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Faith leaders discuss climate change on BBC World Service

December 8, 2010:

Sultan Muhammadu Sa'adu Abubakar, one of four Nigerian faith leaders visiting the UK

Four senior Nigerian faith leaders visiting the UK at the invitation of ARC and the British Council have today taken part in a BBC World Service debate on the role of faith leaders in fighting climate change.

The live debate was part of the BBC World Service's Africa Have Your Say programme, and examined just how influential faith leaders are in engaging with people on climate change.

The four leaders, who between them speak for more than 100 million Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, are in Britain to gain the support of British faith leaders, politicians and environmental activists in addressing the effects of climate change in Africa - and to reveal their plans to help prevent conflict caused by environmental degradation.

The leaders are:

  • Amirul Mumineen Shayk as-Sultan Muhammadu Sa'adu Abubakar – considered the spiritual leader of Nigeria's 70 million Muslims, roughly 50 per cent of the nation's population;
  • Pastor Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor - President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), and based in the Niger Delta region;
  • Khalifa Sheikh Qaribullah Nasir Kabara - leader of the Qadiriyyah Sufi Movement in West Africa, with an estimated 15 million followers in Nigeria; and
  • Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan - the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abuja.

    To listen to the debate, visit the Africa Have Your Say page on the BBC World Service website here.

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