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Green Guide For Hajj translated into Arabic

July 2, 2013:

An Arabic translation of The Green Guide For Hajj has just been published by the UK based Faith Regen Foundation in partnership with ARC, Global One and Eco Muslim. The guide was originally published in English with key sponsorship from the Norwegian Government. It was launched as part of the inaugural meeting of the Green Pilgrimage Network in Assisi, Italy in November 2011.

This new translation into Arabic was commissioned by Faith Regen's former CEO Dr Husna Ahmed and makes the publication available to Muslims worldwide. Over 3 million pilgrims make the annual Hajj and, as well as offering practical tips and advice to help pilgrims and others reduce the carbon footprint of their pilgrimage, the Guide also invites Muslims to use their pilgrimage experience to reflect on the environmental impact of their own everyday lives.

Dr Husna Ahmed at the launch of the Green Guide for Hajj in Assisi, Italy.
Since its original publication the Guide has also been translated into Bahasa Indonesian and a further translation into Hausa is being prepared for Nigeria's large Muslim population. You can download a PDF version of the Arabic translation here.

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Green Guide for Hajj (English version)

Green Guide for Hajj (Bahasa Indonesion version)

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