jiangsu Daoist Association to build new ecological temples in China
   We at ARC are all so sad that Tony Whitten, our friend for many years, has died
   ARC's Zug Faith in Finance meeting in pictures and in the news
   PRESS RELEASE: Major new alliance of religious investment funds creating a better and fairer world
   PRESS RELEASE: Faith groups using their investment funds to create a better world
   Major Catholic church funds to make record divestment from fossil fuels
   Why the global food industry is killing wild animals and why it matters
   The Ecologist asks: Can religion help save the planet's wildlife and environment?
   Read ARC's pledge for #NatureForAll
   Economist article this week about faiths investing in the environment
   Buddhist Monks Establish Network on Forest Conservation
   The Pope and Patriarch issue a joint statement this Creationtide
   One year course for future leaders on Spiritual Ecology - deadline Sept 15
   The Duke of Edinburgh's last official engagement today
   First sacred cities investment meeting July 24-25
   The Hindu Newspaper features vital work on green pilgrimage by ARC's partner organisation in India
   PRESS RELEASE: First Sacred Cities Investment meeting, London July 24-25
   PRESS RELEASE: Society for Conservation Biology gives inaugural Assisi Award for faith-based conservation
   China’s Religious Revival Fuels Environmental Activism: The New York Times reports
   Compassion in World Farming: major conference on meat production and extinction of species
   A statue of the Virgin Mary protects a Philippines coral reef from dynamite fishing
   Indian faiths promote "One Earth One Human Family" as US pulls out of climate deal
   ARCs 2016 Strategic Review
   Writing on the Wall: How can Poetry Can Save the Planet? June 3. Waterloo.
   How three Daoist Masters went to Windsor to meet the Prince
   Sikh Environment Day reached 2 million people in 15 countries and 21 states this year
   China's prestigious Sixth Tone writes how Daoist monks find new role as environmentalists
   PRESS RELEASE: Religions to be partners in Earth Hour 2017
   BBC Earth says religions can make us more eco-friendly. Or not.
   "A Buddhist Tradition to Save Animals Has Taken an Ugly Turn" National Geographic reports
   "Burn only 3 sticks for New Year" urges Buddhist Association of China
   ARC's work and partners featured in National Geographic wildlife story
   What has faith to do with finance? Inspiring book launched in China with global impact
   Korean edition of Faith in Conservation
   There is a mass extinction of animals. We caused it. We need to solve it.
   Could Diwali be festival of 'solar lights'? CNN story by ARC Hindu partner organisation
   Spirituality a key theme in IUCN major international wildlife congress this year
   Join ARC's Martin Palmer and others at an inspiring Sacred Land weekend in Wales in October
   Forest-burning is a sin, says Indonesian fatwa. Story reported around the world.
   Stories of the Stranger show in Scotland this month
   Fifteen years on, and the Cambodia Monks Community Forest captivates the next generation
   What Laudato Si says about animals: a year from the Green Papal Encyclical
   The best "mercy release" is not to eat meat. Chinese Buddhist leaders issue groundbreaking animated feature
   Bristol Faith in the Future UN/ARC event lead story in main Baha'i news magazine
   Strongest statement ever by Chinese Buddhist Community against wildlife "mercy release"
   Exciting new phase for the ValuesQuest programme
   New film for Earth Day urging Malaysian Muslims to protect tigers
   PRESS RELEASE: A record 3,500 Sikh Organisations celebrated Sikh Environment Day this year
   Sikhs celebrate most successful Sikh Environment Day ever - March 14th
   Excellent new resource on religions and development from Germany
   New "Assisi Award" for faith-based conservation launched - by scientists
   Korean conservation groups join ARC network
   Buddhist monks in Zanskar and Ladakh resolve to teach about snow leopard protection
   Wonderful new Green Hindu Temple Guide
   Muslim Council Issues Fatwa Against Poaching: National Geographic Article
   Pilgrim to Santiago writes about how the Way taught him to be green
   Inspiring new charity founded to work with faiths on water, sanitation and hygiene
   Enlisting faiths in fight to save the planet: in-depth article on religion and conservation
   Letter to ARC faith representatives from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
   PRESS RELEASE Pilgrim cities around the world to go greener thanks to Schwarzenegger initiative
   PRESS RELEASE: French President sends letter to Heads of State about COP as matter for personal conscience
   PRESS RELEASE. First ever meeting of brokers for faith and conservation programmes
   Interview with Martin Palmer in China's prestigious Dangjian Magazine
   China Daily features ARC's work in China in advance of President Xi's visit to UK
   Environment is critically important: Buddhist Association of China
   A Summit of Conscience to be held in Philippines October 9
   PRESS RELEASE: ARC calls for real partnership with faiths, not tokenism
   2015年9月10日联合国电台报道(UN Radio China report)
   Ten-year faith commitments launched at UN Faiths Meeting in Bristol
   2015年 9月8-10日 联合国信仰与可持续发展会
   PRESS RELEASE: Bristol's faith leaders ask people to pray for the success of the Bristol UN Faiths Meeting
   Significant new ecological herbal nursery in Shaanxi province
   PRESS RELEASE: Why Do I Care? French Government makes climate change debate personal pre COP
   Selected stories, quotes and ideas from Summit of Conscience July 2015
   News coverage of the Summit of Conscience, Paris July 21 2015
   Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the Summit of Consciences for the Climate
   Cardinal Turkson addresses the Summit of Consciences for the Climate
   AFP report on the Summit of Conscience
   Launch of WHYDOICARE: climate an issue of personal conscience
   Far reaching Papal Encyclical on the Environment published today
   Far reaching Papal Encyclical on the Environment to be published Thursday
   Summit of Conscience for the Climate
   Faith in Food Shortlisted for Prestigious Food Award
   UN Bristol Meeting on Faiths and the Sustainable Development Goals
   Interview with Martin Palmer in China Daily
   Twenty years on from the Ohito Declaration
   Interfaith Ocean Ethics Campaign launched
   Read this review of Sacred Mountains
   New phase for our Africa programme
   PRESS RELEASE: Indonesian Muslim women unite for availability of water, sanitation and environmental health
   "In search of Bristol's dragons" and Happy Year of the Goat
   How to use this website
   Calendar reminds Daoists of the importance of fasting
   Church of England to update its Don’t Stop at the Lights climate change book
   How the Royal Family makes conservation cool
   Landmark decision by Chinese Buddhists to ban killing wildlife
   Faith In Food is the Church Times pick of 2014
   US publishing praise for ARC's Stories of the Stranger
   Prince Philip promises to keep supporting ARC's work as long as he can
   Strong new partnership between The Nature Conservancy and ARC
   New chapter in Daoist ecology
   Bishop of London hosts international environmental meeting
   Hope for the Future: Let's get Climate Change onto the Agenda
   Daoism’s role in China’s environmental strategy continues to expand
   ARC celebrates coming of age with lunch at the Palace
   ARC enters exciting partnership with United Nations Environment Programme
   Green Pilgrimage Network newsletter Number 11: November 2014
   Chinese TV turns the spotlight on Daoism’s conservation role
   Green Hindus lead environmental discussions at the House of Lords
   International recognition for ARC’s ‘inspirational’ faith-based educational programme
   Daoism and Christianity - new podcast explores historic links
   UNESCO hails ESD toolkit as an excellent example of good practice
   ARC projects score a double with the Church Times
   PBS video highlights ARC’s role in religious environmentalism in China
   Faith leaders call for Faithful Farming to be practiced across Africa
   Canterbury launches partnership with pilgrimages
    Faiths and the environment
   First thoughts on the new global alliance for climate-smart agriculture
   Economist article celebrates religions' role in challenging climate change
   "Bright new light on ancient ideas"
   EcoSikh Issues First Sikh Statement on Climate Change
   Join faiths praying for a strong climate treaty in Paris 2015
   Great review for Sacred Mountains in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post
   ARC statement on Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture
   Islamic Farming introduced to Uganda
   Creation Tide - a time for Christians to celebrate and protect nature
   ‘Religion and conservation must go hand in hand’ writes Indian conservation biologist
   A new translation by Martin Palmer brings ancient Chinese history and wisdom to life in the 21st century.
