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ARC's Catholic eco-schools newsletter programme goes into its second school year

Oct 15 2008:

ARC's Catholic eco-schools newsletter programme goes into its second school year this week, with issue number five, on the subject of eco-initiatives, walking to school, the feedback that comes from organising a big faith-based environmental initiative, twinning with other schools to track migratory birds, and organising gardening programmes.

In early 2008 ARC launched a newsletter scheme to bring Catholic schools in SW England together to talk about what they are doing to help the natural environment. The first schools newsletter was issued in February.

It was initially conceived as part of The Sound of Many Waters environmental year-long initiative by Clifton Cathedral in Bristol, and following a presentation given at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College in October 2007, many Catholic schools and colleges in the diocese felt they needed a forum where they could exchange views and share experiences about the need to protect the environment.

However, although the Sound of Many Waters finished officially last weekend - with a celebration of God's Creation to mark St Frances day on October 4 - it has been decided to continue the newsletters for the next academic year.

Primary school children enjoy Earth Day 2008, as reported in newsletter numbers 3 and 4
The key to the eco newsletter articles is that although they are written and sent out by ARC, they are guided by the teachers and staff at the Catholic schools, enabling them to compare information about ecological issues - sharing successes but also sharing problems and problem-solving.

This initiative is a model for creating informal networks on environmental ideas in a cheap, effective way. The second key issue in ARC's Seven Year Plans for Generational change is that of education and youth involvement, and some of the ideas that are emerging can be fed back into youth environment programmes world wide.

“Thank you very much for all the work that you and ARC are putting into this project”. Alison Spurrell, Eco-Schools Coordinator, St Teresa’s in Bristol.

“I am finding that linking environment work with our faith much more challenging and would particularly appreciate support and ideas in this area” said a coordinator from another Catholic school in the Bristol region.

“It is a great idea in promoting dialogue,“ commentated a primary school teacher on the network .


Link to read other Catholic School Eco Newsletters.

Link here for The Sound of Many Waters environmental initiative by Clifton Cathedral.

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Link to the Catholic Earthcare website.

Link here for a BBC news story about The Sound of Many Waters.

Link here for an edited version of: THE CALL OF CREATION: GOD'S INVITATION AND THE HUMAN RESPONSE which was first published in 2002 by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, adding its voice to the many calling for urgent action to protect our earthly home from further destruction.

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