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Hope for the Future: Let's get Climate Change onto the Agenda

December 3, 2014:

Leaflet from the HFTF website

With a UK general election on the horizon in May, 2015 Christian churches across the country are campaigning to put climate change on the political agenda.

The Hope For The Future campaign was started in 2013 by Environment Officers in the dioceses of Yorkshire and the North East and was also recognised by the Bishop of Sheffield, the Rt Rev Steven Croft, in an address to his diocesan synod in March 2014.

Things have continued to grow and Hope For The Future now has a range of partner organisations including Tear Fund, A Rocha, Christian Aid, Eco Congregation, Christian Ecology Link, Us (formerly USPG), Quaker Peace and Social Witness, Climate Stewards and the Iona Community.

The principal aim of the campaign is to support Christians to lobby their MPs to influence their political party - whichever one it may be - to include commitments about tackling the climate change issue in their election manifesto. The Hope for the Future website provides access to many very useful resources including lists of issues to raise, links to the New Climate report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, sample letters to write and an updated list of any climate change policies or commitments made by the main political parties. The site also offers suggestions for sermons, prayers and hymns to help celebrate the link between spirituality and the responsibility to care for creation.

Bishop Steven Croft endorsed the campaign in 2014
Ambassador Training Day

As the election date approaches they are holding a training day in Sheffield on January 31, 2015, for anyone interested in learning how to help their church and local community engage politically with the issues surrounding climate change. People who attend the course can become Climate Ambassadors, helping to spread the Hope For The Future campaign across the country and influence as many MPs as possible.

Details of the training event can be found here.

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