   Powerful, poetic and playful - heaps of praise for Faith In Food
   Article on ARC's Ise event in Huffington Post, by UN Deputy Secretary General
   One of the "10 top books for summer": ARC's Faith in Food
   How do you invest £8 billion ethically? Article from Church of England's Edward Mason
   Confucius returns to the mainland: South China Morning Post story
   Singapore's faith communities get a new environmental handbook
   China's modern problems find ancient solutions: Daoism's remarkable new story
   Church Times and Independent both hail Ise agenda
   PRESS RELEASE: Faith in Food, wonderful new book
   Stories of the Stranger: The world’s stories remind us of the value of compassion
   ValuesQuest: the next step
   PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network partnership with R20 Regions of Climate Action
   Both Prince Charles and Prince Philip write to support ARC’s Japan event
   The day an ancient taboo bowed out
   ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values Launched at Ise by Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN
   PRESS RELEASE: Historic meeting of Shinto priests and international environmental and religious figures to take place at Ise this June
   Three Daoist pilgrim cities join the Green Pilgrimage Network
   Martin Palmer on BBC Radio 2 this Sunday on ARC's book on mindful eating
   Catholics gather at the Vatican for a major symposium on the environment.
   PRESS RELEASE: How can China’s Daoists help save the planet? Book launch in Beijing
   UN environmental champion to call for collective action on climate change
   East African Catholics publish new environmental 'toolkit'
   China Sacred Mountains book launches this week
   A new ARC resource of environmental prayers and meditations
   Successful debut for Hindu Environment Week
   Islamic wildlife programme launched in Afghanistan
   PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable agriculture manual for Muslim farmers to be launched in Kenya next week
   Happy Sikh Environment Day!
   Sikh communities worldwide prepare for another successful Sikh Environment Day
   First ever delegation of Confucianists visits UK on mission to make China more sustainable
   Indonesian clerics issue fatwa to protect endangered species
   Happy Hindu Environment Week!
   Prince of Wales praises faiths for speaking out forcefully against the wildlife trade
   Blog - New faith-based approach to farming for Muslim farmers in Kenya
   Celebrate the Year of the Horse with nature-friendly incense
   The Pope's next big encyclical could well be on the environment
   Indian Conservationist discovers religious allies
   Greening the Retreats - how the EcoRetreat Newsletter came about
   Islamic green awards launched for mosques
   ARC Africa newsletter - December 2013
   Tenth anniversary of the passing of Sri Kushok Bakula
   South East Asian pilgrims start planning for Hajj, 2014
   Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 9, December 2013
   A greener advent on the calendar
   Article on Daoism and Confucianism protecting China's environment
   'As people of faith we have no choice, we must': Bishop Zac urges action on the environment
   East Africa's first national faith eco network launches in Uganda
   Hindus announce the first Hindu Environment Week next February
   Animation for children - urging all Muslims to become water heroes
   New film about Bangladesh water conservation
   Four years of Sikh environmentalism caught on film
   New book brings inspiring stories of faith eco action action from Africa
   PRESS RELEASE: Confucianism: Powerful new force for greener China
   BLOG: Africa's traffic jams and a police escort - by Susie Weldon
   Master Ren Farong to give lecture at SOAS this Friday
   PRESS RELEASE: First UK visit for top Chinese Daoist environmentalists
   Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 8
   PRESS RELEASE: Creating Tanzania’s young eco champions
   Religion and environment is "match made in heaven." University of Minnesota site
   'White Men Shooting Rhinos in the Bum with a Dart'
   ARC and EMF to attend major conference on faith and the environment in China
   Happy Orthodox Environment Day and start of Creationtide
   New Chinese language section for ARC website
   BLOG: Reaping the benefits in Uganda
   Pope Francis urges Brazilian Catholics to protect God's creation in the Amazon
   Green Pilgrimage Network more than doubles
   Touching gift from China’s senior Confucian scholar to Council of Europe head
   PRESS RELEASE: Condolences to Santiago de Compostela train crash
   PRESS RELEASE: Confucianists in China issue first environmental statement
   BLOG: Surprised and delighted by a phone call from Tanzania
   Letter to the Pope: The Amazon is a Catholic responsibility
   ARC launches a faith-based teacher's toolkit in Kenya
   PRESS RELEASE Norwegian model green city to host historic Chinese announcement
   Amritsar becomes more of an Eco-City on its foundation day this year
   Green Guide For Hajj translated into Arabic
   PRESS RELEASE: Head of China's oldest religion will visit ARC this week
   President Obama announces climate plan with a theological justification
   Historic visit by world religious leader to ARC office
   Martin Palmer discusses the spiritual significance of water in BBC podcast
   Faith and Food at Bristol's Big Green Week, 2013
   New play script helps spread the Green Pilgrimage message
   ARC reissues classic book on religion and conservation
   BBC debate asks: Has humanity's dominion been good for the planet?
