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June 27, 2019:
ARC has closed after 23 years
ARC has closed after 23 exciting years brokering links between the world's major faiths and organisations working on environment programmes. We have made this decision for the best of reasons: we have done what we set out to do. THIS WEBSITE IS NOW ARCHIVED.  

June 26, 2019:
Faithinvest launched
As part of ARC's legacy a new faith-consistent investment alliance is born in 2019. It is called FaithInvest.  

June 24, 2022:
Beliefs and Values Programme at WWF
As part of ARC’s legacy, in 2019 WWF launched a Beliefs & Values Programme which will have a huge impact on wildlife and landscape protection around the world  

June 23, 2019:
Create your long term Faith Plan to protect the environment
The Faith Plans are a response to the triple crises of climate change, ecological devastation and the impact of Covid-19 on national commitments around the SDGs. Join the movement here.   

June 22, 2019:
Access ARC's extensive website archive of news about religion and conservation
There are nearly 1000 news stories and features, plus numerous project pages. Here's a guide to finding them.  

June 13, 2019:
Letter of thanks from Prince Philip to MOA-International
HRH Prince Philip, on behalf of ARC, sent a warm personal letter to MOA International in Japan, thanking them for standing beside us for so long.  

May 7, 2019:
The ARC archive donated to the University of Bath
The ARC collection of archival material and books has now been donated to the University of Bath  

May 6, 2019:
The story of the Indonesian Muslim Conservation Movement
It was 1991. Fachruddin Mangunjaya was in his early 20s and had just started his first conservation job with WWF-Indonesia. He was looking through a filing cabinet for some papers when the label on a folder caught his eye. It said “Religions and Conservation.”   

May 7, 2019:
Webinar on faith-based climate programmes
Listen to a free web seminar giving the latest information on religion-led wildlife programmes and renewable energy in Hindu temples.  

April 22, 2019:
DEFRA grant to work with Muslims in Indonesia to reduce illegal wildlife trade
The UK Government Environment Department (DEFRA) has awarded a grant of £255,000 to ARC and our Indonesian partners. The grant will be important in engaging Muslim leaders and communities to reduce the illegal wildlife trade.  

February 12, 2019:
Martin Palmer profiled in Emergence Magazine
The roots of religious belief and the sacredness of nature were once closely entwined: Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder profiles ARC's Martin Palmer for Emergence Magazine (the Faith edition).  

February 8, 2019:
Remembering our friend and ARC poet, Jay Ramsay
ARC’s long-time poet in residence for so many events Jay Ramsay died on December 30th. He was 60 years old.  

January 23, 2019:
Sustainable environment needs religious bodies' partnership: report from Nigeria
Report in Nigeria's The Vanguard newspaper on ARC's visit to Nigeria earlier this month.  

January 22, 2019:
The Assisi Poems 2011
ARC's poet in residence and friend Jay Ramsay died on December 30. We've been thinking about Jay's work with us over many years, including these from ARC's 2011 Assisi celebration of green pilgrimage.  

January 8, 2019:
ARC working with Nigerian conservationists to encourage religions to protect species
ARC's Martin Palmer is giving a key annual speech in Lagos this month to encourage religions to prioritise wildlife and the environment  

January 7, 2018:
Major international conference on Faith Investment in Geneva this month
The new story of Faith Investment in a better world is a key element of the Geneva Agape Foundation and ACT Alliance conference in Geneva on January 21-22. ARC's Martin Palmer will be one of the speakers at the International Conference for Christian Investors and Development Agencies  

November 27, 2018:
Prince Philip's environmental sermon for Advent
"Christians need to use the annual celebration of the birth of our Lord as an inspiration to become better and more considerate guardians of His Creation." This sermon was given at St George’s Chapel, Windsor in 1988.   

November 27, 2018:
How FaithInvest started. Inspiring new video from the "TED talks" of sustainability
The faiths are major investors. They currently have billions of dollars invested in the financial markets. This new video from the Swiss Impact Investment Association of a talk by Martin Palmer and Jean-Pierre Sweerts sets in context a movement, led by the faiths, to increase the religious dollars invested in making a better world.  

November 26, 2018:
Have a happy ecological advent 2018
Are your Christmas meals and gifts the kindest that your resources will allow? Can you make Christmas a gift to the planet this year? Here also are some ecological Advent resources.  

November 22, 2018:
How connected are we with nature? The answer will predict how good we are at conservation
Join our partners on November 22 to celebrate the launch of the newest #NatureForAll publication, "Connecting with Nature to Care for Ourselves and the Earth"   

September 17, 2018:
Redefining a good investment: Faithinvest announced
A new organisation was announced today, bringing together some of the largest religious investors representing trillions of dollars. It might change the world. It will certainly redefine the meaning of a “good investment”.  

September 14, 2018:
The second Zug Faith in Finance starts this weekend. A new organisation will be announced.
Religious investors and organisations representing many billions of investment dollars are meeting this weekend in Zug, Switzerland. The meetings will announce the details of a new organisation FaithInvest which could change the face of religious investment, and perhaps all investment.  

September 13, 2018:
Report from the First Maoshan Daoist Ecological Temples Forum
The First Maoshan Daoist Ecological Temples Forum ran from August 19-21 at Maoshan near Nanjing. It has been described by the China Daoist Association (CDA) as the ‘most successful Daoist event for 10 years”. This is what happened.  

September 4, 2018:
Daoist eco plan bans rhino horn, ivory; addresses mercy release crisis
No rhino horn. No ivory. No killing pangolins. An important new environmental plan drafted by Chinese Daoist leaders includes guidelines that Chinese medicine should never use endangered animal parts.   

August 16, 2018:
Maoshan prepares to hold a major conference for Daoist ecological temples
A major conference for Daoist ecological temples will be held on the Sacred Mountain of Maoshan this August. It will launch the next Daoist Long-Term Environment Plan.  

August 15, 2018:
The Economist features FaithInvest
In its obituary story about Tessa Tennant, doyenne of ethical impact investment, who so sadly died last month, The Economist's Erasmus column leads on FaithInvest  

July 25, 2018:
You're invited to a meeting about faith-consistent ethical investment. Edinburgh Oct 22-23 2018
ARC is delighted to be a supporter of the Ethical Finance 2018 conference in RBS’s Edinburgh HQ on October 22-23. The meeting is backed by the Scottish Government, HM Government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

July 19, 2018:
The road from Zug 2017 to the creation of FaithInvest
From an extraordinary, powerful meeting ARC cohosted in Zug, Switzerland in November 2017, bringing together some of the largest religious investors, a new faith-consistent investment alliance is emerging. It is called FaithInvest. It might change the world. It is certainly one of the most important initiatives ARC has ever been involved with.   

July 8, 2018:
Tessa Tennant did so much for ethical finance. For that and our friendship we'll miss her
ARC's friend and long-time collaborator on ethical finance Tessa Tennant died yesterday, July 7, of cancer. She was 59.  

June 9, 2018:
Press release: Major grant from UK Aid Direct for Dignity for Girls programmes in Uganda
ARC and its partner organisation Faith in Water are delighted to announce the award of a major grant from UK Aid Direct for its Dignity for Girls project aimed at helping girls in Christian and Muslim schools in Uganda to stay in education.  

May 31, 2018:
Fond memories of our president, Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, who died last week
We were so sorry to hear of the death of Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, former secretary of HRH Prince Philip and our international president from 2011 to 2013  

May 12, 2018:
News from the 8th World Sikh Environment Day 2018
We've just heard from our friends at EcoSikh that the Eighth World Sikh Environment Day was the biggest ever. It was celebrated by 5,100 Sikh Gurdwaras, institutions, schools and communities across India and all over the world on March 14, more than any other years since the beginning of celebration in 2011.   

May 1, 2018:
Faith Initiative magazine features religions and environment this month
Faith Initiative magazine this month has a series of important articles on Faith and climate change, featuring articles by ARC's Martin Palmer and our partner organisations the Bhumi Project and EcoSikh, as well as Harfiyah Haleem from the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences IFEES. Link to the articles here.  

April 19, 2018:
Penguin India publishes important new book on Hinduism and Nature
We have just received our copy of Hinduism and Nature by historian, environmentalist (and good friend of ARC) Dr Nanditha Krishna. It is about the mythical stories and religious significance of India's varied landscapes. And how those stories are one of the things that can and might protect India's animals and places from the bulldozers of progress.   

April 11, 2018:
Monks Community Forest is part of important new wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia
The Cambodian government last week created a new wildlife sanctuary covering more than 30,000 hectares in Oddar Meanchey province. It includes the Sang Rukhavoan community forest, led by Venerable Bun Saluth and supported by ARC.  

April 4, 2018:
Milestone in journey towards international faith-consistent investment
ARC has secured agreement to form an alliance for faith-consistent investment. The agreement was made by world faith representatives at a pivotal meeting at the UN HQ in New York last week.  

3 April, 2018:
Sudan the last white male rhino dies: it is a spiritual matter, Catholic eco leader says.
Religious leaders who campaign for wildlife conservation are mourning the death of the world’s last male northern white rhino, calling the subspecies’ likely extinction a spiritual loss. RNS interviews ARC's long-term partner Father Charles Odira  

March 13, 2018:
Happy SIKH ENVIRONMENT DAY tomorrow: 14th March 2018
This week, Sikhs worldwide will be celebrating the 8th annual worldwide Sikh Vatavaran Diwas (Sikh Environment day, or SED) on and around March 14th. Read here about how you can join.  

March 12, 2018:
Buddhist traditions and conservation programmes protect rare otters on Tibetan plateau
Although the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) is locally extinct in most of its former range in China due to a combination of hunting (for its pelt) water pollution, and general habitat destruction, in one area there is a healthy population. Flora He Yifan explains why.  

February 22, 2018:
Our EcoSikh colleague Ravneet Singh attacked outside Parliament in Westminster
Shocked that Ravneet Singh was attacked last night outside Parliament on a visit to see Sikh MP Tan Dhesi. Anyone in the UK wanting to support Ravneet and EcoSikh's work can send GiftAid funds to ARC and we will send 100% to EcoSikh to help Sikhs protect the environment.  

February 14, 2018:
Urgent Environment Agenda for the Jewish People: Jerusalem Post reports
Winner of Israel’s Green Globe Award in the Knesset and named by CNN as one of the world’s top six Green Pioneers, YOSEF I. ABRAMOWITZ remembers back to ARC's 2009 Windsor Castle Environmental celebration as one of the key moments in creating the Jewish environment agenda  

February 6, 2018:
Monks in Cambodian Community Forest take action against soldiers for alleged logging and threats
The head of one of the key monks' community forests in Cambodia has decided to pursue legal action against soldiers who were allegedly caught with a truck of illegally logged timber and threatened to set patrollers' families on fire.  

January 23, 2018:
Update from the EcoCoffin project in South Africa
In around 2005 ARC became involved in an extraordinary, wonderful project run by a team in South Africa. Asking the question: "What kind of coffin would you like to be buried in?" it made coffins out of the timber of invasive tree species. Here's an update.  

January 18, 2018:
Important Jain temple in Mumbai installs solar panels in inspiring rooftop project
The Times of India reports that the Manas Mandir Jain temple has installed solar rooftop panels - which will not only reduce pollution and reduce its own annual electricity costs, but which also acts as an inspiring example to Jains and others around India and the rest of the world  

January 2, 2018:
ARC formally working with Jiangsu Daoist Association to build new ecological temples in China
ARC has formally launched a joint project with Jiangsu Daoist Association to build Daoist ecological temples across China. This project is formally registered as a temporary project under China’s new Overseas NGOs Law. To date just 451 projects have been registered. This is one.  

December 5, 2017:
We at ARC are all so sad that Tony Whitten, our friend for many years, has died
ARC's great friend and supporter Dr Tony Whitten died on the 29th November in the dark of the evening as a result of a traffic incident. He was on his bicycle, cycling home, the environmentalist to the end. Here is a personal tribute.  

November 5, 2017:
ARC's Zug Faith in Finance meeting in pictures and in the news
The Zug Faith in Finance meeting, from October 30-November 1 at Lassalle Haus, Zug, Switzerland, could transform how the Sustainable Development Goals are financed; it could help bring about a safer, fairer, cleaner planet. Here are some details of the event in film and pictures, and in the news.  

November 2, 2017:
PRESS RELEASE: Major new alliance of religious investment funds creating a better and fairer world
A global movement aimed at shifting billions of dollars of faith-based investments into initiatives supporting sustainable development and the environment has been launched in Zug, Switzerland.  

October 24, 2017:
PRESS RELEASE: Faith groups using their investment funds to create a better world
ZUG, SWITZERLAND: October 24, 2017: Financial investors and leaders of more than 30 different faith traditions representing over 500 faith investment groups from eight religions and around three trillion dollars in assets, will meet in Zug this month, together with representatives of the UN and some key ethical “impact” investment funds, for a unique international meeting on Faith in Finance.   

October 3, 2017:
Major Catholic church funds to make record divestment from fossil fuels
As more than 40 significant Catholic institutions pledge to make largest ever faith-based divestment, on the anniversary of the death of St Francis of Assisi, ARC prepares for a landmark meeting in Zug, where representatives from significant religious funds will discuss where they CAN put their investment wealth to make a better planet.  

September 30, 2017:
Why the global food industry is killing wild animals and why it matters
ARC's secretary-general Martin Palmer will be giving a talk at Compassion In World Farming's extraordinary and important conference in October on how over-farming is leading to extinction of species. Here he explains how a new narrative is needed, because the current system is about excess, greed and foolishness disguised as ‘market forces’.   

September 27, 2017:
The Ecologist asks: Can religion help save the planet's wildlife and environment?
Religious values are often consistent with conservation efforts. So it’s not surprising that a variety of religious organisations and conservationists are working together writes CURTIS ABRAHAM, citing ARC's work along with many other initiatives  

September 8, 2017:
Read ARC's pledge for #NatureForAll
ARC is joining our partner IUCN to make a pledge for their #NatureForAll campaign, Read our pledge here.  

September 3, 2017:
Economist article this week about faiths investing in the environment
The Economist quotes ARC's Zug Faith in Finance event, and asks how fast should religious investors divest from oil, gas and coal...  

September 2 2017:
Buddhist Monks Establish Network on Forest Conservation
Last month, August 2017, ARC and our Cambodian NGO partner, Ponlok Khmer (PKH) supported the launch of an exciting new network in Cambodia made up of Buddhist monks leading grassroots forest conservation initiatives.   

September 1, 2017:
The Pope and Patriarch issue a joint statement this Creationtide
"We urgently appeal to those in positions of social and economic, as well as political and cultural, responsibility to ... respond to the plea of millions and support the consensus of the world for the healing of our wounded creation." The Pope and the Ecumenical Patriarch issue a joint statement to mark the beginning of this Creationtide period Sept 1 to Oct 4, 2017  

August 23 2017:
One year course for future leaders on Spiritual Ecology - deadline Sept 15
The Spiritual Ecology Youth Leadership Programme is an eight month fully funded part time course for 20-32 year olds living anywhere in the European Union, from different faith and spiritual traditions. Now accepting applications for 2018.  

August 2, 2017:
The Duke of Edinburgh's last official engagement today
The Captain General's Parade at Buckingham Palace today was the Duke of Edinburgh's last official solo engagement. Since 1952 he has attended over 22,000 solo engagements. Some of them have been for ARC.  

July 27, 2017:
First sacred cities investment meeting July 24-25
This week in London, representatives of faith-based sacred city proposals totaling nearly a billion dollars discussed how their initiatives could be funded through the investment community’s growing commitment to ethical or “impact” investment.   

July 26 2017:
The Hindu Newspaper features vital work on green pilgrimage by ARC's partner organisation in India
The Hindu Newspaper today features a story of how Hindu pilgrimages in tiger reserves are now much greener and more considerate to the natural world, thanks in part to organisations such as ARC's India partner organisation ATREE which has worked on green pilgrimage issues for some years.  

July 23 2017:
PRESS RELEASE: First Sacred Cities Investment meeting, London July 24-25
Representatives of faith-based sacred city proposals totalling nearly a billion dollars will discuss how their initiatives can be funded. They will do so, in part, because Hollywood actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger, concluded that sacred cities should be models for successful sustainable development around the world.  

July 23, 2017:
PRESS RELEASE: Society for Conservation Biology gives inaugural Assisi Award for faith-based conservation
The inaugural award for faith-based conservation, given by the Society for Conservation Biology, is named after the historic 1986 ARC-WWF meeting of religions and conservationists at Assisi, Italy, when these issues were discussed formally between these groups for the very first time.   

July 18, 2017:
China’s Religious Revival Fuels Environmental Activism: The New York Times reports
New York Times writes a major piece about religions and environment in China including an interview with ARC  

July 17, 2017:
Compassion in World Farming: major conference on meat production and extinction of species
Two-thirds of the world's wildlife loss is driven by meat production. @ciwf is holding #extinction17 in October to plan how to cut this.  

June 14, 2017:
A statue of the Virgin Mary protects a Philippines coral reef from dynamite fishing
A 14 foot statue of the Virgin Mary, sunk into the coral waters around Bohol, Philippines has caused catastrophic dynamite fishing to end  

June 6 2017:
Indian faiths promote "One Earth One Human Family" as US pulls out of climate deal
Despite US President Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord, multifaith environment groups spread the message of ‘One Earth, One Human Family,’ writes RANJENI A SINGH in Speaking Tree, India   

May 30, 2017:
ARCs 2016 Strategic Review
In 2016 we took stock of ARC’s position, 21 years after we were founded.  

May 17, 2017:
Writing on the Wall: How can Poetry Can Save the Planet? June 3. Waterloo.
Poets, thinkers, writers and others who care for the natural world will gather in Waterloo on Saturday, June 3, 2017 for a unique interactive day of exploring and learning how poetry can help us protect the environment.  

May 4, 2017:
How three Daoist Masters went to Windsor to meet the Prince
His Royal Highness Prince Philip today announced his retirement from his official duties. For more than 30 years, as the founder of ARC, he has been supporting the work of religions around the world protecting the environment. His most recent official engagement for ARC was two weeks ago, at Windsor Castle. Three Daoist Masters came from China to tell the Prince about their environmental challenges and their amazing projects. Here is the story behind that meeting.   

March 15, 2017:
Sikh Environment Day reached 2 million people in 15 countries and 21 states this year
A record 5,000 Sikh Gurdwaras, institutions, schools and communities all across India and all over the world celebrated Sikh Environment Day on March 14 this year, more than any other year since the celebration began in 2010.  

March 8 2017:
China's prestigious Sixth Tone writes how Daoist monks find new role as environmentalists
Daoists follow wu wei — letting things follow their natural flow. But the environmental degradation in China horrified some Daoists them so much that they decided to do something out of character. They agreed to take action. Great story by China's Sixth Tone magazine about ARC's work with Daoists.  

February 15, 2017:
PRESS RELEASE: Religions to be partners in Earth Hour 2017
A new initiative, led by WWF-UK and with the help of ARC brings Earth Hour to churches and other places of worshipy. The hope is to encourage even more Christians and members of other religious communities to come together, switch off the electricity, light candles and think about protecting the planet and how to live more simply. Resource pack available here.  

February 9, 2017:
BBC Earth says religions can make us more eco-friendly. Or not.
The BBC this week published a significant story about how religions can work for the environment. Lots of success stories and a few failures.  

January 25, 2017:
"A Buddhist Tradition to Save Animals Has Taken an Ugly Turn" National Geographic reports
ARC's Claudia He Yun recently witnessed an incident outside a Buddhist temple in the Tiantai Mountains. People placing a turtle in a shallow moat. A monk standing reciting a blessing for the turtle. “It was probably a sea turtle and it will probably die,” says He. National Geographic reports on ARC's work with Buddhists in China to make "mercy release" "compassionate release".  

January 11 2017:
"Burn only 3 sticks for New Year" urges Buddhist Association of China
The Buddhist Association of China, Chinese Buddhism's main administrative body, has made a special animation to encourage people to avoid burning big or many incense sticks as the Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year of the Rooster is approaching.   

December 22, 2016:
ARC's work and partners featured in National Geographic wildlife story
The work of ARC and our partners in the faiths was featured in National Geographic's pre Christmas December edition. The article describes how, with no end in sight to the illegal wildlife trade, secular organizations are working with religious leaders to help combat poaching and sales of wild creatures.   

December 12, 2016:
What has faith to do with finance? Inspiring book launched in China with global impact
What on Earth have religions to do with international finance? Quite a lot in fact, and this week ARC, with UNDP and OECD, launched a groundbreaking exploration on how faith money can help make a good, sustainable future happen. "Important." "Inspiring" and "This could change the future" have been the first comments. Because you've visited ARC's home page, you can read it here first.   

November 10 2016:
Korean edition of Faith in Conservation
In 2002 Faith in Conservation, written by ARC, proved to be a surprising bestseller in the World Bank book list. This year a Korean edition was published. And the English edition just keeps on going.  

October 31, 2016:
There is a mass extinction of animals. We caused it. We need to solve it.
A distressing WWF/Zoological Society of London report last week showed wildlife population declining at rates similar to mass extinction, by 58% between 1970 and 2012. But some faiths are trying to protect animal species. Also read our new faiths and wildlife leaflet.  

October 28, 2016:
Could Diwali be festival of 'solar lights'? CNN story, by ARC Hindu partner organisation
As Diwali, the festival of lights, approaches, faith leaders have come together to advocate the benefits of solar power.  

September 20, 2016:
Spirituality a key theme in IUCN major international wildlife congress this year
The IUCN meets every four years, and it changes how nature is protected. THis year it did something extraordinary. ARC's Chantal Elkin reports back from an extraordinary and moving event  

September 16, 2016:
Join ARC's Martin Palmer and others at an inspiring Sacred Land weekend in Wales next month
ARC’s Martin Palmer will join BBC nature producer Mary Colwell and Welsh story-teller Dafydd Hughes-Davies in an extraordinary weekend on north Wales’ sacred and beautiful Llyn Peninsula in October.  

September 15, 2016:
Forest-burning is a sin, says Indonesian fatwa. Story reported around the world.
A news story on the fatwa in Indonesia against forest burning was reported around the world yesterday. The fatwa (Muslim edict) is supported by ARC.   

23 August 2016:
Stories of the Stranger show in Scotland this month
The Beyond Borders Festival of Literature and Thought in Peebles, Scotland this month is featuring an exhibition of drawings from ARC's groundbreaking Stories of the Stranger book  

August 22, 2016:
Fifteen years on, and the Cambodia Monks Community Forest captivates the next generation
It is nearly 15 years since Ven Bun Saluth, the head monk of Sambaing Pagoda in northern Cambodia started to walk his local forest asking illegal loggers and hunters to protect the local biodiversity. Since then, a sea change has occurred.   

