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Guru Granth Sahib

"All nights all days all dates all occasions
All seasons, months, the entire Earth and all its load.
All Waters all winds, all the fires and underworlds.
All spheres, all divisions of Earth, and all worlds, men and forms.
How great is the Lord’s command over them all cannot be known
Nor can the Lord’s deeds be described."

The Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of the Sikhs, has many teachings about caring for creation. Here are some of the most important:

Guru Nanak describes: "hundreds of thousands of worlds beneath and over ours." (3))

"True are Your Universes, and true are your solar systems,
True are Your Worlds and true Your Creation,
True are Your doings and all deliberations,
True is Your order and true Your courts." (438)

"Through countless ages
Complete darkness prevailed;
In a complete void
There was no world, no firmament.
The Will of the Lord alone existed
Neither night nor day, neither sun nor moon;
Only God in an endless trance.
Neither creation, nor destruction, neither coming nor going;
There were no continents, no underworlds;
No seven oceans, no rivers, no flowing waters;
There were no higher, middle or lower planes;
Neither was there heaven, nor hell;
Neither death nor time;
There was no world of tortures, nor region of bliss;
Neither birth nor death;
When He so willed, Then He created the world,
and without any support sustained the firmament.
He founded the continents, solar systems, underworld,
and from the Absolute Self, he became manifest.
None knows his limit, It is through the True Teacher (Guru)
the secret is revealed." (1035)

"One who realizes the visible as merged in the formless,
And finds poise in the truth of God’s invisible power,
Such a one shall not be subject to the cycle of births." (414)
"The forms become in according to Divine Will.
Human comprehension fails at this stage to understand the Divine Will". (1)

"Let truth be the strict norm of all you think and do, so that your pain and anxiety may go and all-felicity come to you,
Always cognize the near presence of God, through the practice of the Name,
Avoid hurt or injury to any sentient being so that peace may come to your mind,
Be humble by helping and serving those afflicted with misery and want so as to achieve God-consciousness.
Nanak testifies that God is the exalter of the fallen and lowly." (322)

"Hail the Guru, for he teaches the ascent of man over himself." (462)

"The air is deemed to be Guru, Water the father and the Earth our mother,
Whose belly gives us all the things.
Night and day are the two female and male nurses.
Made to play thus, the world plays in their lap.
You Yourself are the fish and yourself the net.
You Yourself are the cow and the grazer
Your light pervades in all the beings of the world just as lord has willed." (1021)

All of these extracts are from the Guru Granth Sahib

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