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Powerful vision statement for AMEN

January 5, 2007:

AMEN's new logo

The Africa Muslim Environment Network (AMEN) this month published its official mission statement, including a powerful statement of its vision as: “African Muslims helping African Muslims helping the earth.”

AMEN, which was formed in 2006, is a network of Muslims and Muslim Organisations in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa – with hopes to expand much further over the next ten years.

Its primary purpose is to share information about successful environment friendly development initiatives by Mosques, Islamic organisations (such as youth groups and women groups) and the diversity of Islam communities around Africa.

Link here to view the full brochure text, including AMEN’s seven key pledges.

Link here to download a speech by AMEN's Secretary General, Maimuna Mwidau, who is also the Executive Director of the League of Muslim Women of Kenya.

The network came about after a unique gathering in Mombassa, Kenya in 2005 which drew together Muslim organisations from around East Africa. It was organised by ARC and the Muslim Civic Education Trust (MCET), and was sponsored by the World Bank.

Islamic groups who would not normally be in the same room together found many areas of common agreement, and the Muslim organisations began to see how their traditions and teachings could help preserve the environment and contribute to the welfare of many communities. That gathering also brought together secular groups, many of whom had never before thought of exploring how Islam understands the environment and sustainable development.

”Religious groups, because of their own nature, have always been on the ground and responded to people's needs,” said ARC’s project manager, Paola Triolo. “Mosques and Churches provide networks that reach almost every village and they have often proved to be one of the most enduring of social structures. “

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