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Our EcoSikh colleague Ravneet Singh attacked outside Parliament in Westminster

February 22, 2018:

Jaspreet Singh and Ravneet Singh at Parliament yesterday

We were all horrified to hear this morning that our colleague and friend Ravneet Pal Singh of EcoSikh was attacked by a racist as he stood outside Parliament in London, waiting to go in for a meeting with the Sikh MP Tan Dhesi.

His turban was pulled, and a man yelled "Muslim go home".

Ravneet was shocked at the violence displayed, but said he prayed for his attacker. He also prayed that nobody of any religion should be attacked in that way.

Tan Dhesi MP condemns the attack on EcoSikh's Ravneet Pal Singh
Ravneet was in the UK to raise funds and awareness for EcoSikh, an initiative that ARC helped Sikhs in the Punjab and USA set up after the Copenhagen COP and Windsor Faiths and the Environment events in 2009.

Ravneet has been the India director of Ecosikh from the beginning. He has helped create Sikh Environment Day every March 14, which last year reached two million people in 15 countries, as well as Amritsar Foundation Day and other programmes boosting eco action in the Sikh Holy City.

ECOSIKH PRESS RELEASE: Sikh Attacked Outside Parliament Building in Westminster, Central London Video statement by Ravneet Singh link here: Sikh Attacked Outside Parliamentary Building

February 21, 2018, London; A Sikh was attacked today at 5:20pm outside of UK Parliament building. Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh’s South Asia Project Manager, was attacked and his turban was pulled by an individual while he uttered racial slurs.

The area had people waiting to get inside the parliament building or trying to see their Parliament representatives.

Ravneet Singh and his colleague Jaspreet Singh from India were waiting in a queue to meet the Sikh MP Tan Dhesi of Slough at Westminster. The EcoSikh team were to meet Tan Dhesi regarding the upcoming World Sikh Environment Day on March 14 and establishing EcoSikh as an environmental charity in UK.

Tan Dhesi strongly condemned this attack and said that he will follow up with the police to prevent this kind of attacks on Sikhs.

Dhesi tweeted “Disgusted to discover today that someone filled with hatred tried to pull off the turban of one of my guests standing in line outside @UKParliament. I hope the @metpoliceuk /authorities will take urgent action.”

Ravneet Singh at ARC's offices on February 16
The police immediately approached Ravneet Singh and recorded his statement. The police also informed that the incident was recorded in the CCTV camera and they will find out the attacker.

Ravneet Singh said, "I came all the way from India to see the parliament in the UK and meet the Sikh MP and I was so excited. I am not sure why the attacker was shouting at us and why did he attack my turban, but all I could make out was "Muslim go back".

The Sikh community is working hard on the teachings of Guru Nanak and trying to serve and help the world, whereas we are not as public as we should be. The government should come forward to educate society and protect innocent people."

Dr. Rajwant Singh, EcoSikh President in Washington DC and the co-Founder of the National Sikh Campaign, said: “It is so sad that such an attack will take place at the sacred grounds of the UK Parliament. It just shows that lot more work is to be done to inform people about Who Sikhs are and to promote understanding in UK.”

Ravneet Singh can be contacted at +91-998-837-3268

Jaspreet Singh can be contacted at +91-981-522-7100

Tan Dhesi can be contacted at 01753 518 161or 020 7219 1946 or email at




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