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Senior UN official congratulates Sikhs on Environment Day

March 14, 2011:

Sikhs are celebrating Sikh Environment Day today

United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Olav Kjørven has congratulated Sikhs on Sikh Environment Day, which is being celebrated today by Sikhs throughout the world.

Mr Kjørven, who is director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), said: "In honour of the Seventh Sikh Guru I am sending my most reverent wishes and congratulations for the events planned to celebrate Sikh Environment day on March 14th."

Referring to the long-term action plans to protect the living planet, which were launched by 31 faith groups at the ARC/UNDP Windsor Celebration in 2009 and which included a five-year Sikh plan, Mr Kjørven said: “I am thrilled to see that the plans launched in Windsor two years ago are being implemented and have sparked support for successful initiatives, including the one you are about to celebrate.”

He hailed the Sikh activism on behalf of environment and said: “I deeply admire the work undertaken across the faiths since Windsor and have watched your struggles to enact the far-reaching proactive changes that are necessary to address climate change, provide environmental protection and ensure the regeneration that our living planet so urgently needs.

Dr Rajwant Singh, convener of the EcoSikh environmental movement which has organised Sikh Environment Day, welcomed Mr Kjørven's comments, saying: “We are encouraged by the leadership of the United Nations on the Sikh Environment Day. Sikh community is committed in making significant contribution to save Mother earth’s environment. There is widespread enthusiasm amongst Sikhs on this issue and it will continue to inspire youngsters as well."

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