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ARC advises BBC on religious angle to tsunami disaster

January 3, 2005:

In the wake of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean this week, ARC has been pleased to be able to help the BBC to contact spiritual leaders from different faiths, enabling them to speak on the radio about how people’s spiritual beliefs might help them begin to cope with the tragedy.

ARC has a wide range of contacts in the eleven major religions around the world, and one of our roles is to help create a network between faiths, media, governments and secular bodies, so that they can understand each other better, and work with each other more easily and naturally.

ARC is now contacting faith groups that are based in the affected areas and particularly in northern Indonesia to see what their long term needs are in helping people and communities in those areas rebuild their lives, and to find ways in which ARC can help.

Communities that have suffered devastating disasters often turn to their sacred places early on – first for shelter, and then as centres where people can find help and support. And rebuilding them where necessary is often seen by such communities as a priority at the same level as rebuilding homes and opening schools.

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