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Muslim Seven Year Plan to be core part of annual Japan-Muslim Nations Dialogue

February 20, 2009:

"We are delighted that 'the vision' of this round of dialogue will be the Muslim Seven Year Plan," said ARC's Secretary General Martin Palmer.

ARC is pleased to announce a memorandum of understanding with environmental NGO Earth Mates Dialogue Centre with whom - in association with a wide range of Muslim bodies, countries and organisations - we are now helping bring into being a Muslim Seven Year Plan (M7YP) - a long-term plan to encourage Muslims to take action on the environment within their communities for many generations to come.

The M7YP will be the core subject at the seventh Annual Dialogue meeting between Japan and Muslim nations, which will take place from March 11-12, 2009 in Kuwait. It will be attended by government ministers and the topic this year will be the Environment: The Challenge and the Vision.

"We are delighted that 'the vision' of this round of dialogue will be the Muslim Seven Year Plan," said ARC's secretary general Martin Palmer.

In addition, in the first week of July, leading Muslim scholars from around the world will meet to issue authoritative Islamic teachings on the environment and to endorse - from a scholarly perspective - the Islamic plans for long term generational change.

The areas on which they will comment include:

* The opportunities to green the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, which attracts millions of people every year.

Millions of pilgrims attend the Hajj every year. Photo from
* Publishing Qur'ans on sustainable paper

* Islamic labelling for environmentally friendly products

* Education of clerics in environmental practice and theology

* The development of a madrassa curriculum on the environment

* the creation of an international umbrella body, to be called the Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA). MACCA will be a member organization with different levels of membership and involvement. According to EMDC, the call for MACCA’s membership will be announced soon.

Earth Mates, with support from ARC, organised an international workshop for Islamic environmentalists in Kuwait in October 2008 to draw up the M7YAP. Link here for the draft version of the plan that was created at this meeting.

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