June 30, 2016:
What Laudato Si says about animals: a year on from the Green Papal Encyclical
A year ago this month, Pope Francis – named after the most famous lover of animals in Christian history – laid out the Catholic position on the environment – on our human relationship with Creation – in clear, beautiful, carefully considered language. Here we explore what he said about protecting animals.  

June 22, 2016:
The best "mercy release" is not to eat meat. Chinese Buddhist leaders issue groundbreaking animated feature
A moving, smart-talking plasticine animation by Chinese Buddhist community urges Buddhists to give up meat, improve karma and give animals a chance  

June 20, 2016:
Bristol Faith in the Future UN/ARC event lead story in main Baha'i news magazine
The images of religious leaders in diverse garb, marching behind colorful banners with symbols of the world’s major faiths, conveyed a sense of the sacred nature of a meeting held in Bristol in September 2015. But at the head of the procession was an ensign with the logo of the United Nations — an institution generally concerned with more worldly affairs.... Bristol Event is lead story in Baha'i quarterly One Country  

May 17, 2016:
Strongest statement ever by Chinese Buddhist Community against wildlife "mercy release"
So called "mercy release" of wildlife by Buddhists is bringing negative environmental and social impact, says CCTV News Channel. The documentary exposes the illegal wildlife trade behind mercy release and its devastating effects on some of the species.   

May 4, 2016:
Exciting new phase for the ValuesQuest programme
ARC is helping launch a new phase of the groundbreaking Valuesquest programme: suddenly values are seen as key to development decision-making.  

April 22, 2016:
New film for Earth Day urging Malaysian Muslims to protect tigers
A Malaysian documentary film was released today, Earth Day, to call on Muslims to take better care of the many wild creatures on our precious planet, concentrating on the almost extinct Malayan tiger.  

March 23, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: A record 3,500 Sikh Organisations celebrated Sikh Environment Day this year
Record numbers of gurdwaras, schools, Sikh businesses and Sikh communities not only celebrated March 14 as Sikh Environment Day but also took real actions to go green and go organic  

March 18, 2016:
Sikhs celebrate most successful Sikh Environment Day ever - March 14th
This week Sikhs around the world held the most successful Sikh Environment Day ever, with many thousands of people making the Earth better.  

March 17, 2016:
Excellent new resource on religions and development from Germany
The German Federal government has just published a terrific new resource on faiths and sustainable development.   

February 18, 2016:
New "Assisi Award" for faith-based conservation launched - by scientists
The Society for Conservation Biology has launched a new ‘Assisi Award’ for faith-based conservation initiatives. ARC's been asked to tell as many people as possible about it.  

February 4, 2016:
Korean conservation groups join ARC network
Following from ARC’s landmark Lambeth meeting of brokers between religions and the environment in November, a new organisation in South Korea has been inspired to undertake an ambitious and exciting Faith and Forestry initiative.  

January 25, 2016:
Buddhist monks in Zanskar and Ladakh resolve to teach about snow leopard protection
After a series of workshops in remote Zanskar, northern India, supported by ARC, monks and nuns have committed for the first time to preach the message of snow leopard protection  

December 21, 2015:
Wonderful new Green Hindu Temple Guide
The Bhumi Project and ARC have created a Green Hindu Temples Guide: a beautifully-designed resource on how to make your temple or ashram greener and better and more Hindu in its relationship with the world around it.   

16 December 2015:
Muslim Council Issues Fatwa Against Poaching: National Geographic Article
IF A COUNTRY wants to crack down on wildlife crime, it usually focuses on strong laws, effective enforcement, and widespread public support. But if those don’t work, there’s another tool in the box: religion.  

December 16, 2015:
Pilgrim to Santiago writes about how the Way taught him to be green
A three times pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain reports about his experience being a green pilgrim, and about how the "camino" has taught him the importance of living sustainably. Landon Roussel's book The Camino Primitivo is published this month.  

December 15, 2015:
Inspiring new charity founded to work with faiths on water, sanitation and hygiene
A new charity, inspired by a major ARC project, will work with faith groups on issues around water, sanitation and hygiene. And its first publication, produced with UNICEF, looks at how working with religions greatly increases the success of water projects.   

December 6, 2015:
Enlisting faiths in fight to save the planet: in-depth article on religion and conservation
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle has published a wonderful in-depth article about the importance of religions in protecting the planet. It's a great read.  

November 25, 2015:
Letter to ARC faith representatives from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has sent a powerful letter of support to the faith representatives at the UN-ARC Faith in the Future event in Bristol. The event deals specifically with the role and opportunities of religions in supporting the new UN Sustainable Development Goals  

November 18, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE Pilgrim cities around the world to go greener thanks to Schwarzenegger initiative
“Faithful Cities – pilgrims for a living planet” will work with pilgrimage cities of the world to develop sustainable technology and make them greener, cleaner and more resilient.  

November 18, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: French President sends letter to Heads of State about COP as matter for personal conscience
PARIS: A dramatic appeal, sent this week personally by French President Francois Hollande to every Head of State attending the launch on November 30 of the Paris Climate Change COP asks each of them to answer a simple question: “Why do I care?” about the climate.  

13th November 2015:
PRESS RELEASE. First ever meeting of brokers for faith and conservation programmes
Landmark meeting at Lambeth Palace November 17-18 to celebrate 30 years of collaboration between Faiths and Conservation.   

12 November 2015:
Interview with Martin Palmer in China's prestigious Dangjian Magazine
【简介】彭马田(Martin Palmer),英国人,世界宗教与环境保护基金会(ARC)秘书长,长期担任爱丁堡公爵菲利普亲王的特别顾问,并与菲利普亲王一道创建了世界宗教与环境保护基金。他还是联合国信仰、气候变化与自然环境项目的联席主席,并担任联合国秘书长潘基文的信仰与环境顾问。  

October 20, 2015:
China Daily features ARC's work in China in advance of President Xi's visit to UK
An article in China Daily today highlights the recent burgeoning of Daoist, Confucianist and Chinese Buddhist actions on environment. The article is published in advance of President Xi's visit to UK this week.  

October 16, 2015:
Environment is critically important: Buddhist Association of China
The President of the Buddhist Association of China and one of the most beloved Buddhist monks in China, Master Xuecheng, has confirmed his interest in working with fellow Buddhists on practical actions to improve the environment.  

October 6, 2015:
A Summit of Conscience to be held in Philippines
Inspired by the ARC/French Government "Why Do I Care about Climate" event in July, Senator Loren Legarda is hosting a summit of Conscience about climate in Manila on October 9  

September 24, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: ARC calls for real partnership with faiths, not tokenism
As the Pope prepares to address the United Nations tomorrow, ARC issues a call for “real partnership, not tokenism” with faith groups. Martin Palmer said the faiths need more than "just walk-on parts in the drama of the Sustainable Development Goal processs".   

10 September, 2015:
2015年9月10日联合国电台报道(UN Radio China report)
中国学者:宗教信仰界应将实现可持续发展理念纳入核心教义: Chinese scholars recommend inviting religious communities to promote sustainable development through core teachings  

September 9, 2015:
Ten-year faith commitments launched at UN Faiths Meeting in Bristol
Faith leaders from around the world and United Nations officials gathered in Bristol, UK, this week to discuss how to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aimed at ending poverty and creating a more sustainable planet.  

8-10 September, 2015:
2015年 9月8-10日 联合国信仰与可持续发展会
2015年 9月8-10日,世界宗教与环境保护基金与联合国在布里斯托尔召开了“信仰与可持续发展目标”会议。中国陕西省社科院导学研究中心的樊光春教授以及清华大学教授卢风参加了此次会议。江苏省道教协会会长杨世华因签证延误未能成行。  

September 6, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: Bristol's faith leaders ask people to pray for the success of the Bristol UN Faiths Meeting
Faith communities in Bristol have asked their people to pray for the success of the historic meeting between faith leaders from around the world and senior United Nations officials to discuss the new Sustainable Development Goals in Bristol this week.  

July 27, 2015:
Daoist ecological herbal nursery and sustainable calligraphy ink initiative
Daoist monks at Zhengyang temple in Xianyang, Sha'anxi province inaugurated an Ecological TCM Herbal Nursery. It is the third in China, and is an important step in raising awareness of the ecological consquences of TCM throughout the country.  

July 22, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: Why Do I Care? French Government makes climate change debate personal pre COP
PRESS RELEASE JULY 22: French Government to ask heads of delegations to ask, personally, Why Do I Care?  

July 22, 2015:
Selected stories, quotes and ideas from Summit of Conscience July 2015
Selected stories, quotes and ideas from Summit of Conscience July 2015  

July 21, 2015:
News coverage of the Summit of Conscience, Paris July 21 2015
News coverage of the Summit of Conscience, Paris July 21, 2015  

July 21, 2015:
Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the Summit of Conscience for Climate
Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the Summit of Conscience for the Climate,with a moving video that talks about his childhood.  

July 21, 2015:
Cardinal Turkson addresses the Summit of Consciences for the Climate
Cardinal Turkson addresses the Summit of Consciences for the Climate, hosted at the Élysée Palace, Paris.  

July 20, 2015:
AFP report on the Summit of Conscience
AFP report on the Summit of Conscience, a Paris gathering of 40 influential people from around the world.  

July 8, 2015:
Launch of WHYDOICARE: climate an issue of personal conscience
Today Why Do I Care? was launched in Paris in advance of the groundbreaking Summit of Conscience July 21. It emphasises that the future of the planet is an issue of personal conscience and urges that all policymakers participating in the Paris COP21 ask themselves, personally why they care.  

June 18, 2015:
Far reaching Papal Encyclical on the Environment published today
Today something very extraordinary happened in the journey to link religions with conservation and conservation with religions. The Pope issued an encyclical urging Catholics to make real changes in their priorities to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem”.   

June 16, 2015:
Far reaching Papal Encyclical on the Environment to be published Thursday
This Thursday something very extraordinary will happen in the journey to link religions with conservation and conservation with religions. The Pope will issue an encyclical to urge Catholics (who make up one sixth of the world population) to make real changes in their lifestyles to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem”.   

June 5, 2015:
Why I Care: Summit of Conscience for the Climate
Why do you care about the environment? A groundbreaking summit, hosted by the French Government in Paris on July 21st, will bring together major religious and moral figures ahead of the December 2015 UN climate change COP talks to ask exactly that.   

May 15, 2015:
Faith in Food Shortlisted for Prestigious Food Award
ARC’s Faith in Food has been shortlisted for The Guild of Food Writers’s Derek Cooper Award for Campaigning and Investigative Food Writing.   

May 8, 2015:
UN Bristol Meeting on Faiths and the Sustainable Development Goals
UNDP and ARC are cohosting a major meeting on Faiths and the SDGs in Bristol, UK, September 7-10. This is a key part of the United Nations’ post 2015 process.   

April 24, 2015:
Interview with Martin Palmer in China Daily
"After two hours with him I used to go out to walk very slowly alongside the river to let my brain cool down, because it was like being in a most extraordinary storm of ideas." Interview with ARC's Martin Palmer in China Daily.  

6 April, 2015:
Twenty years on from the Ohito Declaration
Two decades ago leading faith environmentalists signed the Ohito Declaration in Ohito, Japan. The environment has got worse, since. But the religions have worked harder to save it.  

March 23, 2015:
Interfaith Ocean Ethics Campaign launched
A new Interfaith Ocean Ethics campaign run as part of the Franciscan Action Network has been launched to let people know about the critical problems of the oceans. Beginning with pollution and overfishing and going on from there.  

March 13, 2015:
Read this review of Sacred Mountains
"If you thought you knew about ecology in China, if you thought you knew about religion in China and if you thought you knew what the future might look like this book will challenge you, enthrall you and leave you with a profoundly different view of the world."   

February 20, 2015:
New phase for our Africa programme
As ARC regretfully announces that our funding for the Africa programme has come to an end, we pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of our faith partners. This work is moving into a new phase, led by our faith partners in Africa.   

February 18, 2015:
PRESS RELEASE: Indonesian Muslim women unite for availability of water, sanitation and environmental health
Twenty-nine Muslim women’s organizations from all around Indonesia today launched a new network dedicated to bringing clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene education to everyone  

February 13, 2015:
"In search of Bristol's dragons" and Happy Year of the Goat
The"first ever feng shui tour of Bristol" tomorrow, will be led by ARC's Martin Palmer, linking a city's natural landscape with how people have used it.  

February 10 2015:
How to use this website
Introductory page offering links the themes of the website to help you find what you're looking for.  

February 3, 2015:
Calendar reminds Daoists of the importance of fasting
A new calendar published by ARC and the Taoist Ecological Temple Network helps Daoists remember the importance of regular fasting  

February 3, 2015:
Church of England to update its Don’t Stop at the Lights climate change book
The Church of England is looking for churches and congregations around the globe to help update its celebrated 2008 Don’t Stop at the Lights climate change book  

January 10, 2015:
How the Royal Family makes conservation cool
Waiting for delayed flights after meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton – in the US to promote wildlife conservation – The Nature Conservancy's Peter Wheeler reflects in a blog about how the British Royal Family makes conservation cool.  

December 23, 2014:
Landmark decision by Chinese Buddhists to ban killing wildlife
The China Buddhist Association has issued a landmark declaration calling all Buddhist followers to “Protect Life with Compassion and Mercy-Release Appropriately”.   

December 16, 2014:
Faith In Food is the Church Times pick of 2014
The leading Anglican weekly newspaper The Church Times has included ARC’s Faith in Food book at the top of its Christmas selection of top reads from 2014. Its reviewer praised it as 'the most uplifting book I have read this year'.  

December 16, 2014:
US publishing praise for ARC's Stories of the Stranger
The anthology of stories collected and adapted by ARC about how every faith tradition has stories about looking after strangers chalks up a starred review in the influential US website Publishers Weekly this week  

December 12, 2014:
Prince Philip promises to keep supporting ARC's work as long as he can
ARC celebrated our 20th year at Buckingham Palace last week, and our founder, Prince Philip, promised to keep supporting our work as long as he had the strength to do so.   

December 11, 2014:
Strong new partnership between The Nature Conservancy and ARC
ARC has agreed an important partnership with The Nature Conservancy, the largest nature NGO in the world. It was announced at a lunch hosted by HRH Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace on December 4, and was part of the discussions at a meeting hosted by the Bishop of London.  

December 10, 2014:
New chapter in Daoist ecology
“When we first met with Daoists in 1994 there was about 30 people in a freezing cold room inside a dilapidated temple. How great that now it was an amazing presentation in front of a large crowd.” ARC's Martin Palmer talks about the progress made by Daoism in meeting the country's huge environmental challenges.   

December 10, 2014:
Bishop of London hosts international environmental meeting
The Bishop of London hosted delegates from secular and religious organisations worldwide for a meeting to explore new partnerships aimed at protecting the environment.  

December 3, 2014:
Hope for the Future: Let's get Climate Change onto the Agenda
With the UK 2015 general election on the horizon Christian churches across the country are campaigning to put climate change more prominently on the political agenda.   

December 3, 2014:
Daoism’s role in China’s environmental strategy continues to expand
The Third International Forum of the Chinese Taoist Association held in Jiangxi, Longhu, Shan in November 2014 bore witness to the growing role of the ancient religion in China’s strategy to tackle environmental issues.   

December 2, 2014:
ARC celebrates coming of age with lunch at the Palace
ARC will be marking a special coming of age with a celebratory reception and lunch at Buckingham Palace hosted by HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh on December 4, 2014.  

November 30, 2014:
ARC enters exciting partnership with United Nations Environment Programme
ARC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNEP. In future the two will cooperate in working with faiths on environment management in Africa  

November 26 2014:
Green Pilgrimage Network newsletter Number 11: November 2014
Learn about the first ever UN World Tourist Organisation international event to focus on pilgrimage,welcome new GPN members, hear of developments in Canterbury and China and get access to the updated GPN handbook.  

November 25, 2014:
Chinese TV turns the spotlight on Daoism’s conservation role
ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer will be one of the contributors on November 26, 2014, when Hong Kong based Phoenix Television broadcasts a debate about what Daoism contributes to environmental awareness and action in modern China.  

November 20, 2014:
Green Hindus lead environmental discussions at the House of Lords
On Monday 17th November, Hindu environmentalists from the Bhumi Project hosted a special meeting at the British House of Lords to discuss how the British Hindu community can be more involved with current environmental concerns.   

November 19 2014:
International recognition for ARC’s ‘inspirational’ faith-based educational programme
The Faith-based Education for Sustainable Development toolkit developed by ARC and our East African partners proved an inspirational eye-opener for delegates attending a UNESCO-organised world conference in Japan.   

November 12, 2014:
Daoism and Christianity - new podcast explores historic links
In a new podcast called ‘The Dao of Jesus’ on the Things Unseen website ARC Deputy Secretary General Alison Hilliard and Secretary General Martin Palmer discuss the ways in which Daoist thought has enabled a different reading of Christian traditions across the centuries and how this has influenced Martin’s own faith.  

November 4, 2014:
UNESCO hails ESD toolkit as an excellent example of good practice
The Faith-based Education for Sustainable Development Teacher's Toolkit developed by ARC with African partners has been specially selected by UNESCO as an good example of 'ESD practice in action'. It is one of 25 chosen out of 900 possible projects.  

November 4, 2014:
ARC projects score a double with the Church Times
A two-page feature in the world's leading Anglican newspaper celebrates both the latest ARC publication and ARC's Faithful Farming work in Africa.   

October 28, 2014:
PBS video highlights ARC’s role in religious environmentalism in China
The important US broadcaster features Martin Palmer in their report on religion and environmentalism in contemporary China.  

October 24, 2014:
Faith leaders call for Faithful Farming to be practiced across Africa
African faith leaders have called on faith communities to practice faith-based sustainable agriculture - and for an Alliance of Faithful Farming to be established to spearhead these efforts - in order to grow more food, reduce poverty and protect the environment.   

October 14, 2014:
Canterbury launches partnership with pilgrimages
The historic cathedral city of Canterbury has launched the Green Pilgrimage Canterbury Partnership bringing together 40 local sacred sites, pilgrim routes, food producers and tourism authorities in a commitment to making pilgrimage environmentally friendly.  

October 7, 2014:
Faiths and the environment
Information and links to a wide range of faith-based environmental organisations, campaigns and networks worldwide.  

October 7, 2014:
First thoughts on the new global alliance for climate-smart agriculture
One week on from the New York Climate Summit, which ARC attended through our faithful farming programme, for the launch of the new Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture. ARC’s Susie Weldon reflects on what has changed.  

September 24, 2014:
Economist article celebrates religions' role in challenging climate change
As the UN Climate Summit opens in Washington a major column in The Economist identifies the legacy of environmental action led by faith organisations over the years.  

September 23, 2014:
"Bright new light on ancient ideas"
Martin Palmer's 'fluid translation' of a Chinese classic has won the approval of China Daily's Paul Bolding  

September 18, 2014:
EcoSikh Issues First Sikh Statement on Climate Change
Ahead of the September 2014 U.N. Climate Summit EcoSikh issues the first Sikh statement on taking action against climate change.  

September 15, 2014:
Join faiths praying for a strong climate treaty in Paris 2015
Spiritual and religious leaders from around the world are launching the interfaith initiative to let world leaders see the moral imperative for a global climate treaty by the December 2015 Meetings in Paris. Includes a new prayer by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.   

September 10, 2014:
Great review for Sacred Mountains in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post
"Stikker's business-slanted take on ecology and spirituality is intriguing..." says the South China Morning Post.   

September 5, 2014:
ARC statement on Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture
This month a Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture will be launched as a major new initiative to promote more sustainable forms of agriculture. ARC explains why we have decided to join the Alliance.  

September 2, 2014:
Islamic Farming introduced to Uganda
Following the successful introduction of Islamic Farming in Kenya the first group of Ugandan farmers has now been taught the principles of this sustainable method..  

September 1, 2014:
Creation Tide - a time for Christians to celebrate and protect nature
The annual Christian season of Creation Tide (September 1 - October 5) is a month of environmentally-focused reflection and action by Christians around the world.  

August 26, 2014:
‘Religion and conservation must go hand in hand’ writes Indian conservation biologist
An informative article about Green Pilgrimage issues written by conservation biologist Mr Dharmendra Khandal has been published in India by the Financial Chronicle.  

August 19, 2014:
A new translation by Martin Palmer brings ancient Chinese history and wisdom to life in the 21st century.
A wonderfully enjoyable storehouse of ancient Chinese history and legends, which also has an important role in understanding 21st century China, has just published in a fresh translation of the Shang Shu by ARC's Martin Palmer   

July 29, 2014:
Powerful, poetic and playful - heaps of praise for Faith In Food
We don't like to brag but ... plenty of people have been very complimentary about our newly published book. Read what they say here.  

July 22, 2014:
Article on ARC's Ise event in Huffington Post, by UN Deputy Secretary General
"A few weeks ago, I was again struck by luck. I got to attend a remarkable gathering in Ise, Japan. " UN Deputy SG, Olav Kjorven writes movingly about his journey, with ARC, to link faiths with environment and development, with positive, sustainable results.  

July 21, 2014:
One of the "10 top books for summer": ARC's Faith in Food
ARC's Faith in Food is one of the Sustainable Food Trust's top ten books for summer buying: "the most beautiful of reference books to be pulled down when you want a rounded look at GMOs, insight into dietary laws or simply a powerful and poetic reminder of why our food choices have moral and ethical impacts."  

July 21, 2014:
How do you invest £8 billion ethically? Article from Church of England's Edward Mason
As the Church of England makes the ethical decision to divest in we republish an article on ethical faith investment. The Church of England has to make money on its holdings, to pay pensions and staff and building costs. But where should it park its funds?  

July 15, 2014:
Confucius returns to the mainland: South China Morning Post story
The heat was intense. As the speakers took the podium in the gardens of Shenzhen Polytechnic a young woman fainted. Within a few seconds, a second student followed... article by ARC's Victoria Finlay on the return of Confucianism, ARC's latest faith partner.  

June 25, 2014:
Singapore's faith communities get a new environmental handbook
The publication of Faith and Nature aims to encourage faith groups in Singapore to take environmental action.  

Jun 10, 2014:
China's modern problems find ancient solutions: Daoism's remarkable new story
A new book gives one man's eyewitness account of the 21st century revitalisation of Chinese Daoism from reviled neglect to a guiding force for urgently needed environmental action.  

July 1 2014:
Church Times and Independent both hail Ise agenda
The worlds leading Anglican newspaper joined one of the UK’s most influential daily papers in publishing a feature article about the ISE conference organised jointly by ARC and Jinja Honcho, the Association of Shinto Shrines.  

June 19, 2014:
PRESS RELEASE: Faith in Food, wonderful new book
When a young boy says: ‘It’s easier to get a gun in our neighbourhood than it is to get a salad,’ and he’s not standing in the middle of a war zone, then we know there is something wrong with our attitude towards food and where it comes from.  

