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November 26, 2014:

Things Unseen

Things Unseen is a website for ‘people who have a faith, and those who just feel there’s more out there than meets the eye.’ Since 2011 it has been exploring ‘what’s beyond the material invisible world’ and now has a wide-ranging archive of podcasts on a variety of moral and faith-based issues. In 'The Dao of Jesus' ARC Deputy Director General Alison Hilliard and Director General Martin Palmer discuss the ways in which Daoist thought has enabled a different reading of Christian traditions across the centuries and how this has influenced Martin’s own faith.

BBC Radio podcasts and 'Listen Again' opportunities

ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer is often called upon to contribute to BBC radio programmes on topics relating to religion and conservation. Many of these broadcasts are available to listen to or download as podcasts from the BBC website. The links below will allow you to listen to these programmes.

The Why Factor

The BBC World Service programme The Why Factor looks into a topic related to everyday life and explores the cultural and historical background to it. Martin Palmer was the main contributor to an edition which investigated the spiritual dimension of humanity's relationship with water and bathing. The programme was broadcast on Friday June 14, 2013.

You can download a podcast of the programme by selecting 'show all episodes' and finding 'Bathing 1 - 14 June 2013' on the menu list here.

The Cave of Faith

In June 2012 Martin Palmer contributed this 15 minute illustrated essay to a short series on the theme of 'the cave'. Martin's piece reflects on the role of caves in religious stories and traditions. As he says "the cave is a metaphor for the inner world, the world of our emotions and our psyche - in contrast to our outer world of everyday life. Caves give us permission to go into places where we otherwise might not have the courage to venture - both physically and spiritually."

Though not available as a podcast you can listen to it here.

In Our Time

This weekly programme on BBC Radio 4, chaired by Lord Melvin Bragg, brings together acknowledged experts and academics to thoroughly explore a topic from any branch of knowledge, including art, science, culture, religion and history. Martin Palmer is a frequent guest on the programme and the links below will take you to the many podcasts featuring his contributions on a wide range of subjects.


The Devil

The Fall



King Solomon

Muslim Spain

Nicene Creed

The Pelagian Controversy


The Soul

St Thomas Aquinas

The Apocalypse

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November 26 2014:
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September 17, 2013:
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