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ARC featured on China's CCTV and BBC's Radio 4

November 15, 2011:

L-R Liu Fangfei in discussion with Xu Jialu and Martin Palmer PHOTO: ARC/Victoria Finlay

CCTV's popular programme Journey of Civilisation broadcast an interview with ARC's Martin Palmer to tens of millions of people last night.

The programme, hosted by Liu Fangfei was recorded in late October at the holy mountain of Hengshan in Hunan Province, in front of a live audience of some 500 Daoist monks and nuns, government officials, academics and media.

It took the form of a discussion between Martin Palmer and the former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Mr Xu Jialu, and was billed as a Discussion about Taoism between East and West.

It was broadcast in English and Chinese, with subtitles, and can be watched here. It takes a short time to download.

10 faith traditions joined the Green Pilgrimage Network at Assisi
Saving Species

Meanwhile today's broadcast of Saving Species is the first of two programmes recorded at ARC's Assisi event for BBC Radio 4 by Karen Partridge. This is how the BBC's website advertises it:

26/30 Assisi near Rome is the home town of Saint Francis - the patron saint of the environment. A fitting place for a unique gathering of world faiths and members of the global conservation community. They were there to inspire one another and find ways of working more closely together to protect the natural world. Karen Partridge joined the delegates and speakers in Assisi and will be in the studio to talk about the upsum of this special meeting of minds.

And we're hoping to bring you a special report and an encounter with a bird that is on the brink of extinction. A last ditch effort by two major UK wildlife organisations and collaborators in Russia might, in the long term, turn the fortunes of this most beautiful migrant bird around. Fingers crossed for this weekend when we hope Brett will get the green light to go and get the story.

The Daoist pilgrim city of Louguan was one of the pilgrim cities joining the network
Presented by Brett Westwood

Produced by Mary Colwell

Editor Julian Hector.


Link here to listen to the BBC programme. Part Two is next week

Link here to listen to the CCTV programme. It takes a short time to download.

Click here for the Green Pilgrimage Network handbook.

Click here for photos.

For a breakdown of the figures for pilgrimage, visit: here.

To see a brief outline of the plans of the founder Green Pilgrimage Network members, click here.

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October 20, 2011 :
PRESS RELEASE: Major Chinese government meeting with Daoists
A major meeting next week at the Hengshan sacred mountain in Hunan marks the first time in nearly 900 years that the Chinese government has asked the Daoists for advice in how to manage the country.
November 2, 2011:
Green Guide to the Hajj launched at Assisi, Italy
The first guide to an environmentally sustainable Hajj has been launched to encourage Muslim pilgrims - now arriving in Mecca (Makkah) in Saudi Arabia for this year's pilgrimage - to reduce their impact on the Earth.
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