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The Prince, the Prime Minister and the Patriarch

8 September 2003:

Nobody remembers the last time that an English Prince, a Mongolian Prime Minister and a Christian Patriarch met at Buckingham Palace or indeed anywhere in the world. The issue of religions and conservationists brings together many people around the world who would not normally meet. And while the meeting on October 30 at Buckingham Palace is a particularly extraordinary one, the work of ARC regularly brings the most unlikely partners together.

HRH Prince Philip, as ARC’s founder, will welcome Prime Minister Mr Enkhbayar of Mongolia – a leading Buddhist thinker who is ARC’s first international president. They will be joined by His Beatitude Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Peter Cardinal Sfeir, the 76th Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East to discuss major new developments in ARC’s work, including the launch of the Asian Buddhist Network and the development worldwide of official state recognition of sacred places as national parks – which the Patriarch and the Lebanese Government are pioneering in the Harisa Forest and Qadisha Valley.

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