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Happy Sikh Environment Day!

March 14, 2014:

This painting of Guru Har Rai Ji was made by Chandigarh artist Rahi Mohinder Singh for the 2013 celebrations.

As Friday March 14, 2014 dawns we wish Sikhs everywhere a Happy Sikh Environment Day! Now in its fourth year the worldwide celebration has grown steadily and there's every sign that this year's daunting target of 2,000 participating groups will be achieved, thanks to the hard work and experience of the EcoSikh team and the goodwill of Sikhs everywhere.

Throughout today there will be environmentally-themed services, celebrations and actions in Gurdwaras, schools, youth clubs and community groups from Chicago to Kolkata, Oslo to Amritsar and Ghana to Glasgow, making it a genuinely global event.

Some groups will be out on the streets cleaning up, or clearing polluted rivers, others might be starting a new green space or planting trees. There will be special Kirtans (hymns) sung to celebrate nature and sermons to remember the nature-loving Guru Har Rai Ji,seventh spiritual leader of the Sikhs, whose Gurgaddi Diwas day this is.

While there's hard work and serious thinking involved, hopefully there will be fun as well, with the satisfaction of knowing that the world will be a greener place thanks to your eco-friendly thoughts and actions.

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