   Urgent wildlife campaign receives heartfelt royal endorsement
   ValuesQuest launches with wide-ranging debates
   Exciting results from working with Muslims in Sumatra on eco-programs
   Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 6
   The Hidden Forest brings Green Pilgrimage to life
   ARC launches a major partnership with big ideas
   Pope Francis issues the inspiring call: "Let us be protectors of creation"
   ARC newsletter to African faith partners
   Happy Sikh Environment Day
   The Quiet Revolution
   PRESS RELEASE Faith leaders unite to combat illegal wildlife trade
   Tributes paid to retiring Pope's green commitment
   Faith schools take sustainability agenda forward in Kenya
   Religions belong at the forefront of environment and wildlife protection
   Green Pilgrimage Network - read our latest newsletter
   Martin Palmer's US talk on video
   Faith groups link up with Uganda's Ministry of Agriculture
   Special handbook aims to help Rio cope with three million pilgrims
   Officials on board to make world's biggest human gathering greener
   The first green camp opens at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad
   Green Pilgrimage Network meeting in Rishikesh
   How we forgot about Nature at Christmas
   Charcoal briquettes and water harvesting: eco action in Uganda
   New handbook on sustainable water and sanitation
   ARC November newsletter to African faith partners
   ARC works with Hindu leaders on Green Pilgrimage Network in India
   The Sacred Life of Trees - an article by Martin Palmer
   ARC holds a Farming God's Way workshop in Kenya
   PRESS RELEASE: India Chapter of the GPN launched
   Green Pilgrimage Network to meet in Trondheim in 2013
   ARC has created a couple of videos of the Nairobi celebration
   African religious leaders join forces to help stop illegal wildlife trade
   UNEP says working with faiths is "top of our priorities" in Africa
   US faith groups rally to the aid of pollinating creatures
   PRESS RELEASE: Major ARC celebration planned for Nairobi this month to launch 26 Africa faith commitments
   Creating a sacred space in a deprived urban estate
   ARC works with Akvo to learn simple video skills for faith groups
   Sacred Land featured in Daily Telegraph
   Inspiring new book by Green Patriarch
   The 'Tree Bishop' of Tanzania is interviewed for PBS TV
   Islamic Water Conservation Manual aims to save lives in Bangladesh
   The Cave of Faith: BBC Radio 4, June 28 Presented by Martin Palmer
   What the media have said about ARC
   PRESS RELEASE: Indonesian Green Guide to Hajj launched
   Quakers grow a low-carbon sustainable community
   Times of India reports on Green Amritsar
   Head of Coexist Foundation discusses religion and environment on video
   Chinese green pilgrimage city transformed by huge investment
   ARC holds a sustainable agriculture workshop in Kenya
   New logo for Green Pilgrimage Network
   Great reviews for Martin Palmer's Sacred Land book
   Making Buddhist teachings on protecting nature more relevant
   New teaching resources for GCSE Religious Studies
   Religions and Conservation – resources for teachers and students
   International gathering of Anglicans commits to eco-justice
   Competition for African faith schools and youth groups
   Record numbers celebrated Sikh Environment Day this year
   Saturday is Earth Hour!
   Jerusalem welcomes swifts to the Western Wall
   French shrine towns report a 'strong rise' in spiritual tourism.
   BBC World Service features ARC's Uganda partner
   Water Is Life: World Water Day 2012
   ARC condolences on the passing of Pope Shenouda III
   Hundreds of thousands celebrate Sikh Environment Day 2012
   Happy Sikh Environment Week
   ARC office wins Fairtrade thumbs up
   Nairobi ARC workshop on religion and environmental teaching
   Christians take eco pledges for Lent
   Green Maps founder Wendy Brawer speaks to ARC
   ARC and Tree Aid hold an agroforestry workshop in Ghana
   PRESS RELEASE: Sacred Land book reveals Britain's secret history
   Sustainable activities for Jewish Tu B'shvat Festival of Trees
   ARC discusses pilgrimage on BBC's Beyond Belief programme
   Catholic Schools Eco News: 21
   Environmentalists recognised in '500 Most Influential Muslims' list
   People of faith urged to avoid 'cruelty' eggs
   Sins against nature are sins against God: Kerala Catholic bishops
   ARC blogs for Club of Rome
   BBC focuses on St Albans and green pilgrimage on Christmas Day
   Prince Charles plants a mango tree in Tanzania
   Real or fake: which Christmas tree is more eco-friendly?
   Faith leaders spearhead climate change challenge
   Touching hearts and minds: faith environmental action
   South African newspaper hails success of Eco-Coffin project
   Bhutan Compassion & Conservation conference: report
   Japanese TV Company airs Assisi footage
   Faiths telling stories about how we should treat strangers
   Church of England launches petition on solar panels
   ARC featured on China's CCTV and BBC's Radio 4
   Green Guide to the Hajj launched at Assisi, Italy
   PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network launches
   Princess Michael of Kent to be guest of honour at Assisi
    Quakers' eco stories
   100 million people go on pilgrimage every year
   Friends put their House in order
   PRESS RELEASE: Major Chinese government meeting with Daoists
   PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network to launch in Assisi
   Celebrate the Feast of St Francis today
   ARC to contribute to International Taoism Forum in China
   PRESS RELEASE: US Hindu Temples Endorse Green Pilgrimage Network
   ARC welcomes the appointment of Prince Charles as WWF-UK's new President
   ARC conference with monks in Bhutan makes front page news today
   New publication looks at how faith can shape our future
   Low carbon future for Quakers in Britain
   ARC discusses globalisation and faith on the BBC today
   ARC and Oxford University to map sacred forests
   PRESS RELEASE: Green Hindu temple initiative launched at White House
   Prominent South African politician buried in an eco-coffin
   Interview with Sir Miles Hunt-Davis
   Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana to form eco-clubs
   BBC film about Prince Philip and ARC now on Youtube
   BBC radio discusses the Vatican's climate change report
   BBC to feature Prince Philip's work with the faiths and ARC
   Sikh Environment Day 2011 - how we all did it.
   ARC Staff construct a Tippy Tap
   Vatican issues sobering report on climate change
   Ghana churches start planting two million trees
   Church of South India urges eco-action plan for Easter
   ARC's director to speak at philosophy and music festival
   Eco-rickshaws for Sikh Holy City
   ARC holds Faith in Food workshop in London - the biggest yet
   PRESS RELEASE: 20 long-term eco plans to be created by Christians and Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa
   Inspiring stories of faith eco action from Africa
   PRESS RELEASE: Faith leaders gather in Nairobi to develop eco action plans helping millions in Africa
   Mongolian Buddhists launch Eight-Year Plan
   Scottish Catholic leaders publish climate change study guide
   Senior UN official congratulates Sikhs on Environment Day
   ARC begins major new programme in sub-Saharan Africa
   PRESS RELEASE: Sikh masses to celebrate 2nd Sikh Environment Day March 14
   Catholics urged to give up meat on Friday during Lent
   PRESS RELEASE: Three Gujarat Holy Cities nominated to Green Pilgrim Cities network
   Daoist Eco Handbook for Temples
   Catholic Schools Eco-Newsletter No.18
   Highest Sikh authority on board for Sikh Environment Day
   Two faith centres shortlisted for UK sustainability awards
   Key ARC partner featured in major US faith publication
   Onion scandal in Mumbai highlights need for more sustainable farming
   New Year's Message from ARC
   PRESS RELEASE: Faith in Food next stop: New Delhi
   The Othona Bradwell Community builds a new eco house
   PRESS RELEASE: Nigerian Christian and Muslim leaders inspired to work together on the environment following London visit
   The Vatican's solar panels are the subject of a new book
   Faith leaders discuss climate change on BBC World Service
   Nigerian religious leaders unite in London to address environmental crisis
   PRESS RELEASE: EcoSikh movement announces first staff
   Faith leaders in Kenya are trusted more than the Government
   Deadline for Community Conservation Funding
   Sacred Soil: the foundation of life
   PRESS RELEASE: One Year On From Windsor: an important new report
   PRESS RELEASE: First Faith in Food workshop inspires and challenges
   Honouring our values in the food we eat
   First faith in food workshops in US this week
   Religion and biodiversity in Ethiopia's sacred forests
   Pope sends message for World Food Day
   PRESS RELEASE: ARC launches DVD on religion and ecology
   Catholics’ Pledge to St Francis
   PRESS RELEASE: All Sikhs urged to celebrate 14th March as Sikh Environment Day
   China's Minister for Religious Affairs praises ARC's work
   Ecological plan to protect the 'dragon's vein of China'
   Monks' Community Forest in Cambodia wins prestigious Equator Prize
   Church bells ring to highlight toll of biodiversity
   Water Schools - some important new material
   New report: Faith institutions find responsible investment difficult
   River Jordan closed to pilgrims because of pollution
   Sacred Bristol: a journey into the Christian feng shui of Bristol
   Can you summarise Sustainable Education in 90 seconds?
