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ARC reissues classic book on religion and conservation

June 5, 2013:

Ten years after its original publication ARC has revised a groundbreaking book on the links between religion and conservation.

Jointly written by ARC's Martin Palmer and Victoria Finlay in 2003 Faith in Conservation explores the spiritual and practical value of involving religions in environmentalism, with many practical examples of their unique contribution to conservation action from ancient times to the present day.

The book's publication was an important collaboration between ARC and the Washington-based World Bank, reflecting the latter's commitment to supporting progressive developments in environmental strategies as well as the growing understanding of the enormous potential strength of many religious organisations as investors.

Since Faith in Conservation first emerged a decade ago there has been a real growth in understanding of the importance of religion as a force for environmental protection, both within religious traditions themselves and also the environmentalist world. This increasing awareness means that the book's reissue in a revised edition will hopefully continue to reach newer and wider audiences.

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Download a pdf version of Faith in Conservation (2013) here.

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