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One year course for future leaders on Spiritual Ecology - deadline Sept 15

August 23 2017:


About the Programme

The Spiritual Ecology Youth Leadership Programme is an eight month part time course for 20-32 year olds from different faith and spiritual traditions, based in the UK and Europe.

The Programme is about integrating spiritual values as the foundation of our response to the ecological crisis, and putting the worldview and principles of spiritual ecology into action.

It recognises the urgent need to address root causes and to go beyond just political, economic or technocratic solutions. You will have the opportunity to design and pilot your own community project and develop a long term vision to sow the seeds for a future based on values of interconnectedness, reverence for nature, compassion, service and stewardship.

St Ethelburgas are looking for ten emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and faith or spiritual traditions to participate. The programme is fully funded with no cost to participants except for travel costs to retreats, and food expenses for shorter workshops. We are seeking applications from individuals who are committed to integrating spiritual values in practice, have strong leadership skills and potential, as well as some practical experience, for example in leading and managing projects, facilitation, teaching and community building.

We are particularly interested in applications from individuals who are connected to a specific faith tradition and community that they want to work with in their project. However, we are aware that many young people interested in this work do not belong to traditional institutionalized religious groups, and that much of the innovation and creative thinking we need occurs outside of these mainstream structures, and therefore please be assured that we will consider all applications received.

To support you we will offer:

Teachers and mentors from the field: You’ll have the opportunity to learn from and build relationships with practitioners and exponents of the emerging spiritual ecology approach to environmental change.

Leadership training: You’ll explore the inner and outer dimensions of leadership needed to create real change. This includes how to integrate the principles of Spiritual Ecology into our personal practice and lives. We’ll also train you in key leadership skills such as facilitation, group work and public speaking.

Project development and mentorship: The central thread of the programme will be to develop and deliver an individual pilot project within (ideally a faith) community you want to work with in your long term vision. You will receive training and 1:1 mentorship to support you to create a real impact and maximize your learning and development.

Practical experience: During the programme the ten spiritual ecologists will collaborate to design and deliver a workshop to a specific faith community. You’ll have a live opportunity to learn and practice teaching and facilitation skills, as well as how to adapt the spiritual ecology approach to different faith contexts, and crucially, how to make an impact.

Networking: You will gain a support network through St Ethelburga’s and forge deep and long term relationships with others from diverse backgrounds who are committed to this field of work including a network of participants from last year’s programme.

Resources: We’ll give you a reading list and other resources to support your learning journey throughout the programme.

Project funding: Whilst we cannot guarantee it, it is possible that there will be the opportunity to apply for seed funding for your project after the programme as part of our Associate Fellowship scheme which is launching in early 2018. For news and updates, follow us on Facebook.


Participants will be required to design, develop and deliver a small pilot project as the first step of a longer term vision.

This year we will prioritise projects that are working with specific faith communities.

We’re interested in projects that have the potential to make a real change whether it’s educational, creating a new tool or planting trees.

We’re interested in projects that unite spiritual values with environmental and social change making.

Ideally your pilot project will be the first step towards realizing the project or work that you want to dedicate yourself to in the long term beyond the end of the programme.

Ongoing support and mentorship for project development will be offered throughout the duration of the programme, on retreats and also outside of retreat time.

Collaborative workshops

Another unique learning experience is the opportunity for the ten participants to deliver a spiritual ecology workshop to a pre-identified faith community (or possibly a selection of communities possibly including: a Sikh community located in the largest Sikh temple in Europe in Birmingham; a Muslim chaplaincy and prison/rehabilitation project; a Methodist church ‘eco-hotels’ project and an environmental education curriculum for Jewish communities based on the religious text.

Programme dates

The team are in the process of finalizing retreat dates and locations.


Programme details

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