June 14, 2014:
Stories of the Stranger: The world’s stories remind us of the value of compassion
Contemporary writers retell stories old and new, gathered from many cultures, united by the theme of encounters with exiles and outsiders.  

Jun 11, 2014:
ValuesQuest: the next step
In an important development the ARC and Club of Rome collaboration moves to become an independent organisation in its own right.  

June 5, 2014:
PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network partnership with R20 Regions of Climate Action
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Climate Action initiative for regional leaders has put pilgrim cities high up on its agenda through a new partnership with the Green Pilgrimage Network.  

June 1, 2014:
Both Prince Charles and Prince Philip write to support ARC’s Japan event
On the eve of a major event in Ise, Japan, both Prince Charles and Prince Philip write letters in support of ARC’s Japan initiative  

June 2, 2014:
The day an ancient taboo bowed out
Today ARC walked with one of the most traditional religions in the world, the Shinto of Japan, as they took a deliberate step to open up to the international world.  

June 4, 2014:
ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values Launched at Ise by Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN
ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values Launched at Ise by Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN   

May 19, 2014:
PRESS RELEASE: Historic meeting of Shinto priests and international environmental and religious figures to take place at Ise this June
Jinja Honcho will welcome ARC's worldwide partners to Shinto's most sacred shrine for 'Tradition for the Future'  

May 13, 2014:
Three Daoist pilgrim cities join the Green Pilgrimage Network
Three Daoist pilgrim cities joined the Green Pilgrimage Network last month, at a Daoist ecological meeting in the remote city of Ziyang in the Qinling mountains.  

May 9, 2014:
Martin Palmer on BBC Radio 2 this Sunday on ARC's book on mindful eating
Martin Palmer will be on BBC Radio 2's 'Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding' programme this Sunday - broadcast live from Bristol's Food Connections Festival - to talk about ARC's inspirational new book, Faith in Food: Changing the world one meal at a time.   

May 6, 2014:
Catholics gather at the Vatican for a major symposium on the environment.
An international gathering of 41 academics, economists, environmentalists and human rights representatives has been meeting in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences within the Vatican, Rome, to address the topic: Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature, Our Responsibility.   

April 22, 2014:
PRESS RELEASE: How can China’s Daoists help save the planet? Book launch in Beijing
Allerd Stikker launches Sacred Mountains, his account of the resurgence of Daoism as a force for the environment in modern China, at a Beijing bookshop.  

April 22, 2014:
UN environmental champion to call for collective action on climate change
Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) will highlight the pressing importance of collective action on climate change when she visits London.   

April 9, 2014:
East African Catholics publish new environmental 'toolkit'
Catholic teachings on the environment linked with African spirituality and traditional beliefs on caring for Nature have been cleverly woven together in a new book for catechists and seminarians entitled 'Stewardship Of God’s Creation'.  

April 9, 2014:
China Sacred Mountains book launches this week
You're invited to the launch on Friday April 11 of a remarkable new book reveals the inside story of Daoism's remarkable revival as a social force for good in modern China.   

Aril 8, 2014:
A new ARC resource of environmental prayers and meditations
A carefully chosen selection of inspirational and thoughtful devotions about creation and conservation from different religious traditions.  

March 28, 2014:
Successful debut for Hindu Environment Week
The first ever Hindu Environment Week (February 17-23) involved Hindu communities worldwide in environmental awareness and action.  

March 28, 2014:
Islamic wildlife programme launched in Afghanistan
An inspiring new Islamic environmental education programme is being rolled out in Afghanistan. It's not one of ours, but it has some inspiring materials  

March 21, 2014:
PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable agriculture manual for Muslim farmers to be launched in Kenya next week
The first manual in conservation agriculture specifically designed for Muslim farmers in Africa will be launched in Nairobi, Kenya, on Thursday March 27 – providing a tool to introduce millions of Muslim farmers to sustainable farming practices for the first time.   

March 14, 2014:
Happy Sikh Environment Day!
ARC sends greetings to Sikhs worldwide as they celebrate nature in thought, word and deed.  

March 5, 2014:
Sikh communities worldwide prepare for another successful Sikh Environment Day
International environmental organisation Ecosikh are hoping that over 2000 Sikh organisations around the world will take part in the fourth annual Sikh Environment Day  

March 5, 2014:
First ever delegation of Confucianists visits UK on mission to make China more sustainable
A distinguished delegation of senior figures from the International Confucian Ecology Alliance will be coming over to London from Beijing for the first time next week. During their visit they will meet with HRH Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.  

March 5, 2014:
Indonesian clerics issue fatwa to protect endangered species
Indonesia's supreme Muslim authority has issued an edict requiring the country's 200 million Muslims to actively protect endangered species.   

February 18, 2014:
Happy Hindu Environment Week!
The first ever Hindu Environment Week, organised by ARC partners in The Bhumi Project, runs from February 17-23 with Hindus worldwide involved in events and activities to combat threats to the environment and promote a message of walking lightly on the Earth.  

February 14, 2014:
Prince of Wales praises faiths for speaking out forcefully against the wildlife trade
In a speech yesterday at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London, HRH the Prince of Wales named the world's religions for playing a strong role in the fight to protect wildlife  

February 3, 2014:
Blog - New faith-based approach to farming for Muslim farmers in Kenya
ARC's Sam Adams writes about his visit to Nairobi to introduce a new faith-based approach to agriculture for Muslim farmers - Islamic Farming.  

January 29, 2014:
Celebrate the Year of the Horse with nature-friendly incense
In China Buddhist and Daoist leaders jointly promote an environmentally friendly approach to burning incense at the Chinese New Year and other special occasions.  

January 28, 2014:
The Pope's next big encyclical could well be on the environment
According to a recent Vatican Radio report from the Holy See Press Office Pope Francis “has begun work on a draft text on the topic of ecology, which could become an encyclical.”   

January 28, 2014:
Indian Conservationist discovers religious allies
In a powerful blog posting Conservation biologist Mr Dharmandra Kahndar describes how an invitation to a Green Pilgrimage Network meeting changed his attitude toward engaging religions to protect nature.  

Jan 21, 2014:
Greening the Retreats - how the EcoRetreat Newsletter came about
A feature article published in Retreats 2014, the latest edition of the annual handbook of The Retreat Association finds Victoria Finlay, ARC Communications Director, reflecting on the different ways retreat centres can promote sustainability.  

January 8, 2014:
Islamic green awards launched for mosques
MADE in Europe - the UK-based campaigning organisation for young Muslims - has launched the Green Up! Awards to encourage mosques and other Islamic groups to address environmental issues in line with Qur'anic teaching.  

December 22, 2013:
ARC Africa newsletter - December 2013
This has been a packed year of eco action for our African faith partners. This newsletter has news of faith-based environmental education and the first Ugandan network of faith groups working on the environment.  

December 17, 2013:
Tenth anniversary of the passing of Sri Kushok Bakula
A special ceremony has been held in Ladakh, Northern India, to commemorate the passing of the 19th Kushok Bakula Rinpoche on November 4, 2003. Sri Kushok Bakula was one of the great supporters of environmental action by faiths, and was a long-time friend of ARC.   

Dec 10, 2013:
South East Asian pilgrims start planning for Hajj, 2014
Islamic pilgrims in Malaysia and Indonesia are beginning the planning process for a greener Hajj in 2014.  

December 10, 2013:
Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 9, December 2013
Inspirational ideas for plastic bottles, news from India and the Middle East, green developments at the Hajj and first steps towards a European chapter.  

December 4, 2013:
A greener advent on the calendar
Faced with the annual flood of consumption and waste, as well as celebration, Christians can still find the traditional meaning of Advent...  

November 19, 2013:
Article on Daoism and Confucianism protecting China's environment
Article by Martin Palmer on the emerging roles of Daoism and Confucianism in tackling China's environmental issues - on the influential bilingual China Dialogue website.  

November 3, 2013:
'As people of faith we have no choice, we must': Bishop Zac urges action
In a world of fudge, compromise and half truths, Uganda’s Anglican Bishop Rt. Rev. Zac Niringiye offers a laser-sharp clarity that is as inspiring as it is challenging. He addressed the Uganda Faiths Network on Environment Action.  

October 30, 2013:
East Africa's first national faith eco network launches in Uganda
The first environmental network of Uganda faith groups launches in Kampala today. The network will work on the environment and promote sustainable agriculture.   

October 29, 2013:
Hindus announce the first Hindu Environment Week next February
International Hindu environmental network The Bhumi Project is calling on Hindu communities around the world to participate in the first Hindu Environment Week in February 2014.   

November 1, 2013:
Animation for children - urging all Muslims to become water heroes

October 29, 2013:
New film about Bangladesh water conservation
“There are no living things in this water: not even an insect can survive here.” A fascinating new film about the water crisis in Bangladesh and what can be done to solve it.  

October 22 2013:
Four years of Sikh environmentalism caught on film
A short film from international environmental organisation EcoSikh charts their amazing progress since starting out in 2009.  

October 10, 2013:
New book brings inspiring stories of faith eco action from Africa
'Many Heavens, One Earth in Action' highlights some of the inspiring environmental initiatives carried out by Christian, Muslim and Hindu groups in sub-Saharan Africa  

October 8, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: Confucianism - powerful new force for a greener China
The launch of the International Confucian Ecological Alliance marks another step forward in Confucianism's remarkable revival as a social force in China  

October 4, 2013:
BLOG: Africa's traffic jams and a police escort - by Susie Weldon
Visiting different countries in sub-Saharan Africa as part of my work for ARC has given me a unique opportunity to compare … African traffic jams.   

October 2, 2013:
Master Ren Farong to give lecture at SOAS this Friday
Senior Daoist from China, Master Ren Farong, is going to talk about Daoism and its modern-day application at the Khalili Lecture Theatre at SOAS, from 17:30 to 18:30 on Friday, Oct.4. This would be suitable for anyone interested in how Daoism fulfills its spiritual role in China. Do join us. Admission is free.   

September 25, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: First UK visit for top Chinese Daoist environmentalists
Leading Daoist Masters will visit the UK next week to develop conservation strategies as well as promote the culture of China's oldest religion.  

September 23, 2013:
Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 8, September 2013
Updates from Trondheim; the question of polybags; another question of flipflops; new members, new chapters, candles and a prayer for swifts. Jerusalem, India, Scotland and Buckingham Palace.  

September 18, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: Creating Tanzania’s young eco champions
A two-day workshop in Tanzania brings faith groups, environmentalists and educationalists together to look at integrating faith values into teaching on the environment for the country's schoolchildren.  

September 18, 2013:
Religion and environment is "match made in heaven." University of Minnesota site
Religious groups are the original conservationists. Worldwide, spiritual organizations own 5 to 10 percent of forests, and sacred sites occur on every continent except Antarctica... article from University of Minnesota ...   

September 17, 2013:
'White Men Shooting Rhinos in the Bum with a Dart'
An article by Martin Palmer in Biodiversity magazine challenges conventional conservation practices and asserts the significance of the role of religions worldwide in addressing environmental problems.  

September 4, 2013:
ARC and EMF to attend major conference on faith and the environment in China
Martin Palmer from ARC and Dr Allerd Stikker from the Dutch partner agency EMF will each address the Song Shan Forum on Chinese and World Civilisation in Song Shan, Henan province, Peoples Republic of China  

September 1, 2013:
Happy Orthodox Environment Day and start of Creationtide
This is the first day of Creationtide, which runs until October 4. Link here for resources and quotes for an inspiring Harvest Festival  

August 23, 2013:
New Chinese section on ARC website
With the arrival of the Confucianists in July as part of ARC's family (now with 12 faiths and traditions), and building on many years of working with the Daoists, we have now created a Chinese language section on our website  

By Susie Weldon, August 12, 2013:
BLOG: Reaping the benefits in Uganda
Everyone I spoke to told me: “So many crops have failed, there was almost 100% failure. There are difficult times ahead... So it was wonderful to hear one of our faith partners, Hajjat Sebyala Aphwa, exclaim excitedly: “Susie, this Farming God’s Way really works!”  

July 30, 2013:
Pope Francis urges Brazilian Catholics to protect God's creation in the Amazon
During his visit to Brazil the Pope has reminded Catholics of their responsibility to protect God's creation, calling for the church to take on an 'Amazonian face'.  

July 29, 2013:
Green Pilgrimage Network more than doubles in size to 28 members
At an extraordinary meeting in Trondheim this weekend 16 important pilgrim cities and places – including Santiago de Compostela, Bethlehem, Rishikesh, Varanasi and Mexico City – committed to become greener.  

July 27 2013:
Touching gift from senior Confucian scholar to head of Council of Europe
Last night, in a strong signal of cooperation between the two cultures, China’s most senior scholar of Confucianism, Professor Tu Weiming gave to the secretary-general of Council of Europe, and former prime minister of Norway, Thorbjorn Jagland, copies of the work of China’s most ancient philosopher, Confucius.  

July 25 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: Condolences to those in Santiago de Compostela train crash
On the eve of our Green Pilgrimage Network meeting we express our sympathies for the pilgrims who died in the terrible train crash outside this holiest place.  

July 24, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: Confucianists in China issue first environmental statement
On Friday afternoon, July 26, 2013, China’s most ancient philosophical system named Confucianism (after its founding figure, the 6th century BC philosopher Kong Qui/Kong Fuzi/Confucius) will formally announce its first ever statement on the environment.  

By Susie Weldon, July 23, 2013:
BLOG: Surprised and delighted by a phone call from Tanzania
"I was heading home from work near Bath, UK, the other day when I got the best call I'd had for weeks. I didn’t recognise the number but I knew it was from Africa". Susie Weldon writes the first of a new series of blogposts from ARC colleagues and partners, giving a flavour of working with religions and conservation in the field.  

July 23, 2013:
Letter to the Pope: The Amazon is a Catholic responsibility
In an unprecedented move, WWF International, WWF Brazil, and ARC have jointly written to His Holiness the Pope asking him to consider announcing that the Amazon should be seen as a specifically Catholic ecological responsibility.   

July 16, 2013:
ARC launches a faith-based teacher's toolkit in Kenya
ARC will tomorrow launch a ground-breaking teachers’ toolkit that integrates faith values about caring for creation with teaching on the environment in primary schools in Kenya. Many people are getting excited about the toolkit which has been described as "carrying hope for Africa".   

July 16, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE Norwegian model green city to host historic Chinese announcement
At a major meeting of the Green Pilgrimage Network in Trondheim, Norway, Chinese Confucianists will make their first ever statement about the environment.  

July 6, 2013:
Amritsar becomes more of an Eco-City on its foundation day this year
EcoSikh launch a raft of green programmes to coincide with the annual foundation day of Green Pilgrimage site Amritsar.  

July 2, 2013:
Green Guide For Hajj translated into Arabic
Dr Husna Ahmed of the UK-based Faith Regen Foundation has published an Arabic translation of the Green Guide to Hajj, first printed in English in 2011.  

June 26, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE: Head of China's oldest religion will visit ARC this week
The China Daoist Association Secretary General and four other key members of the Association have come from Beijing to discuss a range of practical environmental projects with ARC ranging from tackling the illegal wildlife trade to making some of the great pilgrimage places of China more ecological.  

June 27, 2013:
President Obama announces climate plan with a theological justification
When US President Barack Obama unveiled his historic Climate Action Plan on Tuesday he followed up on his 2013 inaugural promise to "preserve our planet, commanded to our care by God".  

Jun 26, 2013:
Historic visit by world religious leader to ARC office
A delegation from the Beijing-based Chinese Daoist Association, including General Secretary Mr Wang Zhe Yi, will be visiting ARC's UK office to discuss future plans.  

June 18, 2013:
Martin Palmer discusses the spiritual significance of water in BBC podcast
ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer was a significant contributor to an edition of the BBC World Service programme The Why Factor looking at the spiritual significance of bathing and water. The programme is available as a downloadable podcast.  

June 12, 2013:
Faith and Food at Bristol's Big Green Week, 2013
How faiths respond to the problem of feeding a growing world population within diminishing resources is one of the topics under discussion in this year's festival of environmentalism.  

June 11, 2013:
New play script helps spread the Green Pilgrimage message
A play script version of 'The Hidden Forest', Jahnavi Harrison's story about Hindu women going on pilgrimage in India, has been published. Suitable for schools the script can be downloaded from the ARC website.  

June 5, 2013:
ARC reissues classic book on religion and conservation
ARC has published a revised and updated version of Faith in Conservation, a book written by Martin Palmer and Victoria Finlay and first published in 2003 by the World Bank  

June 3, 2013:
BBC debate asks: Has humanity's dominion been good for the planet?
Have people been good or bad for the planet? That was the subject of a lively and at times heated BBC TV debate featuring ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer - who argued that the question itself was flawed.  

May 22 2013:
Urgent wildlife campaign receives heartfelt royal endorsement
Prince Charles and Prince William have jointly hosted a conference to draw attention to the threat posed by illegal trafficking to some of the world's most iconic endangered species  

May 17, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE ValuesQuest launches with wide-ranging debates
An exciting new collaboration between ARC and the Club of Rome is launched in the UK. The aim of this ambitious and wide-ranging enquiry seeks to find an answer to the vital question: how can we transform the values guiding our society to create and maintain a sustainable, equitable and fair global society?  

May 10, 2013:
Exciting results from working with Muslims in Sumatra on eco-programs
A new report by the Darwin Initiative (DI) shows the tremendously positive results they saw when they ran a major project to engage faith leaders – both male and female – in environmental action.  

April 25, 2013:
Green Pilgrimage Newsletter Number 6, April 2013
Updates from Trondheim, Jerusalem, India, Scotland and Buckingham Palace.  

April 17 2013:
PRESS RELEASE New story for schools inspires a greener understanding of Hindu traditions
The Bhumi Project and ARC are jointly publishing The Hidden Forest, a story book for young people about Hindu pilgrimage.  

March 20, 2013:
ARC launches a major partnership with big ideas
ARC has joined together with international think tank The Club of Rome to launch ValuesQuest, a search for the values that will make a world of difference.  

March 19, 2013:
Pope Francis issues the inspiring call: "Let us be protectors of creation"
In his first homily as pontiff, Pope Francis I has issued an inspiring call to global leaders and the people of the world to protect "all creation, the beauty of the created world".  

March 18, 2013:
ARC newsletter to African faith partners
ARC's latest newsletter to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa looks at what our faith partners have been doing on environmental issues and has news of emerging partnerships with UNEP and Uganda's Ministry of Agriculture.  

March 14, 2013:
Happy Sikh Environment Day
More than 1,550 organisations are marking Sikh Environment Day today, March 14, with practical action from flower shows to tree planting to blessing new compost facilities to processions to prayers.   

March 1, 2013:
The Quiet Revolution
"To a very large extent the conservation/ ecology world has created a language, even a mythology, that largely excludes people rather than including them. And this is a major reason why we are not as successful as we once thought we might be" - Martin Palmer in the 45th edition of Resurgence magazine.  

Feb 20, 2013:
PRESS RELEASE Faith leaders unite to combat illegal wildlife trade
At a meeting in Buckingham Palace Prince Philip received statements from leaders of 34 religious traditions in Africa and Asia calling upon their followers to protect wildlife and oppose the trade in threatened species.  

February 19, 2013:
Tributes paid to retiring Pope's green commitment
Among the appreciations of Pope Benedict's achievements his contribution to Catholic ecology has been particularly recognised.  

February 12, 2013:
Faith schools take sustainability agenda forward in Kenya
Teachers from faith-led primary schools use an important education workshop in Nairobi to develop faith-based environmental education programmes.  

February 7, 2013:
Religions belong at the forefront of environment and wildlife protection
The crucial role played by faith leaders in protecting wildlife, biodiversity and the environment has been recognised in a major interview in New Scientist magazine.  

February 4, 2013:
Green Pilgrimage Network - read our latest newsletter
The latest news from the GPN, including exciting green developments at the Kumbh Mela, where over 80 million pilgrims are expected to assemble in Allahabad.  

February 5, 2013:
Martin Palmer's US talk on video
A 55-minute presentation by Martin Palmer about the development of ARC's work to engage religions with conservation has been made into a Youtube video.   

February 4, 2013:
Faith groups link up with Uganda's Ministry of Agriculture
An exciting new partnership is being explored between the faith representatives and Uganda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) that could be a model for other nations in Africa.  

January 29, 2013:
Special handbook aims to help Rio cope with three million pilgrims
The Green Pilgrimage Network has produced a special handbook based on Catholic theology for pilgrims wanting to counter any negative environmental impact from this year's World Youth Day events in Rio de Janeiro.  

January 21, 2013:
Officials on board to make world's biggest human gathering greener
City and state officials responsible for the biggest human gathering in the world took an important step today in making the 12-yearly Kumbh Mela greener.   

January 14, 2013:
The first green camp opens at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad
The Parmarth Niketan camp, at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers is taking real efforts to be as green as possible. The vision is that in 2025 every camp at the Kumbh will make efforts to be green.  

December 27, 2012:
Green Pilgrimage Network meeting in Rishikesh
Last month the Bhumi Project and ARC hosted a unique meeting of pilgrim towns, cities and sites in India as part of the Green Pilgrimage Network's India chapter.  

December 25, 2012:
How we forgot about Nature at Christmas
One of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas prayers comes from the Orthodox Church. It gives thanks that the birth of Christ could only have happened through all of nature working together. But this is a message that many seem to have forgotten today.  

December 12, 2012:
Charcoal briquettes and water harvesting in Uganda
One of ARC's partners in Africa has released an inspiring new video showing the conservation work of Gomba Women's Environment Project in Uganda.   

November 20, 2012 :
New handbook on sustainable water and sanitation
ARC partners Aqua for All and EMF have produced a fact-packed handbook about water use and conservation, hygiene and sanitation.  

November 19, 2012:
ARC November newsletter to African faith partners
In ARC's first newsletter to our African faith partners following the successful launch of their long-term commitments for a living planet in Nairobi in September, we learn how to make a solar funnel cooker and share news of workshops held and videos made.  

October 31, 2012:
ARC works with Hindu leaders on Green Pilgrimage Network in India
Following an exploratory meeting in Hyderabad in October ARC has been invited to a second gathering of representatives from various Hindu pilgrim sites across India with a view to making them more environmentally friendly.   

October 25, 2012:
The Sacred Life of Trees - an article by Martin Palmer
Judaism, Christianity and Islam share similar stories about planting trees; Martin Palmer explores the importance of trees to each of these great faiths for the magazine Faith Initiative: Embracing Diversity.  

October 22, 2012:
ARC holds a Farming God's Way workshop in Kenya
ARC has held a second successful workshop on a faith-based form of sustainable agriculture, called Farming God's Way, for Christian faith leaders in Kenya.  

October 15, 2012:
PRESS RELEASE: India Chapter of the Green Pilgrimage Network launched
Eleven holy towns and cities in India came together yesterday to launch the India chapter of the international Green Pilgrimage Network (GPN). The meeting, which took place on the seventh day of the United Nations COP 11 of the Convention on Biological Diversity, was hosted by ARC and ICLEI.   

