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ARC on NPR yesterday and in Climate Change debate at Bath Abbey tonight

April 29 2008:

Turner's painting of Bath Abbey in 1796

America's National Public Radio (NPR) yesterday broadcast a major feature on ARC's work in its acclaimed series on climate change.

The feature includes a series of short interviews with ARC's secretary general Martin Palmer, talking about the religions' major role in combatting climate change and the natural environment as well as a little about his own journey - and a tour to see the astonishing ancient yew tree of Ashbrittle churchyard in Somerset: a tree which has already seen, and adapted to, many times of climate change during the 3000 or more years since it was a seedling.

Link here for the NPR story and to listen to the broadcast.

Link here to listen to yesterday's major feature on ARC on National Public Radio (NPR) in the United States. The story focuses on ARC's work with faiths around the world on conservation projects.

Martin will also be one of five speakers on the panel for a debate on Climate Change, in Bath Abbey tonight (Tuesday, 29th April) with the title: 'CLIMATE CHANGE: What is happening? What can we do? Can Bath become an eco city?'

The evening has been organised by Churches Together in Bath to give people of the city a chance to hear authoritative views on this, the most urgent issue of our lifetime.

Martin Palmer, ARC,
The speakers will summarise the present state of the climate change debate, and give their views about what organisations and individuals need to do to respond. In particular there will be discussion about how Bath can move towards being an ‘eco city’ following the example of ‘Transition Towns’ Bristol and Totnes, amongst many others.

The other speakers will be Professor Anil Markandya of Bath University; Andrew Pendleton, Climate Change Adviser, Christian Aid; and Sarah Pugh, working with ‘Transition Bristol’. The chair is Rev Roger Nunn, Executive Secretary of Churches Together in Bath.

The debate will be at 7.30pm, in Bath Abbey; entrance will be free, but there will be a retiring collection to meet expenses.

People from all walks of life and outlooks will be welcome, but particularly members of churches, and it is confidently hoped to fill the Abbey, as for the long-remembered debate on ‘Should we invade Iraq?’ in 2002.


** Link here for the Transition Bristol website

** Link here for the Redlands Sustainable website on Climate Change

** Link here for details of a recent talk given by Martin Palmer on Saints and Sustainability.

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