   Latest ARC Newsletter - June 2010
   Christian Ecological Retreat Centres announce eco-initiatives
   O Magazine this month features the work by ARC and the faiths
   Prince of Wales mentions Zanzibar programme in major Oxford speech
   Living Churchyards updated with links
   Two exciting job opportunities to help create EcoSikh
   Mongolian Buddhists announce first draft of Eight Year Eco Action Plan
   Compassion and Conservation Workshop at Gandan Monastery in Mongolia this month
   News from the Muslim Climate Change Meeting in Bogor, Indonesia
   State-funded Faith School “the most ecological in England”
   People of faith celebrate Earth Day
   Shanghai Buddhists launch their Eight Year Eco-Plan
   Armenian Orthodox start to replant their sacred forest - with a celebration
   Nuns provide clean water for hundreds after the Chilean earthquake
   Hindu Dance of Creation
   On World Water Day ARC launches the Faith, Schools & Water initiative
   ARC is joining Earth Hour on March 27th
   Sikhs celebrate March 14th as Sikh Environment Day
   Far-reaching new eco-pledges by African faith leaders
   African leaders pledge eco action
   Eco-fasting for Lent
   Happy Year of the Tiger
   MACCA holds its first conference in Indonesia in April
   First steps towards faiths developing closer links with Soil Association
   Past videos relating to the work of ARC
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter no. 15, February 2010
   Commitments by secular organisations to work with the faiths
   BBC asks why so many green campaigners rely on religious language
   ARC welcomes the Pope's powerful eco-statements
   Launch of 'Faith Climate Connect' - A global network
   Copenhagen failure down to 'self-centred' thinking - Pope
   The Pope: we must protect creation
   An Orthodox message for the planet
   Catholic School's Eco Newsletter no. 13, December 2009
   The Story of a Box - updated December 2009
   Inspiring quotes from scientists and others about religions and climate change
   Faith leaders in Copenhagen
   'USA Today' reports on the impact religious groups can have at Copenhagen - and beyond
   Copenhagen: ARC Statement of Faith
   US State Department recognises importance of faiths before Copenhagen
   New commitments from Windsor
   Muslim Association for Climate Change Action to launch in January
   Windsor Celebration
   Faiths “occupy a unique position” in discussions on the planet – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
   Madinah in Saudi Arabia to become Islamic eco city: Windsor announcement
   BBC runs major interview with UN Secretary-General - with the Windsor event prominent
   PRESS RELEASE: Many Heavens, One Earth:
   Guardian newspaper flags up ARC-UNDP's Windsor Event
   Latest news on the Long Term Commitments
   Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA) is launched
   Martin Palmer explains why faiths can shape future generations
   Faith in Water workshops leads to new network, partnerships, actions, ideas
   ARC's philosophy broadcast to millions on Songs of Praise
   Audio versions of the Faith in Water workshop
   Quakers pledge action on climate change
   UN prepares for September climate summit
   Muslim Schools Lead Islamic Green Movement in Java
   Hindus plan for major environmental action - including a Hindu eco labelling scheme
   ARC's response to the July Papal Encyclical on the Environment issued this month
   New Sins, New Virtues - The Economist analyses the Religions Approach to Climate Change
   ARC's Catholic Consultant Wins Gold Medal on top of Sony Gold Award
   Historic Istanbul Declaration of the Muslim 7 Year Action Plan on Climate Change
   UN celebrates Muslim Seven Year EcoPlan
   Greener habits for up to 24 million Sikhs
   The Programme for Windsor
   Major Faiths Invited to Celebrate 7 Year Plans at Windsor Castle
   ARC buys exquisite small artworks for our website and publications
   Nairobi - a Place of Cold Water. Reflections before the faith and water conference
   Details announced of Muslim 7YP meeting in Istanbul
   Faith in Water Workshop: 5-7 July 2009
   Pray and Engage: the Archbishop of Canterbury advises Anglicans to act for nature
   Druze dedicate Lebanon's fragile Jisr el Qadi region as a Sacred Gift
   Sikhs launch EcoSikh movement, to create Five Year Plan to Protect the Planet
   It’s Heating Up: The Planet’s Largest Civil Society Movement for Change
   Indian spiritual leaders go green: five inspiring examples of good practice
   Key Muslim-Japanese conference embraces Muslim 7YP
   Board of Deputies of British Jews publishes new Fairtrade brochure
   Reviews of new books about Faith and the Environment
   US Catholics launch Carbon Footprint Challenge
   Key meeting in Jerusalem to create Jewish Seven Year Plan
   A rare event in the Jewish calendar - the celebration of Bircat Hachamah
   Chilean Catholic Conference adds Water and Environment to Agenda
   Faith in Water Workshop: 5-7 July 2009
   Putting Catholic faith into action on climate change
   17th Karmapa holds Buddhist Environment Conference
   Catholic Schools Eco News: Earth Hour 2009
   Why watching religions working on conservation is like watching slime moulds
   ARC announces the death of President Kawai, MOA International
   ARC's Mongolian Buddhist handbook launched to acclaim in UB
   Muslim Seven Year Plan to be core part of annual Japan-Muslim Nations Dialogue
   Jesuits make a call in Defence of Life – by which they mean All of Life
   Jewish Birthday of the Trees is the First Birthday for a leading sustainable synagogue
   Guardian newspaper quotes extensively from ARC's China work
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.8
   Future of the Amazon a Catholic issue says leading lay activist
   Faith Schools are top in the Sustainability League – WWF-UK says.
