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New Chinese section on ARC website

August 23, 2013:

With the Confucianists joining ARC in July to be the 12th member of our faith/tradition family, and building on many years of working with the Daoists in China on ecological issues, we have now created a Chinese language section on our website.

It can be linked from the front page by either clicking the Chinese language button towards the bottom of the page on the right, or from any page on the site by following the 中文 link at the far right of the banner.

"We know that a lot of people in China are looking at their environment iand thinking there must be something that can be done," said ARC's secretary general Martin Palmer.

"We hope that this section will help show them that there is, and that it will encourage people in China to engage with their own faith communities, and set up projects to make changes in the long term to how people look after the natural world," he said.

The great traditional religions of China are once again exerting influence, said ARC's China projects consultant, He Yun.

Thousands of Daoist, Confucianist and Buddhist shrines and monasteries have been re-opened, and religious customs revived, she said.

ARC is working with the Chinese Daoist Association, the Chinese Buddhist Association and since July 2013 with a new Confucian Environmental Alliance to encourage and support their interest and involvement in protecting the environment.

Please link to the new Chinese language site here or visit our English language Chinese projects pages here.

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China's great traditional religions are once again exerting influence. Monasteries are being re-opened and religious customs revived. ARC is working with Chinese Buddhists and Daoists to encourage their involvement in supporting environmental change
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