October 9, 2012:
Green Pilgrimage Network to meet in Trondheim in 2013
Following on from the inaugural celebrations in Assissi, Italy in 2011 dates have now been announced for the second official international meeting of the Green Pilgrimage Network (GPN) which will take place in the holy city of Trondheim, Norway in July 2013.  

October 5, 2012:
ARC has created a couple of videos of the Nairobi celebration
ARC has created a short video of our Many Heavens, One Earth, Our Continent celebration in Nairobi, Kenya, last month, where 27 faith groups launched long-term plans on the environment.  

September 26 2012:
African religious leaders join forces to help stop illegal wildlife trade
An historic partnership between the WWF, ARC and 50 faith leaders from sub-Saharan Africa has been launched to combat the illegal trade in wildlife which is devastating target species.  

September 18, 2012:
UNEP says working with faiths is "top of our priorities" in Africa
UNEP Regional Representative, Mounkaila Goumandakoye told an ARC gathering of senior African faith leaders that working with religions will go to the top of the UNEP agenda in Africa.  

September 18, 2012:
US faith groups rally to the aid of pollinating creatures
A conservation group from the US is helping Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Jewish faith groups work to support threatened pollinator species.  

September 5, 2012:
PRESS RELEASE: Major ARC celebration planned for Nairobi this month to launch 26 African faith commitments in Nairobi, September 18-20
ARC will hold a major celebration in Nairobi, Kenya, later this month to launch 26 eco commitments by Christian, Muslim and Hindu traditions. It is, we believe, the biggest civil society movement on climate change the Continent has seen.   

August 15, 2012:
Creating a sacred space in a deprived urban estate
What happened when an expert in Chinese sacred landscapes met a traditional English Christian congregation? The challenge was to create a contemporary sense of the sacred in the heart of a deprived housing estate on the edge of a major city.   

July 25, 2012:
ARC works with Akvo to learn simple video skills for faith groups
Dutch-based NGO Akvo held a training session at ARC's UK offices to pass on simple video-making skills useful for all small project teams.  

July 24, 2012:
Sacred Land featured in Daily Telegraph
Geoffrey Lean, columnist for the Daily Telegraph, explores the concept of Sacred Land with reference to historic Bristol and exciting new developments.  

July 24, 2012:
Inspiring new book by Green Patriarch: On Earth as in Heaven
On Earth as in Heaven by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is an example of how religious belief can be "one of the most radical forces for transforming both how we see nature and the world and how we should revise entirely our understanding of our place within it."  

July 17, 2012:
The 'Tree Bishop' of Tanzania is interviewed for PBS TV
One of ARC's partners, Bishop Fredrick Shoo - dubbed Tanzania's "Tree Bishop" - has been interviewed for the American broadcaster PBS about his crusade to plant trees to save the glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro.  

July 17, 2012:
Islamic Water Conservation Manual aims to save lives in Bangladesh
A new handbook, published in English and Bengali, aims to help the people of Bangladesh make better use of clean water and prevent unnecessary il-health and even death from waterborne diseases.  

June 21, 2012:
The Cave of Faith: BBC Radio 4, June 28 Presented by Martin Palmer
This is the fourth of a series of five programmes exploring aspects of caves. Presented by Martin Palmer and featuring a beautiful poem written by Jay Ramsey during our Assisi event, about the hermitage cell of St Frances  

What the media have said about ARC
Features about ARC and its work.   

June 14, 2012:
PRESS RELEASE: Indonesian Green Guide to Hajj launched
The Green Guide to Hajj has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia and was launched in Jakarta today. 200,000 people - on a strict quota - travel each year to Mecca from Indonesia on pilgrimage.  

June 12, 2012:
Quakers grow a low-carbon sustainable community
One Quaker Meeting is developing a rooftop herb garden. Another is redesigning its garden using permaculture methods to introduce fruit and nut trees and edible plants. A third runs a food co-operative, providing healthy food as well as cooking workshops to the community.  

June 12, 2012:
Times of India reports on Green Amritsar
An article in the Times of India heralds the arrival in the Punjab of EcoSikh president Dr Rajwant Singh on a four-week visit to promote the launch of Green Amritsar  

May 30, 2012:
Head of Coexist Foundation discusses religion and environment on video
UBrainTV has broadcast a thoughtful interview with James Kidner of Coexist Foundation on the role of religion in today's world. He says taking part in ARC's Windsor Celebration was one of Coexist's 'proudest moments'.  

May 23, 2012:
Chinese green pilgrimage city transformed by huge investment
The Chinese city of Louguan, where Lao Zi is said to have written the Dao De Jing in a single night, has been declared an ecological conservation area after a $1.5 billion investment  

May 17, 2012:
ARC holds a sustainable agriculture workshop in Kenya
Kenya has lost 50% of its forest cover in the last 30 years. That was the alarming statistic heard by faith leaders yesterday at a workshop in sustainable agriculture and creation stewardship organised by ARC in Kijabe, Kenya, this week.   

May 14, 2012:
New logo for Green Pilgrimage Network
The Green Pilgrimage Network, which was launched at ARC's Celebration in Assisi in November, has a new logo, designed by the team from US-based GreenMaps.   

Last updated May 5, 2012:
Great reviews for Martin Palmer's Sacred Land book
BBC Radio 2 presenter Aled Jones called it "a cracker"; there have been reviews and articles in the The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, The Ecologist, and numerous radio interviews for Martin Palmer's latest book, Sacred Land, published this spring.  

April 25, 2012:
Making Buddhist teachings on protecting nature more relevant
"Sometimes we in the faiths strive too hard to make our teachings and traditions relevant to the modern world. In the case of Buddhism I don't think this is necessary. The core teachings of Buddhism about illusion, reality and the nature of compassion are eternal. They are truths we need to hear today as much as in the time of the historical Buddha" - Martin Palmer at the 3rd World Buddhist Forum, Hong Kong  

April 23 2012:
New teaching resources for GCSE Religious Studies
ARC has developed teachers' resources, lesson plans, students' notes and worksheets for two GCSE Religious Studies lessons focused on religion, conservation and the significance of the 1986 Assisi Declarations.   

April 17, 2012:
Religions and Conservation – resources for teachers and students
A wide-ranging collection of downloadable documents full of information about religions and conservation suitable for teachers and students.  

April 16, 2012:
International gathering of Anglicans commits to eco-justice
Following a meeting of the Anglican Communion's Environment Network (ACEN) held in August, 2011, in Lima, Peru a report has been published committing Anglicans everywhere to take action in support of environmental justice.   

April 12, 2012:
Competition for African faith schools and youth groups
ARC has launched a competition celebrating God's creation and caring for Mother Earth for children in faith schools and youth groups run by our faith partners in sub-Saharan Africa.  

April 3, 2012:
Record numbers celebrated Sikh Environment Day this year
On March 14th, Sikhs celebrated the second Sikh Environment Day (Sikh Vatavaran Diwas) with the incredible number of more than 1,000 institutions participating, more than double the participation recorded in the first Sikh Environment Day in 2011.   

March 29, 2012:
Saturday is Earth Hour!
Earth Hour 2012 will take place on Saturday 31 March at 8.30PM (local time). ARC will once again be joining. But this year we are putting an extra emphasis on sustainable food that is kind to the earth.  

March 28, 2012:
Jerusalem welcomes swifts to the Western Wall
The welcoming of swifts back to the Western Wall has become a ceremony that is held in Jerusalem every springtime. Jerusalem is one of the members of the Green Pilgrimage Network, and this is part of the movement to protect all nature, through thoughtful stewardship, gentle policies, and vigorous campaigning for improvements for all creation.  

March 17, 2012:
French shrine towns report a 'strong rise' in spiritual tourism.
A spokesperson for the French Association of Shrine Towns has said that there is 'definitely a solid trend towards spiritual tourism' with increasing numbers of visitors coming to French shrines from countries further afield.  

March 25, 2012:
BBC World Service features ARC's Uganda partner
The conservation work of ARC Partner Hajjat Sebyala Aphwa and her Gomba Women's Greening Project in Central Uganda was hailed as 'brilliant' in a BBC World Service 'Heart and Soul' radio programme broadcast worldwide on March 25, 2012.  

March 22, 2012:
Water Is Life: World Water Day 2012
As World Water Day reminds us all of the water security issues facing many developing countries a workshop in Africa gives inspirational examples of how faith schools are tackling the challenge.  

March 19, 2012 :
ARC condolences on the passing of Pope Shenouda III
ARC staff were saddened to hear of the passing, on March 17, 2012, of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, whose vision and commitment led the Coptic Orthodox Church to become a key force for the good of all creation.  

18 March, 2012:
Hundreds of thousands celebrate Sikh Environment Day 2012
The second Sikh Environment Day, coordinated by our sister organisation EcoSikh has been an astonishing success. More than 1000 Sikh gurdwaras, schools, businesses and community groups celebrated - in practical and creative ways.  

March 12, 2012:
Happy Sikh Environment Week
Hundreds of Sikh gurdwaras, schools and organisations have signed up to celebrate Sikh Environment Week - around the March 14 birthday of the Seventh Guru, who cultivated gardens and could not hurt animals.  

9 March, 2012:
ARC office wins Fairtrade thumbs up
ARC's UK office has been given a Gold Award for using and promoting Fairtrade products.  

March 6, 2012:
Nairobi ARC workshop on religion and environmental teaching
More than 50 teachers and faith leaders from Christian and Muslim groups in sub-Saharan Africa are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, in March 2012, to discuss how to integrate religious values into education on sustainable development in faith schools.   

February 21, 2012:
Christians take eco pledges for Lent
Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has given up meat for Lent, Washington Interfaith Power and Light have created a programme of 45 eco actions, one for each day of the Christian fasting period. Here are some ideas.  

February 20, 2012:
Green Maps founder Wendy Brawer speaks to ARC
The inspirational founder of Green Maps explains the impact of these resources and outlines some exciting possibilities for initiatives like the Green Pilgrimage Network  

February 17, 2012:
ARC and Tree Aid hold an agroforestry workshop in Ghana
ARC is collaborating with British NGO Tree Aid to provide training in agroforestry and tree nursery management to faith groups in Ghana. The workshop is aimed at helping them fulfil their aim of planting millions of trees in the next seven years.   

February 6, 2012:
PRESS RELEASE: Sacred Land book reveals Britain's secret history
ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer launches his latest book, Sacred Land in Bristol on March 1. The book shows how to decode the sacred map used since medieval days to shape every city in Europe built before the 18th century.   

February 6, 2012:
Sustainable activities for Jewish Tu B'shvat Festival of Trees
Jewish environmental organisations are offering useful tips and resources to make the annual Tu B'Shvat festival a celebration of sustainability.  

January 31, 2012:
ARC discusses pilgrimage on the BBC's Beyond Belief programme
Pilgrimage - faith and secular - was the subject of a BBC Radio programme broadcast this week and available listen to on the BBC website. ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer was one of three guests invited to discuss why millions of people go on pilgrimage every year.  

Catholic Schools Eco News: 21
This first newsletter of 2012 includes: Assisi on the GCSE Syllabus; Solar panels and petitions; A charming Islamic cartoon about saving water; Lent ideas.  

January 23, 2012:
Environmentalists recognised in prestigious list of the world's 500 most influential Muslims
Muslim environmentalists - including the 'Green Grand Mufti of Egypt' Sheikh Dr Ali Goma'a, who attended ARC's Windsor Celebration - are included in a list of the 500 most prominent Muslims of the past year.  

January 20, 2012:
People of faith urged to avoid 'cruelty' eggs
A leading animal welfare campaigner has called on people of faith to exercise caution when buying eggs from shops and supermarkets.  

January 12, 2012:
Sins against nature are sins against God: Kerala Catholic bishops
The Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council says Catholics should include sins against the environment when they visit the confessional. The directive came in a recent meeting during which the council finalised its ecological mission statement.  

January 10, 2012:
ARC blogs for Club of Rome about how belief is vital for saving the world
As the Club of Rome - a global thinktank made up of independent leading personalities from politics, business and science - marks its 40th birthday, it invites ARC's Martin Palmer to offer it a challenge for the future.  

January 3, 2012:
BBC features St Albans and green pilgrimage this Christmas
When BBC Radio 4 wanted something really special for the Christmas Day edition of its flagship Sunday programme, it decided to focus on what it means to be a pilgrim and, in particular, what it means to be a green pilgrim. And where better to turn than the cathedral city of St Albans, a founder member of the Green Pilgrimage Network?  

January 3, 2012:
Prince Charles plants a mango tree in Tanzania
A tree-planting project run by one of ARC's partners, the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, received a helping hand from Prince Charles during his recent royal visit to East Africa; His Royal Highness planted a mango tree.  

December 21, 2011:
Real or fake: which Christmas tree is more eco-friendly?
As millions of people around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas Day on Sunday, many find themselves pondering a question which arises at this time of year: which is more environmentally friendly - a real or fake Christmas tree?  

December 16, 2011:
Faith leaders spearhead climate change challenge
Faith leaders joined forces this month to urge decision-makers to act in the interest of humanity to reach an agreement on global climate change. African faith leaders played a major role in lobbying at the United Nations' conference in Durban, South Africa.  

December 13, 2011:
Touching hearts and minds: faith environmental action
Faith groups have a vital role to play in efforts to protect the environment, ARC Secretary-General Martin Palmer told a prestigious US gathering of conservationists and scientists.   

December 10, 2011:
South African newspaper hails success of Eco-Coffin project
Johannesburg-based newspaper The Citizen has praised the achievements of the EcoCoffin Project in KwaZulu-Natal, supported by ARC since it started in 2005.  

December 9, 2011:
Bhutan Compassion & Conservation conference: report
The first Compassion and Conservation conference in Bhutan could not have gone better. Sixty-three high lamas, monks and nuns from throughout the country gathered in Thimphu, by invitation from Dratshang Lhentshog, the Commission for Monastic Affairs in Bhutan. The report is now available online.  

December 6, 2011:
Japanese TV Company airs Assisi footage
Throughout ARC's Sacred Land event in Assisi last month our media partners UBrain TV recorded the celebration and conference as well as interviews with key contributors.   

November 30, 2011:
Faiths telling stories about how we should treat strangers
There are increasing number of ecological migrants in the world. ARC has begun to explore the issues of how we treat strangers, by looking at story-telling within the faiths. And last week, in London, six storytellers told powerful stories from Buddhist, Christian, Daoist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Zoroastrian traditions, drawing both on formal scriptures and informal mythologies and folk tales.  

November 18, 2011:
Church of England launches petition on solar panels
The Church of England is calling on the British Government to slow down its plans to halve the income which organisations can earn from solar panels in order to give churches and other community groups more time to complete installation.   

November 15, 2011:
ARC featured on China's CCTV and BBC's Radio 4
A major interview on Daoism and its relevance to China today with ARC's Martin Palmer was broadcast to tens of millions last night on China's state television network. It was broadcast in English and Chinese, with subtitles, and can be watched here. Meanwhile today's broadcast of Saving Species on BBC Radio 4 featured ARC's Assisi event, launching Green Pilgrimage.  

November 2, 2011:
Green Guide to the Hajj launched at Assisi, Italy
The first guide to an environmentally sustainable Hajj has been launched to encourage Muslim pilgrims - now arriving in Mecca (Makkah) in Saudi Arabia for this year's pilgrimage - to reduce their impact on the Earth.  

November 1, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network launches
A ban on cars on pilgrimage routes; solar panels for cathedral roofs; provision of fresh clean, water for pilgrims, and the planting of thousands of trees around sacred sites - these are just some of the initiatives which the founder members of the Green Pilgrimage Network today pledged to implement.  

October 30, 2011:
Princess Michael of Kent to be guest of honour at Assisi
Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent has kindly agreed to be our guest of honour at the Sacred Land launch and celebration in Assisi, Italy. Unfortunately, due to illness, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh will not be able to attend as planned.   

October 28, 2011:
Quakers' eco stories
British Quakers are tackling the challenge to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles with gusto. Individuals and Local Meetings are responding to the Living Witness Project with imagination, commitment and a sense of fun.  

October 28, 2011:
100 million people go on pilgrimage every year
That is the astonishing figure calculated by ARC ahead of the launch ]of the world's first network aimed at greening pilgrimage.   

October 28, 2011:
Friends put their House in order
Floor-coverings made from recycled bottletops, solar panels and recycled furniture are part of a low-carbon refurbishment of the Quakers' Friends House in London.  

October 20, 2011 :
PRESS RELEASE: Chinese government consults the Daoists on social problems for the first time in 900 years
A major meeting next week at the Hengshan sacred mountain in Hunan marks the first time in nearly 900 years that the Chinese government has asked the Daoists for advice in how to manage the country.  

October 6, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Green Pilgrimage Network to launch in Assisi
The first global network aimed at greening pilgrimage - the largest movement of people worldwide - will be launched in the presence of Prince Philip at the Sacred Land celebration in Assisi, Italy, later this month.   

October 4, 2011:
Celebrate St Francis's Day by pledging to care for Creation
Many Christians around the world are today celebrating the Feast of St Francis - known as the patron saint of ecology - with a recommitment to the tradition of human stewardship of God's Creation.   

October 4, 2011:
ARC to contribute to International Taoism Forum in China
ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer will speak about Daoism and the Environment at a major Daoist gathering in October, 2011. The event will take place in Heng Shan, Hunan province - and for the first time is a Daoist event sponsored by the Government.  

October 4, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: US Hindu Temples Endorse Green Pilgrimage Network
The Green Pilgrimage Network initiative was endorsed last week by some 280 primarily US-based Hindu delegates, representing more than 100 temples and Hindu organizations from across the world at the sixth annual Hindu Mandir (Temple) Executives' Conference (HMEC) in Columbus Ohio.   

September 9, 2011:
ARC welcomes the appointment of Prince Charles as WWF-UK's new President
ARC welcomes the appointment of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as WWF-UK's new President, announced yesterday, and in particular notes his comments about the importance of a spiritual connection to the natural world.  

September 7, 2011:
ARC conference with monks in Bhutan makes front page news today
Proposals by Bhutan's monastic leaders to promote green cremation, put forward during a conference in Thimphu organised by the local sangha with help from ARC and The Tributary Fund, made the lead story in Kuensel today.  

August 26, 2011:
New publication looks at how faith can shape our future
ARC has contributed to a new publication looking at faith and the environment. Moving Mountains: How can faith shape our future?, is a Green Futures special edition published by Forum for the Future, which was founded by UK environmental campaigner Jonathon Porritt.   

August 16, 2011:
Low carbon future for Quakers in Britain
Quakers in Britain have committed their whole movement to becoming a low-carbon, sustainable community. It means every Quaker in Britain will be urged and supported to reduce their carbon footprint.  

August 15, 2011:
ARC discusses globalisation and faith on the BBC today
ARC Secretary-General Martin Palmer discusses how globalisation affects religion in Beyond Belief on BBC Radio 4, to be broadcast at 4.30pm this afternoon, August 15.  

August 1, 2011:
ARC and Oxford University to map sacred forests
Oxford scientists are aiming to produce a global map of the land owned or revered by religions. Many of these religious forests and sacred sites contain some of the richest biodiversity in the world, including some of the highest numbers of threatened species.  

August 1, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Green Hindu temple initiative launched at White House
The Hindu Bhumi Project Green Temple campaign was launched this weekend at the White House, Washington DC. It is part of the Hindu Nine Year Plan, launched with ARC in 2009  

July 8, 2011:
Prominent South African politician buried in an eco-coffin
Popular human rights activist, former minister, founder of anti-aparteheid organisations, the high profile Professor Kader Asmal chose to be buried in an eco-coffin, built under the auspices of a project ARC helped start in 2005.  

June 27, 2011:
Interview with Sir Miles Hunt-Davis
Sir Miles Hunt-Davis became ARC's international president in 2011. ARC's communications director, Victoria Finlay talked to him about his work as British Commander in Nepal and Prince Philip's private secretary for nearly 20 years, and about the importance of engaging religions in conservation issues.  

June 22, 2011:
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana to form eco-clubs
One of ARC's partners in Africa, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has announced plans to form eco-clubs in all of its schools throughout the country.  

June 20, 2011:
BBC film about Prince Philip and ARC now on Youtube
A major BBC film to celebrate Prince Philip's 90th birthday featured ARC's work, and includes interviews with ARC's director Martin Palmer. It also includes some rare footage of ARC's 1986 Assisi event. Links to the full programme on Youtube can be found by linking from this page.  

June 10, 2011:
BBC radio discusses the Vatican's climate change report
The BBC's One Planet programme has gone behind the scenes at the Vatican to talk to Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Academy of Sciences, about the Vatican's recent report calling for humankind to take "decisive action" on climate change.   

June 2, 2011:
BBC to feature Prince Philip's work with the faiths and ARC
The little-known story of HRH The Prince Philip's work with the world's major faiths - including his role in founding ARC - will be revealed in a documentary to be broadcast on BBC1 on Thursday June 9.  

May 24, 2011:
Sikh Environment Day 2011 - how we all did it.
During the week of March 14th 2011, more than 450 Sikh temples (gurdwaras), schools, and organizations around the world participated in Sikh Environment Day. This is a very exciting start to an annual Sikh event that we believe will last and grow for many years.  

May 23, 2011:
ARC Staff construct a Tippy Tap
Tippy Tap is promoted as a simple device that can be built by anyone. To put this theory to the test, members of the ARC staff decided to build their own Tippy Tap during a lunch break.  

May 9, 2011:
Vatican issues sobering report on climate change
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican is one of the oldest scientific institutes in the world. So when it issues a sobering report on the "serious and potentially irreversible impacts" of climate change, it's worth taking notice.   

May 5, 2011:
Ghana churches start planting two million trees
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana has sent ARC the first photos of an ambitious programme to plant two million trees around the country and train communities and fire fighters to nurture and protect them.  

April 27, 2011:
Church of South India urges eco-action plan for Easter
In a pastoral letter issued on the eve of Easter, Bishop Thomas K Oommen, the new head of ecological concerns for the Church of South India, has urged all members to "join the forces of life and collaborate with God in redeeming his creation through meaningful initiatives."  

April 26, 2011:
ARC's director to speak at philosophy and music festival
ARC's director Martin Palmer will be taking part in a debate on June 4 as part of the HowTheLightGetsIn festival in Hay-on-Wye. The debate aims to discuss what motivates our newfound environmental consciousness.  

April 18, 2011:
Eco-rickshaws for Sikh Holy City
The district administration of Amritsar in India has introduced the first batch of eco-rickshaws. Amritsar is a key destination for many thousands of Sikh pilgrims, and last September was nominated as one of the first members of the Green Pilgrim Network, initiated by ARC.  

