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A Summit of Conscience to be held in Philippines

October 6, 2015:

The Summit of Conscience for the Climate, held on July 21, 2015, hosted by the French Government with ARC and French Catholic publisher Bayard Press has inspired Philippines Senator Loren Legarda to host a similar event on October 9.

Link here for the programme.

She has encouraged the Philippines Senate Committee on Climate Change, in cooperation with the Climate Change Commission, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the French Embassy in Manila, to hold their Summit of Conscience for the Climate at the Senate of the Philippines in advance of the Paris COP21.

"The Philippine Summit of Conscience for the Climate aims to raise the consciousness of Filipinos that climate change is a personal issue affecting every citizen, and to challenge each one to act arising from one’s individual conscience," Legarda said.

"Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge that human beings face in this era, which demands changes in values, beliefs and ways of living, to do what is right and good for the environment."

The activity will gather leaders and representatives across sectors - faith-based organizations, civil society, the academe and national government agencies - to ponder on the questions “Why do I care?” and “How do I show that I care?". It will elicit personal stories, beliefs and commitments in protecting and saving our planet. This particular event will be the first of a series of similar summits to be held in different parts of the country.

At each summit, the aim is for participants to sign the Call to Conscience for the Climate and to ask themselves the fundamental question: Why do I care?.



On July 21, 2015, a Summit of Consciences for the Climate was held in Paris, France, bringing together religious, political and cultural leaders, Nobel Peace laureates, former UN leaders, humanitarian and environmental activists. Senator Loren Legarda, the Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Climate Change and UN Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, was the lone Philippine delegate.

The Summit aimed to foster the “mobilization of conscience on a global scale” to bring about real and lasting solutions to climate change. It intended to bring the climate change issue to a personal level, asking each individual his/her responsibility and commitment to protect and save our planet.

The Summit launched the “Why Do I Care” campaign to encourage each individual to ask this personal question, challenging each one to act based on one’s conscience. During the Summit, Senator Legarda declared her commitment to “initiate and launch in all the cities and municipalities, barangays, and state universities and colleges all over the country” our own Summit of Conscience for the Climate.

The delegates signed the Call to Conscience for the Climate, which will be presented to each Head of Delegation at the COP 21 in Paris this December.


Photos of the Paris Summit of Conscience.

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