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Webinar on faith-based climate programmes

May 7, 2019:

ARC's Chantal Elkin, director of our Wildlife Programme, joins Gopal Patel of the Bhumi Project, a sister organisation of ARC and a joint initiative of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and Greenfaith, together with Stephen Tasker, Country Director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency for a discussion on Faith and Local Communities.

It was hosted by Olivia Wilkinson at the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities.

The webinar discussion took place on April 23, and will be useful for anyone interested in finding inspiration for their own faith-based climate programme, those in the secular conservation movement wanting to work with religions, or for students and teachers of faith environment work around the world.

* Learn about a survey of 30 religions and spiritual organisations in India, to determine not only what they are doing on renewable energy but also how they are working with each other. (from 0.30 onwards).

* Learn about Islamic Approaches to Conservation in Indonesia. The national Islamic authority (MUI) overseas 800,000 mosques and 80,000 Islamic schools. Muslim leaders have been strongly active on working to reduce climate change, protect wildlife, and stop burning forests. They have also importantly been working to increase the knowledge of conservation laws and issues in Muslim rural and urban communities. 17.00 onwards

* Work by the South Sea Evangelical Church (who make up 20% of the population) to develop an integrated development programme to reduce climate change in the Solomon islands. The programme was pushed to a serious position after a 2007 tsunami, the most dangerous one recorded, killed 60 people. From 28.00

The next climate series webinars are on May 21 (Interfaith Initiatives) June 18 (applied academic research) and July 23 for Advocacy Work. All at 9am ET. Find the videos here.


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June 27, 2019:
ARC has closed after 23 years
ARC has closed after 23 exciting years brokering links between the world's major faiths and organisations working on environment programmes. We have made this decision for the best of reasons: we have done what we set out to do. THIS WEBSITE IS NOW ARCHIVED.