April 9, 2011:
ARC holds Faith in Food workshop in London - the biggest yet
An organic farmer for 30 years, Patrick Holden has always had a profound sympathy for the spiritual roots of the organic movement. But it was an 'extraordinary experience' at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu temple in Hertfordshire two years ago that proved revelatory, he told the Faith in Food workshop organised by ARC in London.  

April 2, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: 20 long-term eco plans to be created by Christians and Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa
At a two-day workshop organised by ARC in Nairobi this week, 20 Christian and Muslim faith groups, which account for millions of followers in sub-Saharan Africa, committed to developing long-term action plans on the environment.  

March 30, 2011:
Inspiring stories of faith eco action from Africa
In Nigeria, children attending schools run by the Qadiriyyah Sufi Movement receive half their marks upon graduation from how well they have looked after tree seedlings. In Tanzania, young people must first plant 10 trees before they can be confirmed.   

March 28, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Faith leaders gather in Nairobi to develop eco action plans helping millions in Africa
Faith leaders representing millions of Christian and Muslim followers in sub-Saharan Africa are meeting in Nairobi this week for a two-day conference on developing faith-based environmental action plans.  

March 22, 2010:
Mongolian Buddhists launch Eight-Year Plan
The latest long term environment plan created by religious leaders comes from Mongolia and was launched by Mongolian Buddhist monks and nuns earlier this month.   

March 23, 2011:
Scottish Catholic leaders publish climate change study guide
During the Christian fast period of Lent this year, the Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh has produced a study guide on the Catholic commitment to care for Creation, and explicitly addresses the issue of climate change.   

March 14, 2011:
Senior UN official congratulates Sikhs on Environment Day
United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Olav Kjorven has congratulated Sikhs on Sikh Environment Day, which is being celebrated today by Sikhs throughout the world, saying he "deeply admired" the work they were doing.  

March 14, 2011:
ARC begins major new programme in sub-Saharan Africa
ARC is embarking upon a major new programme in sub-Saharan Africa, working alongside key Muslim and Christian leaders who have committed to develop long-term environmental action plans to protect the living planet.  

March 12, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Sikh masses to celebrate 2nd Sikh Environment Day March 14
The Sikh community worldwide is mobilising to celebrate Sikh Environment Day on March 14. This day was proposed by EcoSikh last year with the support of ARC and is getting a high level of media and web coverage.  

March 7, 2011:
Catholics urged to give up meat on Fridays during Lent
As Christians worldwide prepare for the start of Lent on Wednesday, Catholics in England and Wales are being urged to give up meat on Fridays as part of their Lenten abstinence.  

March 3, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Three Gujarat Holy Cities nominated to Green Pilgrim Cities network
Dwarka, Somnath and Ambaji have been nominated to the new global network of Green Pilgrim Cities set up by ARC and others. The three cities are sacred for Hindus.  

February 24, 2011:
Daoist Eco Handbook for Temples
An inspiring handbook for Daoist temples about how - and why - to go green has now been translated into English. Download it here. It makes for inspiring reading. It includes case studies, quotes, prayers for morning, afternoon and evening, and simple advice on how to take care of nature.  

February 8, 2011:
Latest Catholic Schools Eco-Newsletter
In this edition of the newsletter: ARC's free resource DVD pack for RE teachers; St. Augustine's School, Solihull:eco-twinning with Tanzania; Ickleveggie eco blog; Chris Packham visits English Catholic Primary School, Worthing, and inspiring "Every child of God matters everywhere" report.  

February 8, 2011:
Highest Sikh authority on board for Sikh Environment Day
The religious head of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib has given a special message to all Sikhs all over the world to plant a tree on March 14, 2011, to mark Sikh Environment Day. This unprecedented announcement is thanks to EcoSikh's initiative, helped by ARC,  

February 4, 2011:
Two faith centres shortlisted for UK sustainability awards
Two of ARC's key UK partners - the Methodist International Centre and Friends House - have been recognised in this year's prestigious Sustainability Awards, run by the City of London. Both were shortlisted - meaning they are among the top five organisations in the UK in their category.  

January 19 2011:
Key ARC partner featured in major US faith publication
Baltimore's New Psalmist Baptist Church, a key ARC partner, has featured in Faith & Leadership, a major US faith publication by the prestigious Duke Divinity school. The New Psalmist Baptist Church of Baltimore celebrated the opening of its gleaming new $25 million campus with prayer, song and dance.  

January 6, 2011:
Onion scandal in Mumbai highlights need for more sustainable farming
On the day ARC held its first Faith in Food consultation with religious representatives in Delhi, the TV news bulletins were full of reports of the Mumbai onion scandal.   

January 1, 2011:
New Year's Message from ARC
"If we move into the New Year burdened with the problems of the past then we don't start with a sense of optimism." Link here for a New Year Message from ARC, broadcast by UBrain TV explaining why our director bangs dustbin lids every year around the turn of the year.  

December 31 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: Faith in Food next stop: New Delhi
Vandana Shiva is one of the participants in our Faith in Food seminar in New Delhi on Monday  

December 20, 2010:
The Othona Bradwell Community builds a new eco house
This year Othona Bradwell opened a new eco-complex with timber frame and rammed-mud wall, for housing visitors and volunteers. This is the story of how they built it.  

December 14, 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: Nigerian Christian and Muslim leaders inspired to work together on the environment following London visit
ARC press release: A unique visit to the UK last week of four of the most influential faith leaders in Nigeria, led to a determination to work together on the environment.  

December 8, 2010:
The Vatican's solar panels are the subject of a new book
Two years after the Vatican installed its solar energy panels, the Holy See has released a book entitled The Energy of the Sun in the Vatican.   

December 8, 2010:
Faith leaders discuss climate change on BBC World Service
Four senior Nigerian faith leaders visiting the UK at the invitation of ARC and the British Council have this afternoon taken part in a BBC World Service debate on the role of faith leaders in fighting climate change.  

December 3, 2010:
Nigerian religious leaders unite in London to address environmental crisis
Four senior Christian and Muslim leaders from Nigeria will come to the UK next week for a high profile meeting with senior British Bishops, other faith leaders and politicians to discuss the key faith role in the environment in Africa.  

November 24, 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: EcoSikh movement announces first staff
Two Young Sikh professionals join the EcoSikh movement to lead environmental initiatives in Punjab and North America  

November 23, 2010:
Faith leaders in Kenya are trusted more than the Government
Kenyan farmers trust the Church more than the government. That is not the verdict of a church leader but of the Kenyan Agriculture Secretary himself, Dr Wilson Songa, speaking at the opening day of a conference on food in Nairobi yesterday.  

November 15, 2010:
Deadline for Community Conservation Funding
Grassroots Grants and Big Lottery funding deadlines next week; launch of information pack on churchyard and burial ground conservation.  

November 10, 2020:
Sacred Soil: the foundation of life
We rarely think about the soil beneath our feet; we certainly don’t consider that one inch of "dirt" contains billions of living organisms or that healthy soil is literally the foundation of life. That sacred connection between soil, life, faith and our relationship with all creation was the theme of this year’s 15th annual Festival of Faiths at Louisville, Kentucky.   

November 6, 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: One Year On From Windsor: an important new report
A year ago this week, ARC and UNDP joined together to create an extraordinary event. Many Heavens, One Earth at Windsor Castle, UK, launched 31 long-term commitments to environmental action by nine major faiths worldwide. The interest was incredible, and this is a report of the hundreds of wonderful things that have come so far from Windsor and the long term faith plans to protect the living planet.  

November 5, 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: First Faith in Food workshop inspires and challenges
Could faith groups join together to create a trading network to source sustainably produced food? That was one of the ideas discussed at an inspiring and challenging Faith in Food workshop, organised by ARC and co-hosted in New York with the Jewish environmental group Hazon.   

November 5, 2010:
Honouring our values in the food we eat
ARC today launches a major new initiative to inspire faith communities to honour their values in the food they eat. Launched at the Sacred Soil Festival of Faiths in Louisville, Kentucky, the aim is to create a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food and farming system - and transform the world one meal at a time.  

November 4, 2010:
First faith in food workshops in US this week
One year on from Windsor, the first Faith in Food workshops are being held in New York and Louisville this week. Press release coming soon.  

October 19, 2010:
Religion and biodiversity in Ethiopia's sacred forests
Ethiopia's sacred forests, where land protected by churches and their communities are a vital conservation refuge for many species of plants and wildlife, have been highlighted on a BBC radio programme looking at faiths and biodiversity.  

October 15, 2010:
Pope sends message for World Food Day
In a message to mark World Food Day tomorrow, the Pope has urged everyone to give priority to “one of the most urgent goals for the human family: freedom from hunger”. This year’s World Food Day has the theme: ‘United Against Hunger’.   

October 13, 2010 - update:
PRESS RELEASE: ARC launches DVD and Teacher's Pack on religion and ecology
What do the major religions teach us about the environment? A DVD exploring how humans fit into the rest of nature and looking at our relationship with the divine from the perspective of six world religions has been created by ARC.   

October 11, 2010:
Catholics’ Pledge to St Francis
This month saw Catholics reevaluate their relationship with the ecosystem as they celebrated The Feast of St Francis. Pledging to learn, pray, assess, act and advocate environmental issues, Catholics around the world are campaigning for sustainability.   

September 29, 2010:
PRESS RELEASE: All Sikhs urged to celebrate 14th March as Sikh Environment Day
This date marks both the Sikh New Year, according to the Nanakshahi Sikh Calendar, and also the Gurgaddi Diwas of the seventh Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai ji, who in the mid 17th century was preaching that Sikhs must defend all that is vulnerable – including plants and animals.  

September 21, 2010:
China's Minister for Religious Affairs praises ARC's work
China's Minister for Religious Affairs has given powerful support to the further development of ARC-supported religious and conservation projects in China. The meeting was reported on the Ministry's website - the first time ARC has appeared on an official Chinese government website.   

September 20, 2010:
Ecological plan to protect the 'dragon's vein of China'
An ecological forum in Huashan, Shaanxi Province, has issued a stirring declaration of China's determination to protect 'the natural and the spiritual ecology’ of one of its most ancient and revered sites – the Qinling Mountain range.  

September 17, 2010:
Monks' Community Forest in Cambodia wins prestigious Equator Prize
A group of Buddhist monks in northwest Cambodia has won the UNDP-sponsored Equator Prize celebrating outstanding community efforts to conserve biodiversity and reduce poverty. This is one of the most prestigious prizes in the international environment world. Only 25 are awarded every two years.  

August 16, 2010:
Church bells ring to highlight toll of biodiversity
Church bells across the world will ring in tune with the UN on September 22 next month to mark crucial international talks on biodiversity. And meanwhile other faith groups are taking up the challenge to reduce their energy consumption by 10 percent by 10-10-2010.  

July 29, 2010:
Water Schools - some important new material
In July 2009 ARC organized what a very significant meeting on faith schools and water. On top of its outcomes, the conference was full of so many inspiring stories and statistics that we have decided to issue a document in order to share them.  

July 28, 2010:
New report: Faith institutions find responsible investment difficult
Despite the fact that faith institutions are widely considered to be the pioneers of responsible investment and make up the third largest demographic of investors globally, it appears that the stock market presents difficulties when it comes to aligning the needs of the faith with a responsible investment strategy.  

July 28, 2010:
River Jordan closed to pilgrims because of pollution
Pollution has forced the closure of the river Jordan to pilgrims. It's a wake-up call for all of us who value nature and the sacred. By ARC's Martin Palmer for The Guardian.  

July 27 2010:
Sacred Bristol: a journey into the Christian feng shui of Bristol
PRESS RELEASE. Martin Palmer, director of ARC and Canon Tim Higgins, City Canon Bristol Cathedral and priest-in-charge at St Stephen’s, will be leading a two-hour Sacred Bristol tour of invited guests this Friday starting from St Stephen’s Church.   

July 6 2009:
Can you summarise Sustainable Education in 90 seconds?
Can you share your vision of sustainable education in 90 seconds? UNESCO's new video competition gives faith inspiration as an example.  

June 29, 2010:
Latest ARC Newsletter - June 2010
The latest newsletter: the Mongolians create an eight year plan; ARC in O Magazine; news from the Himalayas; a Daoist story about uselessnes.  

Last updated: 28 June 2010:
Christian Ecological Retreat Centres announce eco-initiatives
Examples of Christian Retreat Centres in the UK that are taking the green agenda seriously  

June 18 2010:
O Magazine this month features the work by ARC and the faiths
OPRAH WINFREY’S Award-winning O Magazine this month featured ARC’s Windsor Event and the work of the faiths to protect the environment  

June 10, 2009:
Prince of Wales mentions Zanzibar programme in major Oxford speech
The Prince of Wales yesterday made a thoughtful speech about Islam and the Environment, in which he mentioned the Islam and destructive fishing project ARC was involved with in Zanzibar some years ago.  

November 11, 2010:
Living Churchyards updated with links
What if your churchyard were maintained to be both beautiful for human visitors, and a home for wildlife and wildflowers?  

May 26, 2010:
Two exciting job opportunities to help create EcoSikh
The Sikh Council on Religion and Education announces two exciting vacancies for enthusiastic individuals who have both an affinity with Sikhism, and a passion for the environment. Deadline June 6.  

May 20, 2010:
Mongolian Buddhists announce first draft of Eight Year Eco Action Plan
The Plan includes promoting traditional construction practices, providing solar energy to monasteries, raising public awareness on forest fires, educating young monks, reducing waste, and looking for the ancient ecological teachings that were lost under communism.   

May 10, 2010:
Compassion and Conservation Workshop at Gandan Monastery in Mongolia this month
Gandan Monastery, the centre of Buddhism in Mongolia, is holding a major workshop on Compassion and Conservation this month, to discuss and encourage the progress of the Mongolian Buddhist Eight Year Plan to protect the Living Planet.   

May 4, 2010:
News from the Muslim Climate Change Meeting in Bogor, Indonesia
Link here for a selection of the press coverage from the International Muslim Conference on Climate Change Issues, held in Bogor, Indonesia.It was a continuation of the agenda of the Muslim Seven Year Action Plan for Climate Change.  

April 27, 2010:
State-funded Faith School “the most ecological in England”
A faith school has been evaluated as the most ecological school in England. Which faith is it?  

April 21, 2010:
People of faith celebrate Earth Day
The biggest ever faith-based live simulcast gathering of Christians on the environment comes together for the eve of Earth Day drawing thousands of churches, mostly from the US but also as far afield as Uruguay, South Africa and the UK.   

April 15, 2010:
Shanghai Buddhists launch their Eight Year Eco-Plan with a celebration and a promise
The ancient and influential Jade Buddha Monastery in Shanghai today launched the Shanghai Buddhist Eight Year Plan to Protect the Living Planet with a meeting of monks and nuns from all the monasteries in this vast city of 24 million people. They discussed and committed to practical and prayerful actions to protect the environment.  

April 16, 2009:
Armenian Orthodox start to replant their sacred forest - with a celebration
Orthodox Christians in Armenia today held a major tree planting celebration on a devastated area of former forest land. Hundreds of elm-saplings were planted in order to recreate the Nersisyan Forest, which surrounds the Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin, and which has been devastated by logging for fuel.  

March 30 2010:
Nuns provide clean water for hundreds after the Chilean earthquake
Several years ago the Sisters of La Retraite in Concepcion, Chile, made an ecologically sound decision to source the water for their vegetable garden from a spring deep below their land. That eco-thinking has paid off as the tiny community shared clean water with 100s of people after the earthquake of February 27.  

March 29, 2010:
Hindu Dance of Creation

There are moments in every faith tradition, where nature speaks. This dance celebrates the moment, in the oldest Hindu text, Rig Veda, when the universe comes into being. It was performed at Windsor Castle in November 2009 by Anusha Subramanyan, as part of a series of performances celebrating the launch of more than 30 plans by nine different religious communities and leaders to protect Creation.  

March 22, 2010:
On World Water Day ARC launches the Faith, Schools & Water initiative
To coincide with the UN's World Water Day, 22 March 2010, ARC is delighted to be launching our dedicated website on Faith, Schools & Water. The website will focus on the faiths protecting water sources, promoting clean water, good sanitation and excellent hygiene practices through faith schools around the world.  

March 25, 2010:
ARC is joining Earth Hour on March 27th
"Earth Hour" this year is 20.30 local time on March 27th. Many faith communities are participating. Some by holding services by candlelight, taking the opportunity both to remember and remind of the importance of valuing the gift of energy.   

March 12, 2010:
Sikhs celebrate March 14th as Sikh Environment Day
Sikhs around the world are being invited to celebrate Gurgaddi Diwas of the 7th Guru, Guru Har Rai ji,as a Sikh Environment Day  

March 11, 2010:
Far-reaching new eco-pledges by African faith leaders
A large number of wonderfully positive pledges by faith leaders to protect nature have emerged this week from the British Council's far-sighted Abuja conference in Abuja about religions and the environment in Africa.  

18 February, 2010:
African leaders pledge eco action
Muslim and Christian religious leaders from all over Africa met this month in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to talk about the environment and how they can adapt to climate change.  

February 16, 2010:
Eco-fasting for Lent
Rather than the usual attempts to give up personal vices such as alcohol or cigarettes, this Lent many groups are promoting eco-fasting, which can benefit both the environment and some of the most disadvantaged people in our world.   

February 12, 2009:
Happy Year of the Tiger
As Chinese, Mongolians, Tibetans and others all celebrate their New Year of the Tiger this weekend, faith leaders from all over Northern Asia are thinking about how they can work with the idea of the Tiger Year to promote the protection of tigers and other endangered species.  

February 11, 2010:
MACCA holds its first conference in Indonesia in April
The First International Muslim Conference on Climate Change will held in the Indonesian city of Bogor, in West Java, in April this year. Around 150 people from 30 Muslim countries will attend, including scientists, ulama (religious leaders) and green activists.   

February 5, 2010:
First steps towards faiths developing closer links with Soil Association
Exciting initial moves to promote greater links between religious communities and organic farmers took place yesterday at the Soil Association’s annual conference, with a workshop focussing on Faith in Food.  

Past videos relating to the work of ARC
Some of the many videos made by ARC partners relating to the principles and practice behind the coming together of religions and conservation.  

4 February, 2010:
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter no. 15, February 2010
In this edition we include: Cardinal Wiseman winning the DCSF Sustainable Schools Award for 2009; St Polycarp’s Potato Competitions and other initiatives; Dolphins and coral: Earthwatch’s Educator Programme; Earth Hour 2010.  

1 Feb, 2010:
Commitments by secular organisations to work with the faiths
At Windsor in November 2009, 18 secular organisations from around the world made commitments to partner with the faiths. This is the first time that so many environmental organisations have publicly committed themselves to take partnering with the faiths seriously.  

January 26, 2010:
BBC asks why so many green campaigners rely on religious language
If the case for tackling climate change is backed by science, why do so many green campaigners rely on the language of religion? That was the question asked by the BBC in a programme that included ARC’s Director, Martin Palmer as well as some of the UK’s leading climate thinkers.   

January 26, 2010:
ARC welcomes the Pope's powerful eco-statements
ARC welcomes Pope Benedict XVI’s recent, very powerful, statements on the need for urgent action to protect the environment and on religion's crucial role in doing so. Both statements reinforce the importance of ARC/UNDP’s work with the major faiths of the world.  

January 22, 2010:
Launch of 'Faith Climate Connect' - A global network
A new global coalition of faith groups concerned about climate change and the environment was launched on 14 January. Faith Climate Connect is a free global resource and network, bringing together an interactive forum of videos, faith/climate news, and much, much more...  

January 14, 2010:
Copenhagen failure down to 'self-centred' thinking - Pope
Pope Benedict has denounced the failure of world leaders to agree on a new climate change treaty at Copenhagen, saying the same "self-centred and materialistic" way of thinking behind the worldwide financial meltdown was also endangering creation.   

January 5, 2010:
The Pope: we must protect creation
The Pope has issued his most direct call to action over the environment. In his his most outspoken ecological statement to date, Benedict XVI said: “We cannot remain indifferent to what is happening around us, for the deterioration of any one part of the planet affects us all.”   

22 December, 2009:
An Orthodox message for the planet
The Orthodox Christian story of the nativity, set in a cave, unlike the Western version which was set in a stable, has much to tell us about the importance of nature. According to the former, God cannot become human without the participation of nature, and this has implications today as our planet faces climate change: whilst it may at times seem like the earth needs a miracle to save it - what essential role can we play in bringing this miracle about? Original Source: Guardian Online  

17 December, 2009:
Catholic School's Eco Newsletter no. 13, December 2009
As the Copenhagen meeting on Climate Change reaches its third day, we’ve been enjoying the daily broadcasts by Odyssey Networks, fronted by UK Catholic broadcaster and environmental activist Mark Dowd....  

December 10, 2009:
The Story of a Box
In November a wooden box containing a block of stone was passed, with great ceremony, from ARC to the UN, having been returned by the Druze in May. In December it was blessed by a revered Sri Lankan Buddhist. Thus continued an extraordinary ecologically-inspired journey.   

December 9, 2009:
Inspiring quotes from scientists and others about religions and climate change
In 2009 award-winning film maker Mary Colwell created an inspiring 10-minute film about the work of ARC and the faiths on protecting the environment. With interviews of faith and environmental leaders, it offers a compelling argument for why religions and scientists could provide a powerful united force in protecting the living planet.   

December 8, 2009:
Faith leaders in Copenhagen
The world's faith leaders are in Copenhagen for the historic United Nations Climate change Conference - and Mark Dowd, of UK-based Operation Noah, is there to record their thoughts for the "Faith at the Summit" programme produced by Odyssey Networks, the US's largest coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith groups dedicated to promoting peace and social justice. Click here for his first report on the spiritual crisis underlying climate change.  

December 7, 2009:
'USA Today' reports on the impact religious groups can have at Copenhagen - and beyond
As Copenhagen begins, Brian Winter reminds readers of USA Today - one of America's leading news providers - that the religions can make a substantial contribution to the effort to curb climate change, and indeed have already begun.  

December 2, 2009:
Copenhagen: ARC Statement of Faith
Governments gather in Copenhagen this month to negotiate a new climate treaty to protect the living planet. On behalf of the world's major faiths, which presented their own long-term action plans on the environment at the Windsor Celebration last month, ARC invites the governments to join the faiths on the journey towards a more sustainable and just future.   

November 30, 2009:
US State Department recognises importance of faiths before Copenhagen
On the day that President Obama announced that he was going to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-15) in Copenhagen, running from December 7-18, ARC was contacted by the US State Department, which is committed to working with the religions on this issue, as one of the most powerful elements of civil society working on protecting the natural environment.  

November 26, 2009:
New commitments from Windsor
As well as the 30 plus long-term plans formally launched at Windsor by nine of the world’s major faiths – Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Sikhism – dozens of further proposals or partnerships were developed during the event.   

