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ARC's Diary

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JUNE 2019


In the past 23 years ARC has seen an incredible rise in the global perception (by governments, NGOs, religious leaders, religious followers and members of the general public) of the importance of religions in environment and conservation programmes. There is work to be done, and there are now many organisations and bodies to do that work. We will be closing by the beginning of July 2019, pleased at the success of what was always going to be a relatively short time project. Thank you to all those who walked beside us. For more details link here.

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Vision and Strategy
ARC's vision is of people, through their beliefs, treading more gently upon the earth. Link here to find out how we achieve this.
June 13, 2019:
Letter of thanks from Prince Philip to our long-standing sponsor MOA International
HRH Prince Philip, on behalf of ARC, sent a warm personal letter to MOA International in Japan, thanking them for standing beside us for so long.
June 27, 2019:
ARC has closed after 23 years
ARC has closed after 23 exciting years brokering links between the world's major faiths and organisations working on environment programmes. We have made this decision for the best of reasons: we have done what we set out to do. THIS WEBSITE IS NOW ARCHIVED.