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A new ARC resource of environmental prayers and meditations

Aril 8, 2014:

Whether within ancient teachings or in more modern guidance, all faiths have always found ways to capture the essence of their relationship with creation and nature. Throughout the ages faithful people have used moments of reflection and calm to express their feelings and explore their thoughts through private meditation or in prayers to their Divinity.

Here at ARC we have collected some of those environmental prayers and meditations from different traditions as a resource for those seeking ways to express themselves in prayer as part of their spiritual journey to care for the natural world. The new Prayers and Meditations page on this website has numerous examples from Sikh, Christian, Sufi Islam, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Daoist sources as well as links to other on-line resources providing a similar service.

The page is a companion to our longer-established Inspiration page which also offers downloadable texts, educational materials and links to other materials available on the internet.

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