November 25, 2009:
Muslim Association for Climate Change Action to launch internationally in Indonesia in January
The Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA) will hold its first General Congress in January in Bogor, Indonesia, which will be announced as the country's first green Islamic city. The meeting will be hosted by Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry.   

November 5, 2009:
Windsor Celebration 2009
The Windsor Celebration of Faiths and the Environment has been "a huge success", says ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer. As well as marking the launch of hugely impressive long-term plans on the environment by nine of the world's major faiths, the event saw leading secular groups pledge their commitment to work with the religions and the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledge the faiths' vital role in discussions on the planet. Visit our dedicated Windsor website   

November 03, 2009:
Faiths “occupy a unique position” in discussions on the planet – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged religion’s vital role in protecting the environment in his keynote address at the Windsor Celebration. In a heartfelt speech at Windsor Castle in front of HRH The Prince Philip and faith and secular leaders, Mr Ban said the world’s faith communities occupied “a unique position in discussions on the fate of our planet".   

November 2, 2009:
Madinah in Saudi Arabia to become Islamic eco city: Windsor announcement
One of Islam’s most important cities, Madinah, is to become a model ‘green’ city under a Muslim Seven Year action plan on the environment, unveiled yesterday by the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Goma’a. Madinah is the second holiest city in the Islamic world, after Makkah and is also known as “the City of the Prophet”.  

November 1, 2009:
BBC runs major interview with UN Secretary General - with the Windsor event prominent
"Without full support and cooperation of religious leaders it will be very difficult to obtain... a binding agreement in Copenhagen" The SG speaks out on the importance of walking side by side with the faiths on the road to Copenhagen  

October 14, 2009:
PRESS RELEASE: Many Heavens, One Earth:
The Celebration of Faith Commitments for a Living Planet, to be held at Windsor on November 2-4, 2009, will be attended by His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, His Excellency Mr Ban Ki-moon  

September 29, 2009:
Guardian newspaper flags up ARC-UNDP's Windsor Event
The Guardian newspaper today writes about ARC's Windsor event saying: "It will be a wonderful antidote to the gloom that will shroud the world a month later, emanating from Copenhagen."  

Last updated: September 24, 2009 :
Latest news on the Long Term Commitments
A sample of some of the faith groups around the world that are creating Five, Seven, Eight and Nine Year Plans to protect the natural environment, through the UNDP-ARC framework.  

September 16, 2009:
Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA) is launched
With an emphasis on greener Islamic living for future generations, MACCA has been endorsed by over 200 Muslim representatives.   

September 13, 2009 :
Martin Palmer explains why faiths can shape future generations
In a Radio 4 Sunday Programme interview, Martin Palmer describes the power faiths have in shaping future generations - and why the major faiths will be celebrating long term commitments to the natural world at Windsor in November with ARC and the UN.  

8 September, 2009:
Faith in Water workshops leads to new network, partnerships, actions, ideas
This first Faith in Water conference resulted in an astonishing array of new and possible partnerships, including the UN family (UNDP, UNICEF, UN-HABITAT) inviting faiths to become official partners on these issues, and the World Bank suggesting the faiths become partners in particular in the Bank’s annual Water Week.   

September 1 2009:
ARC's philosophy broadcast to millions on Songs of Praise
ARC's secretary general Martin Palmer and our Catholic consultant, award-winning nature broadcaster Mary Colwell, were both featured on this weekend's environmentally themed Songs of Praise. The broadcast can be seen on the BBC iPlayer until Sunday September 6.  

August 27 2009:
Audio versions of the Faith in Water workshop
Award winning podcast maker and broadcaster Mary Colwell has created two fascinating enhanced audio segments about the important role that faiths can play in addressing the water crisis... recording the thoughts of people who attended the Alliance of Religions and Conservation conference on faith, water and development in July 2009 in Salisbury, UK.   

August 21, 2009:
Quakers pledge action on climate change
Quakers in the UK, who are preparing their own Seven Year Plans to protect the living planet, are taking key steps, through advocacy, promoting simple living, and working with ARC to host a major public meeting in London in November  

August 19 2009:
UN prepares for September climate summit
The United Nations is building on its commitment to work with religions on climate change and the natural environment, through working to add a religious dimension to a key summit in New York in September.  

August 9, 2009:
Muslim Schools Lead Islamic Green Movement in Java
In 1995 the area around a new Muslim boarding school in West Java was so humid that the founders feared the students wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Today it is cool and fresh: thanks to the 700 trees that the students have planted and tended, according to Islamic and pragmatic wisdom. It is an extraordinary and story. And ARC was one of its inspirations.  

July 31, 2009:
UK Hindus plan for major environmental action - including a Hindu eco labelling scheme
UK Hindu leaders have pledged to work together to create long-term plans for environmental protection which have the potential to reach every Hindu in the UK - and roll-out to India and elsewhere. The plans will be implemented over the next 9 years and are part of the UN/ARC Long Term Plans for a Living Planet programme.  

July 14th 2009:
ARC's response to the Papal Encyclical on the Environment issued this month
ARC's response to the Papal Encyclical of July 6, which for the first time puts the environment firmly onto the mainstream Catholic agenda  

July 13, 2009:
New Sins, New Virtues - The Economist analyses the Religions Approach to Climate Change
"From the bishop of London to the Dalai Lama, lots of prominent religious figures have been feeling the need to broaden their message, talking more about the fate of humanity as a whole." The Economist examines the impact of the Papal Encyclical, the Muslim 7 Year Plan and other global movements for change, and refers to the key event organised by ARC in November at Windsor.  

Updated July 12, 2009:
ARC's Catholic Consultant Wins Gold Medal on top of Sony Gold Award
ARC's Catholic Consultant, Mary Colwell, who recently won a Sony Radio Award, has picked up a World Gold Medal in New York for Best Internet Programme. "The Budgerigar and the Prisoner" illustrates how the natural world can redeem us and protect us.  

July 8, 2009:
Historic Istanbul Declaration of the Muslim 7 Year Action Plan on Climate Change
Some 200 key Muslim leaders, scholars, civil society members and government ministries from Islamic civil society, made the unprecedented step yesterday of joining together to endorse a long term plan for action on climate change. ARC was a co-organiser with NGO EMDC of the key Istanbul conference where this happened. UNDP was co-sponsor.  

July 8, 2009:
UN celebrates Muslim Seven Year EcoPlan
Assistant Secretary General of UNDP acknowledges the critical importance of the Muslim 7 Year Plan for the environment, endorsed this week by 200 key international Islamic leaders  

July 4, 2009:
Greener habits for up to 24 million Sikhs
Sikh religious leaders representing thousands of gurdwaras met in New Delhi to adopt a five year greening plan which includes a long-term commitment to green their gurdwaras (temples) in terms of energy use, the types of building materials used and their means of transportation, as well as incorporating environmental education into Sikh school curricula. The movement is to be called ‘EcoSikh.’  

July 1, 2009:
The Programme for Windsor

Updated July 1, 2009 :
Major Faiths Invited to Celebrate 7 Year Plans at Windsor Castle
The first Plans for Generational Change will be launched by faiths at Windsor Castle in November - just before the Copenhagen climate change negotiations.   

June 30, 2009:
ARC buys exquisite small artworks for our website and publications
ARC has recently bought several works by Seattle artist Marsha Hollingsworth, to use on our website and in our publications.  

June 26, 2009:
Nairobi - a Place of Cold Water. Reflections before the faith and water conference
In advance of a major conference in the UK on Faith and Water, Elizabeth Idiumenah travelled to the slums of Nairobi to learn about a church that is running extensive programmes on water and sanitation.  

June 26, 2009:
Details announced of Muslim 7YP meeting in Istanbul
The forthcoming Conference for the Muslim 7 Year Plan Declaration will take place in Istanbul on 6 and 7 July 2009. It is hoped key scholars from across the spectrum of the Islamic faith will endorse the plan and declare it to be the Muslim 7 Year Action Plan to respond to climate change.  

Updated July 3, 2009:
Faith in Water Workshop: 5-7 July 2009
Linking faith with water facilities and school toilets does not sound like an obvious step, yet it is important. Water is central to many religions: as the source of life, it often represents birth and rebirth. In July ARC hosts the first ever Faith in Water conference, at Sarum College in Salisbury.  

June 4, 2009:
Pray and Engage: the Archbishop of Canterbury advises Anglicans to act for nature
"I think there are two things we can do. We can, and we should, pray. Climate change is not only an environmental issue - probably the most important we face; it is also an issue of justice... The second thing we can do is get involved in the preparations for Copenhagen." Archbishop Rowan Williams  

June 8, 2009:
Druze dedicate Lebanon's fragile Jisr el Qadi region as a Sacred Gift
The journey to create the most recent Sacred Gift started in 2003 when ARC met some of the key Druze decision-makers within the Shouf Valley. Sheikh Sami attended ARC meetings in Turkey and Sweden to discuss investments and forestry, “and when I returned from Sweden I was convinced it was time for the Druze to create a sacred gift.”  

June 3, 2009:
Sikhs launch EcoSikh movement, to create Five Year Plan to Protect the Planet
In 1999 the Sikh communities worldwide agreed that the next 300 year cycle would be the Cycle of Creation. This decision has begun to shape and influence the way Sikh communities worldwide perceive the future. The Sikh Five Year Plan is the next historic step.  

June 3, 2009:
It’s Heating Up: The Planet’s Largest Civil Society Movement for Change
"During a recent visit to China, I participated in what will surely be one of the most memorable moments of my career: Daoist masters gathered to agree on a 7 year plan for climate change action. The overall strength and sustainability of religions was immediately apparent to me. " The Assistant SG of UNDP writes a persuasive argument for religions to be involved in environment negotiations  

June 2, 2009:
Indian spiritual leaders go green: five inspiring examples of good practice
A Guinness Record for Tree Planting; Protection of the Ganges; a 40 day Buddhist Trek to Ladakh promoting sustainable bags; a Nine Year Plan.   

May 5, 2009 :
Key Muslim-Japanese conference embraces Muslim 7YP
A critical boost to the Muslim Seven Year Plan (M7YAP) initiative was given this spring in a key paper issued by the prestigious Annual Dialogue meeting of Japan and Muslim Nations.   

May 1, 2009:
Board of Deputies of British Jews publishes new Fairtrade brochure
"Tzedakah", Hebrew for charity, is central to Jewish values and prayers. The root is "Tzedek", meaning "Justice" and the Torah teaches "Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof" - Justice, Justice, Shall you Pursue." A guide to Fair Trade by the Board of Deputies of British Jews which outlines theological and moral reasons for buying Fair Trade goods - full of analysis, background and human stories.  

April 17 2009:
Reviews of new books about Faith and the Environment
There we were, at ARC Head Office, thinking that it would be a wonderful idea to compile a book full of stories from some of the faith leaders who have been working with the environment for many years… and now two have come along at once...  

April 16 , 2009:
US Catholics launch Carbon Footprint Challenge
Many Catholic communities throughout the US are responding to the Pope's interest in caring for Creation - and to their own sense of wanting to look after the natural environment. The Who's Under Your Carbon Footprint? launched this week to encourage Catholics around the world to take the St Francis Pledge   

April 14, 2009:
Key meeting in Jerusalem to create Jewish Seven Year Plan
A "Seven Year Plan for the Jewish People on Climate Change and Sustainability" has been drafted, and its discussion sessions launched with a key meeting in Jerusalem last week, attended by some 55 experts: rabbis, scientists, businesspeople, environmentalists, policy makers and educators.  

April 8, 2009:
A rare event in the Jewish calendar - the celebration of Bircat Hachamah
"Bircat Hachamah is one of the rarest events in the Jewish calendar. It only happens once every twenty-eight years - and it happens this year (2009/5769) on the morning before Pesach.   

April 1, 2009 :
Chilean Catholic Conference adds Water and Environment to Agenda
The theme of Water will now be discussed at the forthcoming Chilean Catholic Conference of Bishops in April - thanks to the efforts of The Bishop of Aysén, Monsignor Luis Infante.   

April 1, 2009 :
Faith in Water Workshop: 5-7 July 2009
An ARC-EMF-IRC workshop being held in July will focus on faith schools, water, sanitation and hygiene.   

April 1, 2009:
Putting Catholic faith into action on climate change
The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change is launching a unique and unprecedented initiative to demonstrate a common Catholic commitment to care for God’s creation.   

March 30, 2009:
17th Karmapa holds Buddhist Environment Conference
HH Ogyen Drodul Trinley Dorje, who has shown a passion for environmental protection since he was a young teenager, hosted the first ever Conference on Environmental Protection for Kagyu Monasteries and Centres last week. The move could lead to increased environmental awareness throughout the Himalayas.  

Catholic Schools Eco News: Earth Hour 2009 :
Catholic Schools Eco News: Earth Hour 2009
A reminder for Catholic Schools and Colleges about what they can do to celebrate WWF's Earth Hour 2009.   

March 17 2009:
Merging worlds – Slime Moulds, the Environment and Human Dignity
ARC's Catholic consultant, shows why watching religions working on conservation is like watching slime moulds - and why this is not just good, it is wonderful.  

March 2, 2009 :
ARC is sad to announce the death of President Kawai, MOA International
One of ARC's founders, President Kawai of MOA International, passed away in Japan at the end of last month. President Kawai helped to found ARC in 1995 and MOA has been an important supporter of ARC ever since.   

February 26 2009:
ARC's Mongolian Buddhist handbook launched to acclaim in UB
When the World Bank NEMO fund in Mongolia asked ARC to create a handbook to working with Buddhists on the Environment, none of us expected that we would not only uncover extraordinary stories but also help create new, important, devotional materials.   

February 20, 2009:
Muslim Seven Year Plan to be core part of annual Japan-Muslim Nations Dialogue
There has been a strong call, through ARC's Seven Year Plan Programme for an international umbrella body to be formed, called the Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA).  

February 9, 2009 :
Jesuits make a call in Defence of Life – by which they mean All of Life
How do we balance the needs of the poor, the environment and development? And where does spirituality fit in? ARC joined Jesuits for a gathering to discuss action in the run up to the World Social Forum, Brazil   

February 8, 2009:
Jewish Birthday of the Trees is the First Birthday for a leading sustainable synagogue
This year, the Jewish celebration of "Tu B'Shvat," the “re-birthday of the trees” falls from the evening of Sunday February 8 to Monday February 9. In Illinois, one leading reconstructionist congregation will be celebrating both the re-birthday of the trees, and the first birthday of the sustainable re-construction of their own synagogue.  

February 2, 2009:
Guardian newspaper quotes extensively from ARC's China work
The Guardian newspaper last week published a column about the quiet beginnings of a revival of faiths in China which quoted extensively from ARC’s work in that area.   

February 2, 2009 :
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.8
ARC's eighth Catholic Schools eco newsletter, with outcomes of a report on "Leading Sustainable Schools" and news of an eco-Hindu school.   

January 23, 2009:
Future of the Amazon a Catholic issue says leading lay activist
Where does the Catholic Church stand on protecting the Amazon and the flora and fauna that live there? Mary Colwell poses some hard-hitting questions.  

January 16, 2009 :
Faith Schools are top in the Sustainability League – WWF-UK says.
A WWF-UK report for NCSL indicates faith schools and colleges tend to be the first, and most active, in the development of sustainable activities and practices.


January 5, 2009:
Catholic project helped by ARC wins award for podcast
Clifton Diocese took silver at the Christian Broadcasting Council Awards with ‘Journey - The Sound of Many Waters Podcast’ - a reflection on the diocese's year of acting and thinking ecologically, which was conceived and planned with ARC's help.   

December 18, 2008:
Muslim Seven Year Plan Emerges
Representatives from Islamic NGOs, academics, government figures and Muslim environmental activists held a meeting in Kuwait to focuss on the Muslim Seven Year Plan. Islamic states and Muslim communities from all over the world will be invovled in creating a Muslim plan for generational change.  

December 12 2008:
ARC's Sacred Site Nomination Boosts Campaign to Save Gulf of Mannar
ARC is seeking to have the Gulf of Mannar designated as one of the world’s first internationally recognised ‘Sacred Sites.’   

December 12, 2008:
2009 heralds new eco-convent for Benedictine nuns
An eco-convent being designed for Benedictine nuns will offer them an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in keeping with their "simple living" ethos.  

December 12, 2008 :
Catholic Eco Schools Newsletter No.7
Stories for December include: What Can A Million Kids Do?, Advent and the Twelve C's of Christmas and how a village primary school in Scotland is helping create power for their Christmas lights.  

December 2 2008:
Uppsala Manifesto promises faith action on climate issues
A manifesto signed at an interfaith climate summit in Uppsala Sweden last week calls on political leaders to reach agreement during the preparations of the new global Climate Protocol 2009 - to create a strategy that is sufficiently responsible and ambitious.  

December 1 2008:
Christians urged to "Reclaim Christmas"
Christians are putting "the waiting back into waiting" during the traditional Advent period of December this year. With the motto: “Shop less, live more, save the earth” the team at Operation Noah is encouraging people to see Advent as a period of "quiet reflection while the Church of England has launched Why Are We Waiting? campaign, complete with quiz to urge Anglicans to Pray Now, Buy Later.  

November 28, 2008:
Pesantrens inspire forest replanting in Aceh, Indonesia
Pesantrens, local Achinese religious schools, are inspiring forest replanting and encouraging the growth of eco villages in the formerly beleaguered Aceh province of Indonesia.  

November 11, 2008 :
MUSLIMS discuss an Islamic SEVEN YEAR PLAN
Representatives from Islamic NGOs, academics, government figures and Muslim environmental activists held a meeting in Kuwait to focuss on the Muslim Seven Year Plan. Islamic states and Muslim communities from all over the world will be invovled in creating a Muslim plan for generational change.  

November 10, 2008 :
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.6
Highlights of the sixth edition of the Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter include an octopus garden at St Teresa's and Operation Noah's Campaign for Christians to Reclaim Christmas.  

November 6 2008:
Daoists in China issue an Eight Year Plan for Generational Change on the Environment
The first “Seven Year Plan” in the ARC-UN Programme to work with faiths for Generational Change was created last week by some of Daoism’s most senior leaders. However, since eight is an auspicious number in Daoism, they decided to dub it an Eight Year Plan instead.  

November 5 2008:
Daoism—the way forward on climate change? By Olav Kjorven, Deputy head of UNDP
Last week something unprecedented happened in China. It may not have been as glitzy spectacular as the Olympics in Beijing over the summer. It did not attract heads of state or world celebrities. But could it possibly leave a more lasting imprint on the future of China and indeed the world? The Assistant Secretary General of UNDP, Olav Kjorven, gives his take on the latest ARC initiative  

October 27, 2008:
ARC cited as critical United Nations partner in ecology-faith partnerships
The Times Herald features the new partnerships forged by the United Nations with religious communities ... And uses ARC's work as a major example.  

October 27, 2008:
Third Daoist Ecology Forum opens in Jurong, Jiangsu - and this one is country-wide
The third Daoist Ecology Forum opened this morning in the city of Jurong, near Nanjing in Jiansu Province, with 69 monks and nuns from all around the country participating, as well as 120 government officials - including senior members of the religious bureau - ARC and the UN also attended.  

October 17, 2008:
International recognition for conservation of sacred natural sites in protected areas
The IUCN this month awarded special status to sacred natural sites. Find out more about this and about how ARC has pioneered Sacred Land projects since 1997.   

Oct 15 2008:
ARC's Catholic eco-schools newsletter programme goes into its second school year
ARC's Catholic eco-schools newsletter programme goes into its second school year this week, with issue number five, on the subject of eco-initiatives and twinning with other schools.  

14 October 2008:
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.5
The latest eco newsletter for Catholic Schools and Colleges includes a reminder about International Walk to School Month, the Sound of Many Waters initiative and a new museum dedicated to nature. And available to download here is ARC's leaflet on Ecology and Catholic Schools.  

October 3 2008:
The Pope Urges Tourists to Think Green - and installs solar panels at the Vatican
Last Saturday the Pope returned to the theme of respect for God's creation in an address marking the UN's World Tourism day. And two days later workers started installing 2,700 solar panels on the roof of the Vatican's Paul VI auditorium, which will save the equivalent of 35 tonnes of oil every week during the cold season.  

September 19, 2008:
Green guide for Muslim households published in time for Ramadan
British Muslims have published a new booklet explaining the impact of climate change using Islamic references and explaining why Muslims must do their bit for the environment.   

September 15 2008:
Religious Leaders join with Climate Institute Australia
Leaders of several faiths link with the Climate Institute in Australia and call for action on climate change.   

September 10 2008:
Hindu leaders launch massive campaign to save the Ganges
A group of 250 spiritual heads representing most religious sects and Hindu organisations across India has launched a campaign to “Save the Ganga” river.   

1 September, 2008:
Church of England's Guide Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint
To mark the beginning of the six week Christian Creationtide festival of environmental awareness, the Church of England has published a new guide entitled "Don't Stop at the Lights". Creationtide continues until October 4.   

August 28, 2008:
Church of South India - eight actions to combat climate change
The Church of South India has issued a practical statement on its planned approach to climate change, including hedges made of bamboo and vetiver around school and church buildings, and encouraging digging mud pits to renew water reserves.  

August 22 2008:
Jains celebrate ancient festival in new spirit of environmental care
Mumbai's slaughterhouses closed for a nine day religious festival, while Jains around the world meditate on their souls, and on the natural world.  

21 August 2008:
India's Temples Go Green - a story about faith and carbon points
The Tirumala temple, in the south Indian city of Tirupathi, is one of Hinduism's holiest shrines. Over 5,000 pilgrims a day visit this city of seven hills, filling Tirumala's coffers with donations and making it India's richest temple. But as Time Magazine reports, since 2002 Tirumala has also been generating revenue from a less likely source: carbon credits.   

August 12 2008:
Holy Sites discussed - but as places for Conflict or for Dialogue?
More than fifty religious leaders from Bosnia, Kosovo, Turkey, Armenia and the Holy Land highlighted concerns over their sacred sites in a major meeting in Trondheim, Norway, at the end of last month.  

August 5 2008:
JAKARTA POST: Conservation work in Indonesia requires religious essentials
Today's Jakarta Post includes a commentary on the importance of including faiths in conservation work: and urging religious leaders to get involved.  

29 July 2008:
Sustainable Living Islam Camp Promotes Faith and Nature
Almost 5,000 visitors visited the recent sustainable "Living Islam Camp" in Lincolnshire. Events included workshops focussing on windpower and recycling by IFEES as well as tree walks by IFEES and the RSPB.   

July 23 2008:
Eco Article in the Malaysian Sun cites ARC's work as good initiative
An article in Malaysia's The Star newspaper today about the Christian ecological organisation A Rocha and the growing interest in the environment from faith communities, singles out ARC's work as a good initiative working with a range of religions.  

July 22 2008:
Hua Shan to be managed as a DAOIST mountain for the first time in 70 years
In a major about-turn in management policy, all the decision-making bodies on the Chinese Daoist mountain of Hua Shan have decided to build their management programme around the fact that this is a Daoist Sacred Mountain.   