   Catholic project helped by ARC wins award for podcast
   Muslim Seven Year Plan Emerges
   ARC's Sacred Site Nomination Boosts Campaign to Save Gulf of Mannar
   2009 heralds new eco-convent for Benedictine nuns
   Catholic Eco Schools Newsletter No.7
   Uppsala Manifesto promises faith action on climate issues
   Christians urged to "Reclaim Christmas"
   Pesantrens inspire forest replanting in Aceh, Indonsesa
   MUSLIMS discuss an Islamic SEVEN YEAR PLAN
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.6
   Daoists in China issue an Eight Year Plan for Generational Change on the Environment
   Daoism—the way forward on climate change? By Olav Kjorven, Deputy head of UNDP
   ARC cited as critical United Nations partner in ecology-faith partnerships
   Third Daoist Ecology Forum opens in Jurong, Jiangsu - and this one is country-wide
   International recognition for conservation of sacred natural sites in protected areas
   ARC's Catholic eco-schools newsletter programme goes into its second school year
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.5
   The Pope Urges Tourists to Think Green - and installs solar panels at the Vatican
   Green guide for Muslim households published in time for Ramadan
   Religious Leaders join with Climate Institute Australia
   Hindu leaders launch massive campaign to save the Ganges
   Church of England's Guide Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint
   Church of South India - eight actions to combat climate change
   Jains celebrate ancient festival in new spirit of environmental care
   India's Temples Go Green - a story about faith and carbon points
   Holy Sites discussed - but as places for Conflict or for Dialogue?
   Conservation work in Indonesia requires religious essentials
   Sustainable Living Islam Camp Promotes Faith and Nature
   Eco Article in the Malaysian Sun cites ARC's work as good initiative
   Hua Shan to be managed as a DAOIST mountain for the first time in 70 years
   UN/ARC Seven Year Plan for Generational Change
   Eco-twinning offers a chance for action and understanding
   Churches Together produce new resource pack for Creation Time
   Religious leaders remind G8 summit that the eco crisis is a crisis of the heart
   New eco-faith initiative launched
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.4
   A New Home and Buddhist Blessing for a Rare Hairy Nosed Otter
   Buddhists commit to the environment on UN Vesak Day
   Keynote Address by Rt. Rev. Dr. Nyansako-Ni Nku, AACC President, on Climate Change and Water Consultation
   Cambodian monks make eco-Buddhism video available to all
   CSI Synod urges greater ecological awareness
   For the first time, a practical MuslimTheology of the Sea
   Revisiting Khalsa wood: a Sikh woodland and a model faith and environment project
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.3
   New eco-Congregation Website Launched
   ARC on NPR yesterday and in Climate Change debate at Bath Abbey tonight
   The 27th Earth Day includes more religious initiatives than ever
   Southern Baptists Convention challenged on global warming - by its own youth
   The Church of South India becomes ARC's latest partner
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter Number 2
   Listen to dawn again: the sound of many waters and many birds
   Year of Catholic Eco Action continues Sunday with Dawn Chorus
   First Islamic Conservation Guide launched, helping fishermen protect their seas
   Switch off your lights for Earth Hour tomorrow night
   Mexican Huichol protest road passing through their sacred land
   Polluting the environment one of 7 “new” mortal sins, Vatican says
   ARC launches Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter
   Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.1
   Innovative faith and forest programme starts in Lebanon
   Jews celebrate the Birthday of the Trees
   Quiet Garden Trust celebrates 15 years... and 300 gardens
   Successful event on religions and climate change at Bali COP
   Thought for the Day, 11 December 2007
   A sweet world and verdant green: faith quotes for Bali
   UN and ARC launch programme with faiths on climate change
   THEY MUST HAVE FAITH: poem about faiths & forests conference
   Humane Society in America begins working with faiths
   Leading Huichol expert John C Lilly dies
   “Eco-Sikh” leads Indian campaign to save the Kali Bein river
   World's first “green Bible” is published in the USA
   Globe & Mail features Catholic eco-action and Benedictine Handbook
   Bahá’ís in PNG improve their villages' health and education
   ARC's work in The Economist and on BBC World Service
   Sierra Club director pledges to work with religions
   Christian leaders in PNG protect mountain from quarry plans
   Geographical Magazine article: Can God Save the World?
   PRESS RELEASE for St Brendan's eco challenge
   Year of Catholic Eco-Action launched in the UK
   Ancient Yews celebrated in new book
   Bishops go to Parliament to urge care for the Earth
   Millions of hectares of religious forest managed ecologically by 2014
   World Water Week recognises religions can make splash
   Druze publish a theology of the forest
   Church of Sweden Pledges to Protect Ancient Meadows
   Faiths protect Forests: English press release
   Cow dung to cooking gas: an Ethiopian nunnery converts
   ARC featured in Western Daily Press and Bath Chronicle
   Cambodian Monks Join Efforts to Preserve the Cardamoms
   Faith in nature: young people, religions and the great outdoors
   PNG pastors clear rubbish where others have failed
   Making Muslim Brum Beautiful!
