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Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana to form eco-clubs

June 22, 2011:

Eco-club workshop for school heads

One of ARC's partners in Africa, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has announced plans to form eco-clubs in all of its schools throughout the country.

The Church was among 31 faith groups that launched long-term action plans on the environment at the Windsor Celebration in November 2009; the school eco-club programme has arisen directly out of its plan.

Speaking at a recent workshop for the heads of the schools that will pilot the eco-club project, Reverend Winfred Hayford Azornu, acting general manager of the Church's education unit, said, given the right leadership, direction and orientation, children could become crusaders for environmental protection.

Activities that will be undertaken by the eco-clubs include:

  • growing and protecting trees
  • learning simple farming techniques
  • practicing sanitation and cleanliness
  • educating people to understand issues around climate change using the local languages.

    Rev Azornu said prizes would be awarded to the schools with the best-performing eco-clubs.

    To find out more, click here for the Ghana News Agency report of the workshop.

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