July 11 2008:
UN/ARC Seven Year Plan for Generational Change
After a year of discussions, consultations and drafts, ARC is proud to announce the launch, with the UNDP, of the Guide to Creating Seven Year Plans. The purpose is to help faith communities to move into a new stage of environmental action, reflection and thought. Many have already done audits and have looked into traditional practices for eco-friendly ways of living. This is the next level of engagement.  

10 July 2008:
Eco-twinning offers a chance for action and understanding
Eco-twinning is a new UN-ARC initiative offering the chance to combat climate change and help (and learn more about) those affected by linking churches globally.   

July 6, 2008:
Churches Together produce new resource pack for Creation Time
The ecumenical organisation Churches Together in Britain and Ireland has put together a programme of resources for use in 'Creation Time', running for five weeks from September 1 to October 4.  

1 July 2008:
Religious leaders remind G8 summit that the eco crisis is a crisis of the heart
The real environmental issue for our generation is the issue of the heart and mind. This was the conclusion of a major meeting of some 150 religious leaders, foreign delegates and scholars in Japan prior to the G8 Leaders Summit.  

27 June 2008:
New eco-faith initiative launched
Interfaith Dorset Education and Action (IDEA) hopes to encourage deeper understanding of caring for our world.  

24 June 2008 :
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.4
How one school celebrated earthday with a full timetable "crash" with every lesson dedicated to the earth, including prayer flags, natural dyes, stream cleanup, willow art. The pupils wanted it to be "Earth Day Every Day."  

23 June 2008:
A New Home and Buddhist Blessing for a Rare Hairy Nosed Otter
Conservation International is involved in a Buddhist Blessing celebrating a new home for rare otter in Cambodia.  

June 19 2008:
Buddhists commit to the environment on UN Vesak Day
A meeting in Hanoi of 600 Buddhist leaders from 90 countries last month emphasised the importance of caring for the natural environment in a major new declaration about Buddhist's role in building a “just, democratic, and civil society”.  

13 June 2008, :
Keynote Address by Rt. Rev. Dr. Nyansako-Ni Nku, AACC President, on Climate Change and Water Consultation
The All Africa Conference of Churches President highlights the effect climate change has on humans through the agricultural sector, health, migration and employment, calling for responsible global leadership to respond.   

June 11 2008:
Cambodian monks make eco-Buddhism video available to all
ARC's sister organisation ABE in Cambodia has just issued its promotional film on Youtube. Not only is it a good way to see some of the wonderful projects Cambodian Buddhists have been involved with, but it also embodies ABE's mission to use new technology to preserve old ways of caring for nature.   

June 9, 2008:
CSI Synod urges two-yearly green audits - and more ecological awareness
A major ecological meeting of the Church of South India (CSI) in Chennai issued a long term directive to Christians and government officers throughout the country to work harder to preserve the natural environment.  

May 20 2008:
For the first time, a practical Muslim Theology of the Sea
The first Theology of the Sea for Muslims has now been published. Initially compiled to promote conservation among Muslim fishing families in Tanzania threatening the fragile coral environment through their dynamite fishing, most of the theology and teachings are appropriate and useful for any marine conservation programme in Islamic areas.The authors - from IFEES - have waived their copyrights, and this material is available for all.   

May 19 2008:
Revisiting Khalsa wood: a Sikh woodland and a model faith and environment project
In 1999 British Sikhs planted a special woodland on the outskirts of Nottingham to mark the 300th anniversary of Vaiskakhi, the fellowship of baptised Sikhs. Nine years later it is a quiet place, used for walks, picnics, ceremonies and meditation by many communities.  

12 May 2008:
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.3
The third Eco Schools Newsletter contains inspirational articles on spreading an awareness of faith and the environment, and includes a "Meet a Tree" activity.   

9 May 2008:
New eco-Congregation Website Launched
eco-Congregation launches a new website encouraging churches in the UK to protect the environment   

April 29 2008:
ARC on NPR yesterday and in Climate Change debate at Bath Abbey tonight
Link here to listen to yesterday's feature on ARC on National Public Radio (NPR) in the United States.

ARC's secretary general Martin Palmer is also on the panel for a debate at Bath Abbey tonight, titled: 'CLIMATE CHANGE: What is happening? What can we do? Can Bath become an eco city?'   

April 22, 2008 :
The 27th Earth Day includes more religious initiatives than ever
Today, Tuesday 22nd April is the 28th annual "Earth Day" in the US. Although there are many such days in the year – as well as the UN’s June 5, many faiths celebrate their own days of creation - some of the material might be useful for the faiths  

April 14 2008:
Southern Baptists Convention challenged on global warming - by its own youth
A small but powerful group within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in the United States has challenged the denomination's official stance on global warming, stating that: "when we destroy God's creation, it's similar to ripping pages from the Bible." The interest in the story by the world's media indicates that religion and environment is now a mainstream issue.  

April 10, 2008:
The Church of South India becomes ARC's latest partner
"Our aim is to keep this beautiful world beautiful, and not to turn it into a wasteland:" Bishop Thomas Samuel of Madhya Kerala diocese explains eloquently why it is time to take action   

April 10 2008:
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter Number 2
The second Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter includes a Lenten Calendar with eco-friendly tasks, and Assembly suggestions.   

April 9 2008:
Listen to dawn again: the sound of many waters and many birds
The BBC listened to and broadcast the sounds of dawn in the Bishop of Clifton Cathedral's garden in Bristol, England this week, as part of a Catholic year of paying attention to, and caring for nature. If you missed dawn on Sunday, then listen to it here: it is inspiring.  

March 31, 2008:
Year of Catholic Eco Action continues Sunday with Dawn Chorus in Bishop's Garden
As part of the year-long series of environmental events at Bristol's Catholic Clifton Cathedral the Bishop, Rt Rev Declan Lang, is hosting a dawn chorus on Sunday April 6 - in his back garden. It will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4.  

March 30 2008:
First Islamic Conservation Guide launched - to help Muslim fishermen protect their seas
The world's first Islamic conservation guide has been launched in Zanzibar by the UK-based Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences.  

March 28 2008:
Switch off your lights for Earth Hour tomorrow night
A year ago, in Sydney, WWF and other activists invited people to switch off their lights and appliances for one hour. More than two thousand businesses and 2.2 million people did exactly that – to demonstrate their support for global action against climate change. Their effort reduced the city's energy consumption by more than 10.2% during that hour – equivalent, astonishingly, to taking 48,000 cars off the road for a year.  

March 24, 2008:
Mexican Huichol protest road passing through their sacred land
For the past two weeks 700 people in the Sierra Madre Occidental region of Central Mexico have sat patiently night and day in the dusty lay-by of a half-begun highway to protest the scheduled destruction of many kilometres of a sacred and ecologically fragile pilgrimage route.   

March 11 2008:
Polluting the environment: one of 7 “new” mortal sins, Vatican says
The Apostolic Penitentiary says it's wrong to pollute in a new list of mortal sins that also includes genetic modification, human experimentation, social injustice, causing poverty, financial gluttony, and drug abuse.  

10 March 2008:
ARC launches Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter
ARC has launched a newsletter to bring Catholic schools together to talk about what they are doing to help the natural environment. The first newsletter was issued in February.  

26 February 2008:
Catholic Schools Eco Newsletter No.1
"This newsletter has come about because so many of you asked for a way of communicating your experiences, reflections, problems and triumphs as your schools and colleges become more environmentally conscious and active."  

February 5 2008:
Innovative faith and forest programme starts in Lebanon
An ancient proverb states that: “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…. The second best time is TODAY”. With this in mind, ARC’s long-term partner in Lebanon, is starting an innovative ten-year faith and conservation programme to help plant trees and new ideas about careful management of religious resources.  

January 21, 2008:
Jews celebrate the Birthday of the Trees
This evening Jews around the world celebrate the festival of Tu B'Shvat – the Birthday of the Trees.  

January 2, 2008:
Quiet Garden Trust celebrates 15 years... and 300 gardens
In 1993 a British vicar had an idea that private individuals might make their gardens available to others to enjoy sanctuary and stillness for a short time...  

December 18 2007:
Successful event on religions and climate change at Bali COP
“Even if the end of the world comes today, if you have a seed in your hand, then plant it, before you do anything else.” With this strong environmental statement by the Prophet Muhammad, there began a groundbreaking side event on religions and climate change at the Bali COP conference last week – attended by the President of Indonesia, and advised by ARC.  

December 11 2007:
Thought for the Day: climate change a spiritual issue
"At root, the climate crisis isn't just political, economic or even environmental. It's spiritual." Link here for today's Thought for the Day from BBC Radio 4.   

December 10, 2007:
A sweet world and verdant green: faith quotes for Bali
This week representatives of the world's governments meet in Bali to discuss the post-Kyoto Protocol. To aid them in their deliberations, ARC has put together a booklet of quotations from the four main faiths represented in Indonesia   

December 7 2007:
UN and ARC launch programme with faiths on climate change
The UN has asked ARC to help launch an innovative programme for faiths to tackle climate change. This is the first time the UN has involved the faiths at this scale.  

December 6, 2007:
THEY MUST HAVE FAITH: poem about faiths & forests conference
"They have come here to help their trees,/Who could not attend the meeting./ The forests may provide material for conference tables/ But they never get to sit around them... They must have faith." An incisive poem by Swedish artist Bosse Carlgren about the Faith and Forests meeting in Gotland.  

November 26 2007:
Humane Society in America begins working with faiths
The Humane Society has employed a religions officer as part of its increased commitment to engage with faith communities in animal protection.   

November 23 2007:
Leading Huichol expert John C Lilly dies
ARC is sorry to announce the death last week of the American ethno-cinematographer John C Lilly Jr. - a great supporter of, and authority on, the culture of the Huichol people of Central Mexico.   

November 21, 2007:
“Eco-Sikh” leads Indian campaign to save the Kali Bein river
A Sikh “eco-baba” has sent an SOS to the Punjab and Haryana High Court in a bid to protect holy rivers from pollution by vested interests.  

November 20 2007:
World's first “green Bible” is published in the USA
This month a “green Bible” was launched in the USA by leading publisher Thomas Nelson.It is the first Bible intended for wide-scale distribution to have been printed on recycled and FSC-certified paper.  

November 19, 2007:
Globe & Mail features Catholic eco-action and Benedictine Handbook
Toronto's Globe and Mail publishes major report on the alliance of faith and conservation including a very positive write up on the Benedictine/ARC/World bank handbook Listening to the Earth.  

November 16, 2007:
Bahá’ís in PNG improve their villages' health and education
In a simple but striking example of grass roots development, Baha'i villagers on a remote island have built their own medical aid station. Meanwhile in the south, Baha'i converts are building schools.  

November 5 2007:
ARC's work in The Economist and on BBC World Service
ARC and our partners featured in an Economist article on faith leaders and ecologists combining to protect the Strait between India and Sri Lanka. This is one of two articles in The Economist in the past month featuring our work. Our Faith and Forestry initiative also featured in two BBC World Service programmes this weekend.  

October 29, 2007:
Sierra Club director pledges for first time to work with religions
The head of the influential Sierra Club made a commitment last month to working with religions."I was part of the generation that made the choice – the horrendous strategic blunder – of situating ourselves outside the institutions of faith," said Carl Pope. “Now we have a chance to repent of, and reform from, that error."   

October 9 2007:
Christian leaders in PNG protect mountain from quarry plans: save precious streams
PNG Christians are resisting plans to remove part of a mountain to get road building materials. The green Christian movement in PNG stems partly from an ARC/World Bank initiative to help create a PNG theology of the environment.  

October 2007:
Geographical Magazine article: Can God Save the World?
Geographical's Charlie Furniss explores the work that faiths are doing on the environment - including interviews with ARC, IFEEs, CI and other partners.  

October 1, 2007:
PRESS RELEASE for St Brendan's eco challenge
St Brendan’s College in Bristol to Launch Year-Long Environmental Campaign for Schools in the southwest. Other UK Schools are challenged to join in  

October 1, 2007:
Year of Catholic Eco-Action launched in the UK
A year-long exploration by UK Catholics of our need to care for our environment was launched on Saturday evening (29 September) in Clifton Cathedral, Bristol.   

September 28 2007:
Bishop Chris Toohey, world leader in Catholic environmental action on the environment, will launch The Sound of Many Waters year of action at Clifton Cathedral in Bristol tomorrow, Saturday.   

September 24, 2007:
Ancient Yews celebrated in new book
Three ancient yews in a Northumberland churchyard, one of which is said to have protected St Cuthbert when he preached underneath it in the seventh century, have inspired a new book of writing and poetry written by the visually impaired.   

September 21 2007:
Bishops go to Parliament to urge care for the Earth
“People in so-called ‘developed’ countries have missed the plot on the long-term future,” Bishop Chris Toohey of Catholic Earthcare Australia told more than 50 representatives of Christian organisations and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference. His UK visit culminates in the launch of the Sound of Many Waters year of Catholic action assisted by ARC and starting on 29 September at Clifton Cathedral. All welcome.  

September 18 2007:
Millions of hectares of religious forest managed ecologically by 2014
The inaugural Faiths and Forests meeting in Visby, Sweden culminated late last month in a unanimous agreement to go forward and create a Religious Forestry Standard to be launched at Ise in Japan.  

September 17 2007:
World Water Week recognises religions can make splash
“Don’t underestimate the ability of religions to mobilise and motivate authorities and social assets to get things done,” one participant at the World Water Week event in Stockholm told the gathering.  

September 6 2007:
Druze publish a theology of the forest
For the first time ever, the Druze of Lebanon have announced their theology of the forest. Sheikh Sami Abilmona, the Secretary General of the Druze IFRAN schools in Lebanon, presented a statement on the Druze and the Environment at the Visby Faith and Forestry Gathering, organised by ARC in August 2007.  

September 3 2007:
Church of Sweden Pledges to Protect Ancient Meadows
The Church of Sweden pledged Wednesday to protect its ancient meadows of Gotland, treasure houses of rare flowers and calm green oases among commercial forests. It is part of the Faiths and Forests initiative that ARC is assisting.  

August 21 2007:
Faiths protect Forests: English press release
An unlikely alliance between Shinto priests in Japan and the Lutheran Church of Sweden has led to a meeting next week that will lead to millions of hectares of forests around the world being managed according to ecological principles.  

August 20, 2007:
Cow dung to cooking gas: an Ethiopian nunnery converts
Work has begun on an ARC-funded project to build a bio-digester at Sebata nunnery outside Addis Ababa. The methane produced from waste organic material will fuel all meals for more than 1200 children and nuns.   

August 20, 2007:
ARC featured in Western Daily Press and Bath Chronicle
The Western Daily Press in the UK featured ARC in a major article on August 13, focusing our role as a broker between "two worlds": the religious and the secular.  

August 10 2007:
Cambodian Monks Join Efforts to Preserve the Cardamoms
Deep in the heart of Cambodia’s Central Cardamom Mountains, monks and conservationists are joining together to protect the region’s endangered flora and fauna.   

August 6 2007:
Faith in nature: young people, religions and the great outdoors
"An activities teacher once came to my school and asked: What do the religions all have in common. We came up with various answers: belief in a divine being, places to pray... "Yes to almost all," he said. "But there's something else: camping." ARC celebrates the centenary of Scouting with an article in UNEP's Tunza magazine about the faiths' relationship with the outdoors.  

July 30, 2007:
PNG pastors clear rubbish where others have failed
An initiative by an evangelical Christian group in a remote area of Papua New Guinea has led to a “transformation” of their township through community rubbish collection and is a natural continuation of awareness-raising activities throughout the area, supported by ARC since 2003.  

July 27 2007:
Making Muslim Brum Beautiful
Young Muslims in Birmingham, UK are joining together this summer on a “people action” to make their city greener. The “clean medina campaign” includes rappers, film crews, coffee, music, jingles, and a lot of brushes and dustbin bags.  

July 6 2007:
Buddhist film is audience's choice at Cambodian festival
ARC’s sister group ABE has won audience choice prize in the Cambodia Environment Film Festival. It includes footage of a new tradition of ordaining trees to protect them.   

June 26 2007:
Major stakeholders to attend Visby meeting
Representatives from Lutherans, Russian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Catholic, Maronite, Shinto, Druze, Buddhist and other religious-owned forests, as well as WWF, CI, the UN, the World Bank will attend the Visby discussions on faith and forests in August. A list of FAQs about the meeting is now available online.  

June 18 2007:
The sage Lao Zi to be Daoist God of Ecological Protection
The great Daoist sage Lao Zi has been adopted by some of China's most prominent Daoist temples as China's God of Ecological Protection, heralding a new role for Daoists throughout the country.  

June 11 2007:
Photographs of the opening of the Daoist Ecology Temple
At the foot of the great pilgrimage trail of Tai Bai mountain there is a tree, said to be 3,000 years old. The Chinese call it the "armour" tree because its wood is as tough as metal, and the Daoist pilgrims drape it with lucky red banners, for good luck and wise thoughts, before they make their journey...  

May 31 2007:
Archbishop Tutu leads Environment Day prayers at Arctic Cathedral
For some Christians, World Environment Day this year will start two days early – with a special service held on Sunday at the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso, Norway, led by South Africa’s former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. World Environment Day is Tuesday June 5.  

May 31 2007:
Daoist Ecology workshop hugely oversubscribed
The first full-scale workshop at ARC’s new Daoist Ecology Temple at Taibaishan this weekend is four-times oversubscribed.   

May 14 2007:
Whales, turtles and timber: news from Indonesia
It is saving whales in Nusa Tenggara Province, it has protected rare turtles on Bali Island, and it is encouraging the use of sustainable timber in Aceh Province… The “religions approach” is being applied to conservation projects all over Indonesia, and it seems that in many places we are beginning to see successes.  

April 30 2007:
UNESCO recognises relevance of faiths in sustainable development
For the first time, UNESCO recognised the critical role of faiths in both education and development, in a conference held in Barcelona last month, hosted by UNESCO-CAT.  

April 27 2007:
The Guardian cites ARC in story on religions and environment
The Guardian today published a feature on the Vatican conference on climate change highlighting how the Vatican has added its voice to a rising chorus of warnings from churches that abuse of the environment is against God's will, and that the Catholic church must become greener.   

April 27 2007:
ARC urges action at the International Dao De Jing Forum
More than 500 delegates attended China's first ever major Daoist forum this week - including leading priests and scholars, and the Chinese Minister for Religions. The programme included a strand that explored Daoism's role in nature, and ARC was invited to present one of the key speeches.  

April 23 2007:
千里之行始于足下: ARC Presentation at Daoist Forum (in Chinese)

April 21 2007:
ARC's consultants edit new ATLAS OF RELIGION
Did you know that each year around 125 million New Testaments are printed, making them the world's best-selling books? Or that since 1974, over 300 Islamic Banks have been created, handling $250 billion in assets? Or that Christian giving in 2005 was £297 billion? Or that all these facts and more can be found in the new Atlas of Religion?   

April 20 2007:
Untimely death of our colleague, Tony Poulter
All of us at ARC would like to announce our sadness at the sudden death of Tony Poulter, at the age of just 49. He had been one of the guiding forces behind the Eco-Coffins project in South Africa, run by the Working for Water Project. He was one of the first people to make use of an eco-coffin: an irony that he would have appreciated.   

April 11 2007:
Independent highlights ARC's work in Easter edition
The UK's Independent on Sunday this weekend featured ARC’s work with sacred sites in a piece entitled “Save our holy lands”. It showed how thousands of sacred places are to be linked together in a bid to preserve the world's disappearing wild species.   

2 April 2007:
Churches begin to go green for Palm Sunday
It is a multi-million dollar business, it is threatening the world’s forests and rare bird populations, it stems from a procession of peace… it is Palm Sunday, and churches around the world - with the support of ARC, CI and other NGOs - are beginning to do something about it.   

March 20, 2007:
Why did we start to waste so much? An Islamic View
Muslim commentator and environmental activist Fazlun Khalid comments for the BBC's Green Room series on where and why it all started to go wrong.  

March 6 2007:
Writing the Benedictine Eco-Handbook: a personal account
Writer of the Benedictine/ARC/World Bank handbook Bill Bartlett reflects on the experience - looking back at the most pivotal period of his life.   

February 28 2007:
Religieus bosbeheer op agenda
"De Kerk van Zweden neemt samen met een Japanse sjinto-organisatie het voortouw om na te denken over verantwoord bosbeheer." Friesch Dagblad, with 20,000 readers, reports on ARC's project to create religious forest standards.   

February 26, 2007:
Climate Change documentary wins two Oscars
For some in America it might be a most Inconvenient Oscar, but last night former US vice president Al Gore picked up an Academy Award for his shocking documentary on Climate Change, with another award picked up for the film’s original theme song.  

February 12 2007:
God is Green and the Religions are too
Tonight Channel 4 is broadcasting a programme in the UK called "God Is Green”, presented by former Catholic seminarian Mark Dowd, who criticises religions for not doing enough to reduce climate change. While we welcome the debate, we at ARC really believe that religions are greening their act.   

February 10, 2007:
Thought for the Day: Beware Neo-puritan responses to climate change
"The environmental challenge of Climate Change is fast becoming an excuse for moralising and a new form of Puritanism which is as ugly and as dangerous as, say, the prohibition of alcohol in the US in the 1920s." Martin Palmer.  

February 9 2007:
CI works with Colombian Catholics to save parrot from extinction
Five years ago, Conservation International and its partners forged a partnership with the Roman Catholic church in Colombia to save the yellow-eared parrot and the tall wax palm from almost guaranteed extinction. Today, the alliance is lauded as one of the most successful biodiversity conservation campaigns in Latin America - and the parrots and wax palms are multiplying  

February 5 2007:
ARC features in UNEP's Tunza Magazine
The United Nations Environment Programme this month featured an article on ARC’s flagship programme with the Daoists in China – rebuilding a ruined temple in Shaanxi Province as both a temple and a centre for environmental education.   

February 1 2007:
The Big Green Jewish Website
A wonderful new environmental resource was launched today in the form of The Big Green Jewish Website, created by the Noah project and the Jewish Board of Deputies with ARC's help. "It's the first environmental website I've seen which starts with a good joke."  

Faiths and Finance
Faiths and faith communities can use, and are using, the power of their financial investments positively, to help protect the Earth.  

January 15 2007:
Benedictines listen to the Earth
Benedictine sisters of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania have published an eco-handbook for Benedictine communities in Latin America. "More than ever, the earth is calling to us. Are we listening?"  

January 5, 2007:
Powerful vision statement for AMEN
AMEN has now published its mission statement, including a powerfully stated vision of: “African Muslims helping African Muslims helping the earth.”  