   Buddhist film is audience's choice at Cambodian festival
   Major stakeholders to attend Visby meeting
   Lao Zi to be Daoist God of Ecological Protection
   Photographs of the opening of the Daoist Ecology Temple
   Archbishop Tutu leads Environment Day prayers at Arctic Cathedral
   Daoist Ecology workshop hugely oversubscribed
   Whales, turtles and timber: news from Indonesia
   UNESCO recognises relevance of faiths in sustainable development
   The Guardian cites ARC in story on religions and environment
   ARC urges action at the International Dao De Jing Forum
   千里之行始于足下: ARC Presentation at Daoist Forum (in Chinese)
   Untimely death of our colleague, Tony Poulter
   Independent highlights ARC's work in Easter edition
   Churches begin to go green for Palm Sunday
   Why did we start to waste so much? An Islamic View
   Writing the Benedictine Eco-Handbook: a personal account
   Friesch Dagblad reports on Gotland forest discussions (in Dutch)
   Climate Change documentary wins two Oscars
   God is Green and the Religions are too
   Thought for the Day: Beware Neo-puritan responses to climate change
   CI works with Colombian Catholics to save parrot from extinction
   ARC features in UNEP's Tunza Magazine
   The Big Green Jewish Website
   Faiths and Finance
   Benedictines listen to the Earth
   Powerful vision statement for AMEN
   WWF and ARC highlight sacred protected areas
   Pope tackles issues of ecology and energy use
   Australian Climate Institute asks faiths about climate change
   It's time to ask faiths to be partners: major donors say
   Archbishop of Dublin explains role of faiths in development
   CI recognises importance of faith involvement
   New bid to protect full 400km Mexican pilgrim route
   The Religion Approach works for Turtles in Indonesia
   With Deep Sadness
   Mongolians clean up sacred hillside
   Daoists pledge to protect sacred landscapes
   Al Gore tells An Inconvenient Truth
   AFDC helps refugees in Lebanon
   Major Religion and Development Conference scheduled for Oslo
   Prince Andrew visits Mongolian eco-ger
   ARC joins Sacred Orchid Project in Mexico
   Daoists announce first ecology workshop on sacred mountain
   Faiths and Forests
   BBC works with ARC for special climate change Songs of Praise
   ARC's speech at First World Buddhist Conference: in English
   Buddhists in China issue two major environment agreements
   ARC's speech at First World Buddhist Conference: in Chinese
   Dutch Foundation shows how marginal action can have mainstream impact
   Buddhists run inspirational projects in Cambodia
   Prince Charles visits Sacred Gift project in Egypt
   Mexican faith leaders back the carbon trading initiative
   New Mongolian calendars include ancient no-hunting guidelines
   An Orthodox Monastery in the Shropshire Hills
   World Council of Churches holds Ninth Assembly
   West African Benedictines to adapt Eco Handbook
   ARC invites the faiths to conduct their own energy audits
   The ARC liturgy against toxins: shorter version
   Thousands respond to ARC campaign against toxins
   Daoists dedicate temple and ecology centre on Taibaishan
   Churches around Europe gear up to counter toxins
   World Council of Churches supports All Hallows REACH initiative
   Anti-toxins service in Piccadilly, November 1
   ARC launches liturgy to combat toxins
   Full Hallowe'en/All Saints Liturgy to support REACH
   Ethiopian Church Launches Organic Farming Programme
   Vacant Position in ARC - Communications officer
   Plans to boost eco-training for clerics in Africa
   ARC offers ideas for the Harvest Festival
   ARC celebrates tenth anniversary with stories
   Northern Buddhists agree 12 major environmental initiatives
   Northern Buddhists launch new ecological network
   Religions and the Banking Community
   EMF and the Daoist Mountains
   A Daoist story at Lambeth
   Muslim African projects
   The story of the Benedictines and ARC
   Ten Years of the Sacred Land Project
   The religions and climate change
   ARC, 3iG and partnerships
   ARC and the Asian Buddhist Network
   The Asian Buddhist Network: a Buddhist's perspective
   ARC and WWF - the next 10 years
   ARC and Kyoto
   The World Bank and ARC
   Social investment a weapon of change for the world's faiths
   3iG launches with 27 founder members and partners
   BBC Thought for the Day on faith-consistent investment
   Bishop of London urges religions to invest positively
   3iG launches on April 11
   Formation of new Africa Muslim Environment Network
   Eco-Islam hits Zanzibar fishermen: BBC STORY
   From Princes to Paupers: the Story of ARC.
   Cambodian monks create environmental association
   A monk sets a fine example in poor Zambia
   Website for International Interfaith Investment Group (3iG)
   ARC advises BBC on religious angle to tsunami disaster
   Queen's Christmas speech features ARC
   Africa's well-kept secret revealed
   BBC Thought for the Day on Africa
   Six new grants for ARC
   African–Christian Leaders' Gathering held in November
   3iG to be launched in April 2005
   Church of Sweden to establish forests in Mozambique.
   Monks and nuns in Southeast Asia pledge to save their forests
   Ecumenical Patriarch writes about the seas
   Membership for Nepal's Bagmati River
   Cambodian conference schedule
   Pagodas become eco-campaigners
   Funding hopes for Cistercian Way
   WWF writes major series of features on ARC
   WWF on ARC: Religions commit to global land conservation
   WWF on ARC: Manchester’s green plan calls for action
   WWF on ARC: Church in Lebanon plays key environmental role
   WWF on ARC: Move to socially responsible investment
   Looking for Mongolia's lost temples
   Lebanon Youth Action
   Pledges for the Cistercian Way
   Welsh pilgrims
   Prestigious Mott Foundation supports ARC
   Reflections for Christmas
   Manchester Eco-Diocese
   ARC and World Bank book: Faith in Conservation
   Qadisha document
   Holy Valley Protected
   Religions Should Teach About Money too: Patriarch urges
   International Interfaith Investment in Istanbul
   Keeping faith with nature
   “Sacred Site” to be recognised term
   The Prince, the Prime Minister and the Patriarch
   Church heads can help environment: Prince Philip
   Papua New Guinea Christians restore forest
   Mongolian Prime Minister first International President of ARC
   Inner City Sanctums
   ARC publish new book with World Bank
   East Timor Christians join the Conservation cause
   Laos set to join the Asian Buddhist Network
   The boy who hated concrete
   Goroka Declaration on Christians and the Environment
   Spiritual capital across the divide
   Indonesia’s religions meet for first time since Bali bombing
   ARC’s celebration of Creation: fit for a Queen
   Religions to challenge the definition of “good” investments
   How to do business for good
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   ARC diary archive
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   Statistics about religions and the environment
   ARC Newsletters
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   What others have said about religion, the environment - and ARC
   Interview with Prince Philip
   The Ohito declaration on religions, land and conservation, March 1995
   Creative Commons photo credits
Selected books
   Latest Books
   Faiths and Ecology
   World Religions
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Faiths and Ecology
ARC and the Faiths
What does the Baha’i faith teach about ecology?
   Baha'i Seven Year Plan
   Baha'i origins
   What do Baha’is believe?
   Baha'i Faith Statement
   Baha’i ecology in practice
What does Buddhism teach about ecology?
   Buddhist origins
   Eight Year Plan
   The Buddhist Declaration on Nature - Assisi 1986
   What do Buddhists believe?
   Buddhist Faith Statement
   Buddhist quotations about the Environment
   The Dalai Lama on protecting the environment
   Buddhist ecology in practice
What does Christianity teach us about ecology?
   Long term plans
   Christian origins
   The Christian Declaration on Nature - Assisi 1986
   What do Christians believe?
   Christian Faith Statement
   UK Catholics: The Call to Creation
   An Orthodox Statement on the Environmental Crisis
   Church of South India statement
   Words of the Forest from the Maronite Tradition
   Christian features
   Christian quotations
   Anglicans on Climate Change
   Catholics on Climate Change
   Advent and Ecology Liturgy
   Ideas for Services Celebrating the Harvest
   Christian ecology in practice
What does Confucianism teach about ecology?
   Confucian stories and quotes
   Confucian Statement on Ecology
    International Confucian Ecological Alliance
What does Daoism teach us about ecology?
    2nd Long Term Plan
   Long term plan
   Daoism origins
   What do Daoists believe?
   Daoist stories and quotes
   Daoist Faith Statement
   Daoist ecology in practice
What does Hinduism teach us about ecology?
   The Hindu Declaration on Nature - Assisi 1986
   Long term plan
   Hinduism origins
   Hindu quotes and stories
   What do Hindus believe?
   Hindu Faith Statement
   Hindu ecology in practice
What does Islam teach about ecology?
