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Sacred Land featured in Daily Telegraph

July 24, 2012:

Daily Telegraph journalist Geoffrey Lean was fascinated by the insights behind 'Sacred Land'

In an important recognition of the ideas behind Martin Palmer's recently published book Sacred Land the Daily Telegraph journalist Geoffrey Lean recently devoted his weekly column to the subject (July 21, 2012).

The Sacred Land story had recently gained an added significance with the news that the church community in Hartcliffe, one of Bristol's most impoverished post-war Council housing estates, is planning to create a new sacred space where currently only decaying church buildings stand. Martin Palmer grew up on the Hartcliffe estate where his father was the parish priest and this resurgence of local interest in sacred land has a particular interest for him.

Lean describes the proposed development of St Andrews, Hartcliffe through an international design competition as 'perhaps the most radical initiative to develop sacred land in England' and quotes Palmer's warning that there could be an environmental crisis unless we recapture the sense of walking on holy ground at all times.

You can read Geoffrey Lean's article here and see the pdf here .

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