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Major Faiths Invited to Celebrate 7 Year Plans at Windsor Castle

Updated July 1, 2009 :

The first Plans for Generational Change will be launched by faiths at Windsor Castle in November 2009, just before the Copenhagen COP. They will be complemented by local launches in the month leading up to Windsor. These important events will send a message to Governments and the UN Secretary General that this major element of civil society believes that care for the natural environment (and through that, making steps to prevent climate change) is not a luxury, but that it is at the core of what most of the world believes. It will also, more importantly, start chains of activity going which will protect the environment for generations, regardless of what the governments decide at Copenhagen.

• Windsor will be a tremendous networking opportunity, with leading representatives of many of the faith groups around the world who are engaging most keenly with issues of climate change and the natural environment, as well as leading decision-makers from the intergovernmental and NGO worlds.

• It will be a chance for senior faith leaders to compare best practice with each other, and to enable those stories to be told to others.

• It will also be a “market place” for serious faith ventures on the environment to find committed partners in the secular NGO and governmental worlds.

St George's Hall, Windsor, where the main Faiths and Conservation event will be held.
• It will be a launch for new internet portals to tell the stories through text, video, audio and pictures, and to be linked together to inspire others.

• Its final, beautiful celebration will take the audience through dance, song, drama and meditation on a journey to hear the voices of creation as they rise at the beginning of time, go through crisis, and rise again. It will be an unforgettable reminder that the solutions to this climate change crisis are not just about looking outside, at numbers and negotiations. They are also about looking inside, and each one of us making practical changes that we believe in.

In 2008, the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) inaugurated an international programme in partnership with UNDP. The intention is to help all key religions launch major new initiatives as a contribution towards protecting the natural environment and addressing climate change. The idea was to create long-term plans to embed care of Creation/the Natural World into the way that people conduct themselves for many generations to come. The latest guide to these initiatives, with examples of how the first faiths have conceived their own plans, can be found here.

Latest news on the faiths' Celebration at Windsor.

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September 13, 2009 :
Martin Palmer explains why faiths can shape future generations
In a Radio 4 Sunday Programme interview, Martin Palmer describes the power faiths have in shaping future generations - and why the major faiths will be celebrating long term commitments to the natural world at Windsor in November with ARC and the UN.