   Islam origins
   Long term plan
   Islamic quotations about creation and nature
   What do Muslims believe?
   Islamic Faith Statement
   Druze theology of the forest
   The Muslim Declaration on Nature - Assisi 1986
   Islamic ecology in practice
What does Jainism teach us about ecology?
   Jainism origins
   Jain eco festivals
   Jain eco-quotations
   What do Jains believe?
   Jain Faith Statement
   Jain ecology in practice
What does Judaism teach about ecology?
   Jewish Declaration on Nature - Assisi 1986
   Jewish 7 year plan
   Jewish origins
   Jewish quotations about faith and nature
   Jewish Eco-Festivals
   What do Jews believe?
   Jewish Statement: The Assisi Declaration
   Statement by World Jewish Congress
   Jewish ecology in practice
What does Shintoism teach us about ecology?
   Shinto origins
   Long term plan
   Shinto history
   What do Shintos believe?
   Shinto forestry
   Shinto Faith Statement
   Shinto ecology in practice
What does Sikhism teach us about ecology?
   Sikh origins
   Long term plan
    Sikh statement on climate change
    Sikh Theology of Food
   Sikh Eco Quotes
   What do Sikhs believe?
   Sikh Faith Statement
   Guru Granth Sahib
   Sikh ecology in practice
What does Zoroastrianism teach us about ecology?
   Zoroastrianism origins
   What do Zoroastrians believe?
   Zoroastrian Faith Statement
   Zoroastrian ecology in practice

Projects overview
   Projects by region
   Projects by faith
   Project criteria
Faiths for Green Africa
      Long-term commitments by country
   African Faith Commitments
      List of African commitments
   ARC Africa Faiths Newsletters
   African faith resources
   South Africa
   Zambia: Katibunga Monastery Flowers and Orchids
   African SLM resources
   Faithful Farming
      Farming God's Way
      Islamic Farming
Americas Projects
   Sacred Orchids and Sunday Palms in Mexico
   Jewish Hazon community agriculture programme
Buddhist projects
   Asian Buddhist Network
   Monasteries in Southeast Asia
   Cambodian Pagodas become eco-centres
      Monks and nuns pledge to save forests
      Phnom Penh 2004 conference schedule
      Phnom Penh 2004 field training programme
      Phnom Penh 2004 Environment Conference and Field Training
      Monks promote community forests in Cambodia
      Cambodia's pagodas become eco-centres
      Cambodian Monks Help Preserve the Cardamoms
   East Timor: Timor Verde Project
   Indonesia: promotion of Christian ecology
      Batak Church forestry in Sumatra
      Restoring the forest round Lake Toba
      Toraja Church Forestry in Sulawesi
      How the Toraja project works
      Multi-faith environment meeting in Bogor
   Mongolia: Buddhists
      Mongolian Buddhist Ecology
      Sacred Mongolian Environmental Texts
      Restoring Geser Sum monastery
      Mongolia report 2004
      A Brief History of Buddhism in Mongolia
      Mongolian Buddhists and environmental protection
      Key Meetings
      Women in Buddhism
      Key Mongolian Buddhist Figures
      The Mongolian Lord of Nature
      Mongolian Buddhists and Development
      Traditional Mongolian Environmental Laws
      List of Mongolian Sacred Sites
      Sacred Texts, Places, Creatures and Sacred Ovoos
      How to work with the Mongolian Buddhist Sangha
      Uncovering the lost sutras and ancient sacred sites of Mongolia
      The Lord of Nature - a Mongolian thangka protecting nature
   CASE STUDIES from Mongolia
      Case Study 1: Gandan Tegchenling Monastery
      Case Study 2: The Erdene Zuu Endeavor
      Case Study 3: Onstar Isei Lin Monastery
      Case Study 4: Dashchoilin Monastery
      Case Study 5: Amarbayasgalants Monastery
      Case Study 6: Khamar Khiid
      Case Study 7: Luvsandanzanjantsan Studies Centre
      Case Study 8: Gandandarjaaling Monastery
   Thai Forest Traditions
      Khorat Forest Conservation Project in Thailand
      Khorat educational work
      Bangkok’s Rare Storks
   Papua New Guinea: Theology in Pidgin English
      Environment Handbook for PNG Christians - an Introduction
   Indonesia: Muslim
      How Islamic Schools helped create a National Park in Indonesia
China Projects
   China - International Daoism Forums
   China Daoist Ecology Protection Eight Year Plan
   Daoist monks and nuns to manage sacred mountains
      July 2006 Daoism and Conservation workshop
      Daoist Monk describes his ecological awakening
   The Mao Shan Declaration, October 2008
      Speech by Martin Palmer, Jurong: 29 October 2008
      Speech by Martin Palmer, Jurong: 27 October 2008
      Speech by Olav Kjorven, Jurong: October 2008
   Urban Conservation in China
   Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China
      Mountain of Five Peaks
      Sacred Mountain of Emei Shan
      ARC's work with sacred mountains - in Chinese
      Two major eco-agreements from Chinese Buddhists
   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Wildlife
Faith in food
   Inspiring food quotes
   Faith In Food News
      ARC wins Fairtrade thumbs up
      ARC holds agricultural workshop in Kenya
      Quakers grow a sustainable community
      Catholics urged to give up meat on Fridays For Lent
      Mumbai onion scandal hits India's poor
      ARC and Tree Aid workshop in Ghana
      Prince Charles plants a mango tree in Tanzania
      ARC holds fourth Faith in Food workshop in London
      People of faith urged to avoid 'cruelty' eggs
Green pilgrimage network
      Canterbury Cathedral
      Jinja Honcho, Japan
      Friends of the Earth Middle East Jordan River Project
      Kano, Nigeria
      Louguantai Daoist temple, China
      Luss, Scotland
      Mexico City
      Norwich Cathedral
      Rajaji National Park, India
      Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
      St Albans
      St Pishoy Monastery, Egypt
      Santiago de Compostela
      Nidaros Diocese, Trondheim, Norway
      Vadstena Pilgrim Centre
   Pilgrim numbers
   GPN Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
   GPN-India Chapter
      GPN India launch
      Green Kumbh Mela 2013
   Green Pilgrimage Network newsletters
   Hindu women and pilgrimage
   The Seven Stages of Pilgrimage
   Green Guide to Hajj and Islam and Water
   Green Pilgrimage Network handbooks & leaflets
   Green Pilgrimage Network launches in faith, hope and joy
   Green pilgrimage theologies
   Green resources
   Greener Festivals
   List of green Pilgrimage Network members
   GPN best practice
   Greening faith buildings
   Swifts: symbols of Green Pilgrimage
Living Churchyards
      Resources for Living Churchyard projects
   Yews for the Millennium
   The Beltingham Yew
ARC-UN: Long Term Commitments for a Living Planet
      List of Faith Commitments including Seven-Year Plans
      Latest news on the Seven-Year Plans
      Aspects of Seven-Year Plans
      Guidance on preparing a Seven-Year Plan
      UN/ARC: eco-twinning model projects
   Church of South India's eco-audit list
   ARC Climate Change Partnership
      Why involve the Faiths?
