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Buddhist Monks Establish Network on Forest Conservation

September 2 2017:

Cambodia monks say no to chainsaws

Last month, August 2017, ARC and our Cambodian NGO partner, Ponlok Khmer (PKH), supported the launch of an exciting new network in Cambodia made up of Buddhist monks leading grassroots forest conservation initiatives.

The Monks Community for the Environment (MCE) was established to link Buddhist monks across Cambodia engaged in conservation in a network of mutual support and it has become a platform to share Buddhist-based conservation experiences, build capacity, identify best practices and learn from each other.

Over the past year the 22 monks in this network have developed skills in conservation project management, and strengthened Buddhist-based approaches such as tree ordination, community forestry and patrolling, outreach and awareness in Buddhist communities, and tree planting and forest restoration.

More information can be found in Khmer on the MCE Facebook page.


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And from elsewhere...

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