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The ARC archive donated to the University of Bath

May 7, 2019:

The file covers much of the work and publications since before ARC's launch in 1995 at Windsor

The University of Bath Archive now contains the main documents for ARC's work, records and books on areas of religions and conservation. The records date from the beginning, when ARC grew out of a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiative to bring conservation bodies together with the world’s major faiths in 1986.

Founded in 1995 by HRH Prince Philip and representatives of nine world religions, we are a secular body that helps religions develop environmental programmes based on their core teachings and practices, creating links between communities of believers and environmental organisations. Our headquarters are located in Bath.

The collection comprises correspondence, trustees’ minutes, press cuttings, administrative papers, reports and publications documenting the ongoing management, operation, activities and output of the ARC from its inception. It represents a valuable resource for all those interested in global conservation strategy, environmental policy formulation, inter-faith collaboration and many other related topics.

Assisi 1985
The records show how our work – which includes developing environmental projects, such as organic farming and sacred land reserves, supporting environmentally responsible investment, sponsoring partnership events and creating networks for communication – has grown and changed over the past 30 plus years, from a time when the idea of religions being environmentalists was seen by many as pretty unlikely to now, when every major religion acknowledges (and is often excited by) its traditional teachings and current actions on protecting the living planet.

The collection will be catalogued in the future. Please email the University Archivist for further details, from this link.

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