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Photographs of the opening of the Daoist Ecology Temple

June 11 2007:

At the foot of the great pilgrimage trail of Tai Bai mountain there is a tree, said to be 3,000 years old. The Chinese call it the "armour" tree because its wood is as tough as metal, and the Daoist pilgrims drape it with lucky red banners, for good luck and wise thoughts, before they make their journey.

With ritual clashings of gongs and cymbals, and the giving of offerings, the Daoist abbot of Louguantai led the prayers to bless the new Daoist Ecology Temple.

Before the real statues of the Gods are installed later this year, three clay representations preside. Faceless and temporary they could almost be the true face of the Dao.

The attendees of the First Daoist Workshop, including sponsors and organisers.


Link here for the full report from the June 2007 workshop.

Link here for the Daoist temple audits in both Chinese and English.

Link here for details of ARC's speech at the Daodejing Conference in Xian in April 2007, describing how Daoists have very special things to teach about preserving nature.

Link here for Chinese version of the Daodejing speech.

Link here for the Daodejing Forum website.

Link here for a story about the Daodejing Forum from the South China Morning Post - with a spectacular photograph.

Link to more photographs from the June 2007 workshop and Ecology Temple Opening here..

Link to a news story of how the June 2007 workshop was oversubscribed.

Link here for ARC's presentation at the April 2007 Daodejing conference, showing how ancient Daoist teachings are a practical guidebook today to looking after the earth.

Link to details of the July 2006 Workshop on Daoism and Conservation.

Link to the Qinling Declaration, July 26 2006

Link to the Daoist Statement on the Environment, made in 1995.

Link to further information about Daoist beliefs.

Link to presentation in Chinese in August 2006 about Daoism and the Environment by Professor Fan Guiching: 西北道教生态保护实例展示

Link to presentation in Chinese in August 2006 about ARC's projects by Dr He Xiaoxing: 环境保护的意念和项目

Link to presentation in Chinese in August 2006 by Dr He Xiaoxing about the potential for Daoists to help the environment: 古老智慧和新角色:道教和环境保护

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