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Daoist Eco Handbook for Temples

February 24, 2011:

A handbook for Daoist temples about how - and why - to go green has now been translated into English. Download it here. It makes for inspiring reading. It includes case studies, quotes, prayers for morning, afternoon and evening, and simple advice on how to take care of nature.

“The Dao De Jing proposes that ‘the Dao is the origin of everything’ and sets the scene for the important Daoist principle that the apparent duality of heaven and humanity is in actuality one. In Daoism, heaven, earth and humanity are also all part of an integral entity, and humanity shares its origin and laws with the rest of nature. It is only when we obey the rules of nature that we can achieve harmony with heaven and earth. These thoughts are the insights of ancient Chinese sages, gained through observing the world around them....” (Liu Yan Dong. Keynote speech, 2007 Dao De Jing International Forum)

“The Dao follows Nature”. “Nature’s Dao” is the ultimate law of this universe. This is a law that should be followed in everything, and in the Mao Shan Daoist Temple it is the principle both of its architecture and its infrastructure.

Simple Advice to the followers of Daoism (from the handbook)

 “The goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures; yet itself does not scramble, but is content with the places that all men disdain. It is this makes water so near to the Way…” — To see Dao, one must first learn from water, nurturing all things and creating a “good place”.

 “The highest kind is like that of water.” — Water is the origin of all lives. Please protect our water sources, and save water in your daily life. The water we used to wash vegetables can be used to water your flowers; and the water we used to wash your clothes, can be used to flush our toilets and clean our floors!

 “The sage nurtures all, and abandons no one, he accepts (saves) everything and rejects (throws) nothing, he attends to the smallest details.” — There exists no real “waste” in the world. Please separate your garbage and recycle it.

 “Though there be boats and carriages, none being there to ride them.” — Please choose transportation that does not pollute our environment. Please walk when you can, this is better for your health.

 To preserve our forest, please choose recycled paper and print your document on both sides of the paper.

 The incense you burn does not have to be big and plenty. Please choose environmentally friendly incense. Suffocating smoke could discredit your sincerity and harm your health.

 Please take away the litter you leave behind when travelling.

 Everyone has the responsibility to protect our environment. Please remember, there is always more you can do!



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