December 18 2006:
WWF and ARC publish book highlighting sacred protected areas
WWF and ARC have published the ground-breaking book Beyond Belief exploring how faiths can protect sacred forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and deserts.  

December 13, 2006:
Pope tackles issues of ecology and energy use
The Pope yesterday spoke out about how peace can only be attained by respecting the natural environment as well as the human environment.  

December 14 2006:
Australian Climate Institute asks faiths about climate change
Australia’s Climate Institute has sponsored a powerful document asking 16 faith groups to advise on climate change  

November 16, 2006:
It's time to ask faiths to be partners: major donors say
European governments and international agencies last week asked why faith communities were not automatically considered as civil society partners in development. And they agreed to rethink.   

November 16 2006:
Archbishop of Dublin explains role of faiths in development
"Development will only be sustainable when it generates voice, ownership and relations that are harmonious and responsible." Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: Oslo, November 2006.   

October 25 2006:
CI recognises importance of faith involvement
Conservation International's Project Manager for Conservation and Religion in Indonesia explains why the charity is increasingly working with the religions.  

October 20 2006:
New bid to protect full 400km Mexican pilgrim route
The Huichol Indians have started talks with the Mexican government to protect the length of their 400K pilgrimage route, including forests and wetlands: places where shamans have performed ceremonies for centuries.   

October 19 2006:
The Religion Approach works for Turtles in Indonesia
Leading Balinese environmentalist yesterday received a major international award for his work with local Hindu leaders to protect tens of thousands of rare turtles killed for ceremonies every year. Today Balinese finding turtles on the beach make a ceremony for them, and return them to the sea.  

September 25 2006:
With Deep Sadness
It is with deep sadness that we announce that Jill Bowling, trustee for ARC, head of conservation for WWF-UK and friend to many of us here, died on Saturday, in a helicopter crash in Nepal where all 24 passengers and crew were killed.   

September 22 2006:
Mongolians clean up sacred hillside
Ulan Baatar has its first "clean-up" day with monks and students removing hundreds of plastic bags, bottles and other debris from one of the city's most sacred sites.  

August 22, 2006:
Daoists pledge to protect sacred landscapes
Last month Daoist monks and nuns representing ten major temples in Shaanxi and Gansu provinces declared formally that they would protect the environment around their sacred lands and buildings.  

August 8 2006:
Al Gore tells An Inconvenient Truth
It has been called "the scariest movie of the summer"... The former vice president of the US shares a starring role with the global warming issue in a controversial new eco-documentary. An Inconvenient Truth comes out in September, after a succesful preview at Sundance.  

UPDATED August 9 2006:
AFDC helps refugees in Lebanon
ARC’s partner in Lebanon is marshalling its forest teams and protecting refugees from the Israel-Hizbollah conflict. Meanwhile the environmental devastation becomes clearer. Find out how to help.   

July 25 2006:
Major Religion and Development Conference scheduled for Oslo
The Norwegian government is working with ARC, UNDP and the World Bank to host a conference to help encourage - and maintain - strategic partnerships between faiths, governments and major funders.   

July 22 2006:
Prince Andrew visits Mongolian eco-ger
During his visit to Mongolia last week, Prince Andrew visited a model "eco-ger" in Ulaan Baator - part of ARC's extensive environmental projects with Buddhists in Mongolia, sponsored by the World Bank and the Dutch Government.  

July 1, 2006:
ARC joins Sacred Orchid Project in Mexico
ARC has begun work with Mexican environmental charity Pro Natura, on a project to conserve rare and endangered plant-species, particularly those used in religious ceremonies.   

June 22, 2006:
Daoists announce first ecology workshop on sacred mountain
Daoists will hold their first conservation workshop at the end of July 2006 - on the pilgrimage mountain of Taibaishan in central China.  

June 14 2006:
Faiths and Forests
In terms of forestry protection, the faiths might be said to have the Four P's. Production; purchasing; preservation; persuasion. ARC gives presentation at major forest conference in Portland, Oregon.   

May 11 2006:
BBC works with ARC for special climate change Songs of Praise
As part of the BBC’s groundbreaking “Climate Chaos” season this month, Songs of Praise is broadcasting a special programme on May 28 to explore the Christian contribution to the environment debate. It includes an interview with ARC’s Martin Palmer about how caring for nature is integral to Christian thinking.  

Presented on April 15 2006:
ARC's speech at First World Buddhist Conference: in English
"There are many illusions. There is the illusion that we can exploit this fragile world and not pay the cost; there is the illusion that material property is the only worthwhile goal; there is the illusion that human communities can exist without regard to the animals, plants, rocks, and rivers which live beside them."  

May 8 2006:
Buddhists in China issue two major environment agreements
A groundbreaking Buddhist conference in China has issued two major agreements encouraging Buddhists to take practical steps to improve and protect the environment. Many found ARC's presentation inspiring.   

April 15 2006:
ARC's speech at First World Buddhist Conference: in Chinese
The original, Chinese language version of ARC's presentation to Buddhists - on preserving species, the environment, and on the emptiness of illusion  

April 20 2006:
Dutch Foundation shows how marginal action can have mainstream impact
In the second in our series of key interviews, ARC talks to Dutch philanthropist Allerd Stikker, about putting lessons learned from both Daoism and Catholicism into what he calls "marginal activism".  

April 19 2006:
Buddhists run inspirational projects in Cambodia
ARC talks to one of the most inspirational and effective Buddhist organisations in Cambodia.  

March 21, 2006:
Prince Charles visits Sacred Gift project in Egypt
The Prince of Wales began his five-day visit to Egypt yesterday with a visit to the Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, built on the site of a 500-year-old rubbish tips and one of the Sacred Gifts presented at the WWF/ARC Kathmandu meeting in 2000.   

March 17 2006:
Mexican faith leaders back the carbon trading initiative
The Inter-Religious Council of Mexico this month announced that a coalition of religious leaders would work together to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of their houses of worship and to “offset” its impact by investing in clean energy and forestry projects.   

March 16 2006:
New Mongolian calendars include ancient no-hunting guidelines
A unique calendar has been published in Ulaanbaatar for circulation amongst monasteries, Buddhist schools, herder families and local settlements, detailing those dates that are inauspicious for hunting, cutting trees or eating meat.  

May 4 2005:
An Orthodox Monastery in the Shropshire Hills
Father Silouan speaks of a ruined cottage below the Stiperstones, which has been transformed into a small, peaceful monastery  

March 2, 2006:
World Council of Churches holds Ninth Assembly
Last month the World Council of Churches (WCC) introduced several exciting new events to its General Assembly to underline the increasing concern for ecology being expressed by Christians around the world.   

February 14, 2006:
West African Benedictines to adapt Eco Handbook
A decision by the superiors of West African Benedictine monasteries is an exciting example of model projects extending to other communities.   

February 6, 2006:
ARC invites the faiths to conduct their own energy audits
Can you make more efficient use of your place of worship? Have you insulated the roof? Do you switch off the lights? Use long-life bulbs? ARC invites all faiths to fill in a questionnaire and find out how to make their footprints lighter.  

The ARC liturgy against toxins: shorter version
ARC has developed a liturgy to encourage more people to think about the dangers of toxic chemicals and how each of us can work to reduce their impact. This is the shorter version.  

December 21 2005:
Thousands respond to ARC campaign against toxins
Thousands of faith representatives all over Europe sent letters to MEPs last month about their concerns that the REACH legislation – requiring testing of all chemicals – should be passed in the European Parliament. Now the campaign needs even more support.   

November 3, 2005:
Daoists dedicate temple and ecology centre on Taibaishan
Through astrological dances, chanting, processions, invocations and offerings, the three great gods of Taibaishan blessed the site of a Daoist ecology centre on their sacred mountain.  

November 1, 2005:
Churches around Europe gear up to counter toxins
A deeply moving service was held today at St James's Church, Picadilly in London to launch the official ARC liturgy designed for use across Europe in preparation for the REACH legislation debate at the end of this month.   

World Council of Churches supports All Hallows REACH initiative
Rev Dr Sam Kobia, General Secretary of the WCC writes in strong support of the ARC/WWF All Hallows month of support for REACH anti toxins legislation  

All invited to 1-11 anti-toxins service in London
ARC and WWF are holding a service at St James' Church Piccadilly at 1pm on November 1. All supporters of both charities, or interested members of the public are invited to attend.  

October 13 2005:
ARC launches liturgy to combat toxins
Churches launch a liturgy in support of REACH anti-toxins legislation, acknowledging the toxic forces let loose in the world and the powers of good that can overcome them.  

October 13 2005:
The full text of a liturgy to be used through November to support debate on REACH anti-toxin legislation, before the European Parliament.   

Ethiopia, September 30, 2005:
Ethiopian Church Launches Organic Farming Programme
A new organic farming training programme run by the Orthodox Church in central Ethiopia is introducing farmers, clergy and community leaders to alternative and improved methods of caring for the earth  

September 22 2005:
Vacant Position in ARC - Communications officer wanted
ARC is currently advertising for a consultant to work as communications officer until May 2006.   

Nairobi, September 22:
Plans to boost eco-training for clerics in Africa
Meetings with Africa Muslim and Christian groups have led to plans to introduce environmental training to clergy in both faiths.   

September 13, 2005:
ARC offers ideas for the Harvest Festival
Our increase in harvest is often the result of eliminating wildlife, and of subsidising surpluses. ARC offers a liturgy that recognises this but still finds space for celebration.   

ARC celebrates tenth anniversary with stories
ARC’s key partners tell stories about a decade of projects, and of building relationships.  

July 2 2005:
Northern Buddhists agree 12 major environmental initiatives
The Northern Buddhist Conference on Ecology and Development agrees major initiatives including starting traditions to plant a tree for everyone who dies, founding an organisation to help Russian and Mongolian Buddhist monks protect nature, to offers to fund Chairs of Buddhist Ecology in every Asian Buddhist University.  

Ulan Baator: June 20 2005:
Northern Buddhists launch new ecological network
As the sound of chanting spread across a room full of several hundred Buddhist monks in Ulan Baator this morning, the newly elected President of Mongolia launched a unique event.   

Jean Pierre Sweerts of Rabobank at Lambeth 2005:
Religions and the Banking Community

Allerd Stikker of EMF, at Lambeth 2005:
EMF and the Daoist Mountains

Dr He Xiaoxin of ARC at Lambeth 2005:
A Daoist story at Lambeth

May 4, 2005:
Muslim African projects
A Muslim Civic Education Trust leader tells of two new projects, and two surprising stories  

Lambeth 2005:
The story of the Benedictines and ARC
ARC works with monasteries from Brazil to Zambia, on projects ranging through river restoration to organic agriculture and the cultivation of medicinal plants.   

John Smith of ARC, at Lambeth, 2005:
Ten Years of the Sacred Land Project

Steve Howard of the Climate Group at Lambeth 2005:
The religions and climate change

Rabbi Daniel Sperber at Lambeth, 2005:
ARC, 3iG and partnerships

Joanne Robinson of ARC, Lambeth 2005:
ARC and the Asian Buddhist Network

Dr Pema Gyalpo, Lambeth 2005:
The Asian Buddhist Network: a Buddhist's perspective

Dr Jill Bowling of WWF at Lambeth, 2005:
ARC and WWF - the next 10 years
Dr Jill Bowling spoke at Lambeth for ARC's 10th anniversary in 2005. She said how in its first 10 years ARC had become a powerful group with powerful ideas. "Now in the next 10 years let’s broaden out; let’s develop new policies to reduce the footprint of all of us on the planet.  

Paola Triolo of ARC, at Lambeth 2005:
ARC and Kyoto

Tony Whitten of the World Bank at Lambeth, 2005:
The World Bank and ARC

April 27 2005:
Social investment a weapon of change for the world's faiths
International investment consultants report on launch of 3iG.  

April 19 2005:
3iG launches with 27 founder members and partners
Twenty-seven organizations representing members of seven world religions and an array of banks, philanthropies and SRI organizations, became the founding members of 3iG  

April 14 2005:
BBC Thought for the Day on faith-consistent investment
"By using our power to vote where our money goes we together can make a very different world using powers most of us didn't know we had." Martin Palmer. Today Programme, BBC Radio 4.  

April 11 2005:
Bishop of London urges religions to invest positively
"We have to balance our fiduciary responsibilities with a spiritual imperative to be faith-consistent investors and to learn by being engaged in the debate." Bishop of London at the launch of 3iG.  

April 8, 2005:
International Interfaith Investment Group launches on April 11
PRESS RELEASE: Seven world religions have decided to redefine what makes an investment “good” and to put that into practice.   

February 21, 2005:
Formation of new Africa Muslim Environment Network
An ARC gathering of Muslim leaders in Kenya earlier this month is expected to lead to Islamic micro-financing projects; revival of traditional fishing practices and a new African Muslim Environment Network.  

By Daniel Dickinson, BBC News, Feb 17, 2005 :
Eco-Islam hits Zanzibar fishermen: BBC STORY
The BBC reports on an ARC-assisted project to help stop dynamite-fishing in Zanzibar  

February 9 2005:
From Princes to Paupers: the Story of ARC.
Prince Philip describes ARC as "the charity that doesn’t exist". ARC’s secretary general wants it to be disbanded within 10 years. SIMON PARKIN explores the paradoxes that make up one of Britain’s most enigmatic and unrecognised charities.  

February 3 2005:
Cambodian monks create environmental association
The first official assembly of a new association of Cambodian monks dedicated to environmental conservation will be held in Pnomh Penh in March 2005.   

Catholic Times: January 12 2005:
A monk sets a fine example in poor Zambia
The Catholic Times runs a story about Fr Willibrord Nzota, in London for an ARC conference, who talks about the Benedictines' work in a remote part of Zambia.  

January 12, 2005:
Website for International Interfaith Investment Group (3iG)
3iG has now opened a website,

January 3, 2005:
ARC advises BBC on religious angle to tsunami disaster
In the wake of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean this week, ARC has been pleased to be able to help the BBC to contact spiritual leaders from different faiths.  

December 25, 2004:
Queen's Christmas speech features ARC
"The idea that the churches and the AID agencies might talk together a bit more and get together a bit more is a very good idea." HM The Queen. African Christian Leaders Gathering November 2004, quoted in the Queen's Christmas Broadcast.  

Martin Palmer: November 19 2004:
Africa's well-kept secret revealed
The secret is this. That the welfare, education, development and environmental well-being of Africa is largely reliant upon the Churches and Mosques of Africa.   

Martin Palmer: November 23 2004:
BBC Radio 4: Thought for the Day on Africa
In the week when the twentieth anniversary of Band Aid is being celebrated and the new recording of "Do they know its Christmas" is out, there is some good news from Africa.  

October 18 2004:
Six new grants for ARC
ARC has secured major new funding from several sources, ensuring not only that it will be able to continue its projects with faiths around the world, but that it can now initiate major new programmes.  

September 1 2004:
African–Christian Leaders' Gathering held in November
The work of the churches in development and ecology projects in Africa is a well-kept secret. Sometimes so well-kept that they don't know the full extent themselves.  

June 24, 2004:
3iG to be launched in April 2005
The International Interfaith Investment Group will bring together world faiths and financial bodies to invest in socially and environmentally responsible investment  

June 19 2004:
Church of Sweden establishes sustainable forests in Mozambique.
An innovative project started by the Church of Sweden, plans to reforest 46,000 hectares in Mozambique – as a profitable and ethical business venture.  

June 16 2004:
Monks and nuns in Southeast Asia pledge to save their forests
A groundbreaking meeting on Buddhism and the Environment in Phnom Penh revealed a firm commitment among Buddhists to manage natural resources in a sustainable way.   

Our Planet Magazine: May 27 2004:
Ecumenical Patriarch writes about the seas
His All Holiness Bartholomew of Constantinople says that water is the binding force between heaven and earth and that pollution of the sea represents paradise lost   

May 5 2004:
Membership drive to save Bagmati River
NGOs and local communities in Nepal will club together to save the sacred Bagmati.  

May 10-14 2004:
Cambodian conference schedule
A unique conference, encouraging networks between Southeast Asian Buddhists and international NGOs - to benefit the environment.  

May 5 2004:
Pagodas become eco-campaigners
Monks in Cambodia and neighbouring countries are taking a leading role in protecting the natural environment: and they are combining forces to do so.  

April 20 2004:
Funding hopes for Cistercian Way
A relic from a 17th century Welsh Saint has become one of the factors in hopes for European funding for a new footpath around sacred Wales.   

March 4 2004:
WWF writes major series of features on ARC
WWF recognises the importance of working with the religions on environmental issues in their latest magazine, distributed to hundreds of thousands of people.  

WWF News: March 2004:
WWF on ARC: Religions commit to global land conservation
WWF features ARC in its members' newsletter, circulated to hundreds of thousands of supporters.  

WWF News: March 2004:
WWF on ARC: Manchester’s green plan calls for action
WWF features ARC in its members' newsletter, circulated to hundreds of thousands of supporters.  

WWF News: March 2004:
WWF on ARC: Church in Lebanon plays key environmental role
WWF features ARC in its members' newsletter, circulated to hundreds of thousands of supporters.  

WWF News: March 2004:
WWF on ARC: Move to socially responsible investment
WWF features 3iG in its members' newsletter, circulated to hundreds of thousands of supporters.  

February 11, 2004:
Looking for Mongolia's lost temples
In a dramatic sign of the recovery of religious identity in Mongolia, a team is seeking to identify the remains of temples that were lost under communist rule.   

Tunza Magazine; January 26 2004:
Youth Action in Lebanon
The story of how five students got together to replant a forest devastated by fire - sowing the seeds of what was to become a full-scale national youth action group for the environment.   

January 15, 2004:
Welsh local authorities pledge to create Cistercian Way
After nearly five years of discussions, the longest footpath in Wales is about to become a reality - opening up ancient spiritual sites and monastic pathways to modern pilgrims and walkers.   

January 12 2004:
Return of the Pilgrims to Wales
THE Western Mail reports how ARC is helping the sacred and often secret history of Wales to be celebrated with the mapping of a 650-mile pilgrimage route around the nation.   

Mott Mosaic, January 1 2004:
Religious Alliance Seeks Ways to use Wealth Wisely
The prestigious Mott foundation explains why it supports ARC's work  

December 15 2003:
Reflections for Christmas
As Christians around the world prepare for Christmas, ARC offers some relevant and inspiring readings from other faiths as well.  

November 26, 2003:
Manchester becomes an Eco-Diocese
The Diocese of Manchester has made a landmark decision to become the leading “Environmental Diocese” in Britain.   

ARC and World Bank book: Faith in Conservation
"Life without values is no life at all". World Bank President James Wolfensohn launches Faith in Conservation with ARC in a unique partnership.   

Maronite pledge, October 30, 2003:
Declaring the Qadisha Valley as a Maronite-protected environment.
For over 1500 years the Church has found sanctuary in the natural beauty and Godliness of Qadisha. Today it is under threat. This document and the promises within it could save the valley.  

November 1, 2003:
Holy Valley Protected
The future of an endangered holy valley was made more secure this week when a Maronite church leader presented a landmark document to HRH the Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.  

24 October 2003:
Religions Should Teach About Money too: Patriarch urges
The Ecumenical Patriarch urges us all to use all our resources as forces for good... and that includes our money: "After all we are stewards too, of our financial resources".  

17 October 2003:
International Interfaith Investment in Istanbul
Investors from eight religions will meet in Istanbul next week to give new meaning to the term “good investment”.  

Our Planet, 17 September 2003:
Keeping faith with nature
The world’s major religions agree on the importance of conservation and describes how they are taking action to put their beliefs into practice, Victoria Finlay writes.  

September 10 2003:
“Sacred Site” to be recognised term
WWF and ARC have launched a programme for sacred site to be internationally recognised. This will help protect environmentally important sacred places such as mountains, holy rivers and pilgrim routes.   

8 September 2003:
The Prince, the Prime Minister and the Patriarch
HRH Prince Philip has invited Mongolian Prime Minister and President of ARC, Mr Enkhbayar and the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East to Buckingham Palace in October to discuss urgent conservation projects.  

South China Morning Post, 29 July 2003:
Church heads can help environment: Prince Philip
In a recent interview, Prince Philip said religious leaders had an important role to play in educating the masses about environmental protection.  

25 July 2003:
Papua New Guinea Christians restore forest
The Hogave Conservation and Retreat Centre, situated in an important nature reserve, will train pastors and laypeople in forest management.  

15 July 2003:
Prime Minister of Mongolia to be first International President of ARC
Nambaryn Enkhbayar, prime minister of Mongolia is ARC's first International President. Enkhbayar is a Buddhist who grew up as a communist – and he has drawn upon his faith to rebuild his country.  

Green Futures, 13 July 2003:
Inner City Sanctums
Faith, it is said, can move mountains – so it should be up to shifting a few tons of concrete to create gardens and oases amongst the urban blight. Victoria Finlay lifts the veil on an unlikely marriage of religion - and regeneration.  

ARC publish new book on faith and ecology through the World Bank
Faith in Conservation takes us into the realm of myths, symbols, stories and legends to help explain how the diversity of worlds we inhabit can help preserve what for most people is still "God's Creation".   

13 July 2003:
East Timor Christians join the Conservation cause
The Catholic Church in Dili has launched a pilot project to plant native trees and plants on parish land - concentrating on species that will help the local community. If it works, the initiative will be adopted island-wide.  

13 July 2003:
Laos set to join the Asian Buddhist Network
Buddhists in Laos are to join the Asian Buddhist network. ARC will offer seed funding for conservation projects in monasteries throughout the country.  

The boy who hated concrete
The story of how a vicar helped people create a garden in a tough high rise estate: and the lives it changed.  

Interfaith document, 23 May 2003:
Goroka Declaration on Christians and the Environment
An inter-church commitment to care for the environment in Papua New Guinea - undergirded by the Evangelical Alliance of PNG.  

Green Futures magazine, 25 March 2003:
Spiritual capital across the divide
The main faiths control investments amounting to about 10 per cent of the world’s equities. That gives them a mighty lever for change, and it’s one which they are just beginning to wield.  

24 December 2002:
Indonesia’s religions meet for first time since Bali bombing
Faith is vital to the majority of people in the world – for some of the poorest it may be all they have. At a meeting in Bogor, funded partly by the World Bank and ARC, representatives from Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian faiths, as well as NGOs talk about how to heal the problems of the environment.  

The Independent newspaper, 25 November 2002:
ARC’s celebration of Creation: fit for a Queen
A gathering of the leaders of the world’s 11 major religious faiths, at an international religious celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, could have profound repercussions around the world.  

25 November 2002:
Religions to challenge the definition of “good” investments
At a unique meeting held in New York, representatives of 22 major international religious funds agree to move towards creating an organisation to mobilise a proportion of the enormous financial resources of some of the major faiths, in a way that is consistent with their core values.  

Church Times, 22 November 2002:
How to do business for good
Religions have a big stick, says Paul Vallely. It’s the huge funds that they control.  

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