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Faith in Water Workshop: 5-7 July 2009

April 1, 2009 :

Through the workshop, a guidebook will be produced entitled: ‘Faith in water: Ideas, Inspirations and Stories’.

ARC, together with partners EMF(Ecological Management Foundation) and IRC (International Water and Sanitation Centre) is delighted to be hosting a workshop on faith schools, water, sanitation and hygiene from 5-7 July 2009.

The purpose behind the workshop, which is taking place at Sarum College in Salisbury, is to create a guidebook based on ‘Faith in water: Ideas, Inspirations and Stories’.

Participants have been asked to prepare a written paper in advance of the workshop outlining what water means within the context of their respective faith traditions and religious schools.

What is needed from the paper

No more than 2000 words long, the paper should reflect on the symbolism and significance of the practical relationship between faith and water. We want a sense of the rich mythology and stories about water that underpin your faith tradition. Please highlight texts from your own holy books which can help us to appreciate the faith’s insights into our relationship with water. In keeping with the title of this programme “Faith in Water: ideas, inspiration and stories” the emphasis is on stories which engage and inspire.

All papers submitted will form the initial sections of a proposed guide-book “Faith in water – A guide to ideas, inspiration, stories and action” which will also be a practical outcome from the two day event capturing the ideas, conversations and inspiration. The deadline for submission is the end of April 2009.

ARC regrets this event is not open to the public, but is intended for invited participants only.

For details of other ARC events, please link here.

For information about IRC, link here.

And link to EMF here.

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