   The Bhumi Project
Major ARC events
   ZUG: Faith in Finance meeting Oct/Nov 2017
      ZUG: Agenda and presentations
   Faith in Conservation: Lambeth Palace, Nov 2015
      Agenda for Lambeth meeting November 17-18
   Faith in the Future: UN Bristol Meeting Sept 2015
      Programme, talks and presentations
      Bristol Faith Commitments
      List of Bristol Commitments
      What are the SDGs?
      Background to Bristol
   Paris Summit of Conscience for the Climate, July 2015
      Call to Conscience text for Paris COP. Summit of Conscience 2015
      Sebastiao Salgado's address to the Summit of Consciences for the Climate
      Paris video feeds for the Summit of Conscience
   Ise, Japan, 2014
      Ise 2014 - formal programme
      Ise Jingu: The Grand Shrine at Ise
   Trondheim green pilgrimage meeting, 2013
   Nairobi 2012
   Green Pilgrimage Network launch, Assisi
      Memories of Assisi 1986
      St Francis of Assisi - an inspiring life
      ARC statement on travel To Assisi
      See highlights of Sacred Land online
      HRH Prince Philip's speech, Assisi 2011
   Windsor 2009
Migration and Climate Change
      Stories of the Stranger
Religious Forests
      International Religious Forestry Standard
      Prayers about forests
      Millions of hectares of religious forest managed ecologically by 2014
   ARC and Oxford University's Biodiversity Institute collaborate to map the world's sacred forests
   Orthodox nuns in France conserve forest
   Millions of hectares of religious forest managed ecologically by 2014
      PRESSINBJUDAN: Unikt religionsmöte för uthållig miljö
      Faiths protect Forests: English press release
      Visby Faith & Forest Meeting: Programme
   The Story of a Box
What is a Sacred Gift?
   CANADA AND USA: Catholic Leaders speak out for Columbia River Conservation
   Cambodia's Green Shade movement
      Monk and Environment Programme
      Education and training
   EGYPT: Cairo rubbish dump converted into public park
   INDIA: Hindus restore sacred forests in Orissa
      The Orissa forests and their management
   TANZANIA: Fishermen say no to dynamite - using Islamic environmental principles
   INDIA: Jains build a sustainable community in earthquake village
   INDIA: Zoroastrians Establish Sacred Baval Tree Groves
   INDIA: Parsis recycle tonnes of flower offerings from Fire Temples
   JAPAN: Shintos commit to sustainable management of sacred forests
   INDIA: Rural women trained in literacy, health and conservation
   LEBANON: Church protects the Harissa Forest, one of the Mediterranean’s top 10 “Forest Hot Spots”
      LEBANON: Church protects the “Valley of Saints”
   INDONESIA: Indigenous Batak Christians fight back against lake pollution
   Sikh Gurdwara project
   SWEDEN: FSC Certification for Church Forests
   Liberal Synagogues environmental audit
   Interfaith Power and Light
   MEXICO: Huichol people take responsibility to protect ancient pilgrimage route
      Golden Eagles and Sacred Sites in Mexico
      A documentary of the Huichol pilgrimage in Mexico
   Churches in USA expand campaign to fight global warming
   NEPAL: Hindus pledge to clean up sacred Bagmati River
   SAUDI ARABIA: Rare species protected in first national biosphere reserve
   UK: Christian Environmental Network promotes eco-awareness
   UK: Major Jewish groups unite to protect the environment
   MONGOLIA: Buddhists reintroduce traditional hunting and logging bans
   UK: World’s first Centre for Islam and Ecology announced for Welsh University
   USA: Benedictines engage students in civic eco-action
   USA: United Methodists commit $40 billion to ethical investments
   USA: United Methodists say “no” to dioxins
   Gorton Monastery in Manchester
   Traditional Chinese Medicine
ARC's Sacred Land project
      Prince Philip speaks on Sacred Land
      What makes a place sacred
      How we can help
   Pilgrimage trails and shrines
      Walsingham pilgrimage trail
      The Cistercian Way
      Cistercian Way map
      Words along the Cistercian Way
      Story of a 20th century shrine
      Shropshire’s Orthodox monastery
   Beyond Belief: groundbreaking WWF-ARC publication
   Sacred Gardens
      Vrindavan Garden
      Jamyang Buddhist garden of contemplation
      The Symbolic Garden of Holy Island
   Poems of sacred places
      About the poems
      Five poems
   Holy water
      The holy well of North Petherwyn
      Sacred seas
   Environment Policy for the Diocese of Manchester
   Community projects
      Hindu temple grounds in Birmingham
   Arts and sacred places
      The Ashbrittle Yew
      Our Lady of the Crag
      Buddhist Garden of Contemplation
   How to start a Sacred Land project
   Sacred Land links
   Theology of Land
   Sacred Sites
Secular partners
Education and Water
   How Faith schools & Water started
   ESD teachers' toolkit
   UNICEF report on faith, education and water
Other Projects
      UK Catholic Schools Eco-Newsletters
   Energy links
   Young people's portal page
      Kalmykian Buddhists revive ancient nature hunt
   ARC and the World Bank: Faiths and Biodiversity
      Aims of the Faiths and Biodiversity project
   Benedictine network
      Benedictine Handbook
      Benedictine Handbook: Preface
   3iG key issues
      What is ethical investment?
      Venture Capital
   Do your own environmental audit
      Eco Audit - Quick Guide
      Step 1: Make a statement of commitment
      Step 2: Review your current position
      Step 3: Improve Energy Efficiency
      Step 4: Communicate your achievements
   Sound of Many Waters: UK Catholic eco-action
      Sound of many waters brochure
   Africa Muslim Environment Network
      Africa Muslim Environment Network FAQ
      Speech on AMEN by Maimuna Mwidau
   Eco-coffins in South Africa
   Lao Fellowship of Buddhist Organizations
   Abuja Declaration
   Norway Process
      Norway Conference: Details of the sessions
   Faiths and Finance
      3iG mission and core values
      The definition of a good investment
      What the press have said about 3iG
      Ethical Investment Resources
      Religion and economics
   Goroka Declaration on Christians and the Environment
   Valuesquest programme
      ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values
      Club of Rome: ValuesQuest
Faith-consistent investment: FaithInvest
   Guidelines for faith-consistent investment
   Introduction to Zug FCI guidelines
Wildlife and Forests
      Faith statements against the illegal wildlife trade
   Wildlife and Forests: Indonesia
   Wildlife and Forests: Malaysia
   The problem with mercy release
   Wildlife and Forests: China
   Wildlife and Forests: Africa
   Wildlife and Forests: India

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