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Cambodia | 2004 conference report | 2004 conference schedule | 2004 field training programme | Phnom Penh 2004 | Cambodia's pagodas become eco-centres | Cambodian Monks Help Preserve the Cardamoms | Monks promote community forests in Cambodia

Phnom Penh 2004 conference schedule

Monks and other representatives gathered from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

(all speeches and workshops are in Khmer unless otherwise noted)

Monday 10 May 2004
0800: Buddhism& the Environment: Introduction by Va Moeurn, Director, Mlup Baitong
0830: Buddhist Ritual by Patriarchs of Cambodian Buddhism
0930: What is Environment? The Importance of Buddhism to the Environment by Monychenda Heng, Buddhism For Development.
1030: Examining the Role of Religious Communities in Development and their Partnerships with Secular Organisations. Joanne Robinson, ARC, and Nisha Agrawal, World Bank. In English.
1100: Lunch and informal discussions
1300: Reflections on the Study Tour. In groups, led by Kong Am, Mlup Baitong. In Khmer, Lao, Thai
1400: Communicating Through the Pagoda. Workshop led by: Zarah Jane Almeida, Mlup Baitong; Ven. Nikom; Ven. Samai; Tab Tim of Nimitri Centre. In Khmer, Lao, Thai
1700: Finish.

One of the conference seminars in progress
Tuesday 11 May
0800: The Role of Mlup Baitong: Va Moeurn, Director, Mlup Baitong.
0830: Experiences in Laos: Ven Vatthana Darasombath, Laos Buddhist Fellowship Organisation. In Laos.
0900: Informal gallery walk around NGO exhibition.
1000: Experiences in Myanmar. In English.
1030: Experiences in Thailand: Ven. Luang Ta Cher, Korat Forest Conservation Initiative. In Thai.
1100: Lunch
1400: Buddhism for Development - How Partnerships Work: Monychenda Heng.
1430: Buddhism for Development Kampuchea. An NGO within the pagoda: Ven Ly Khom, Buddhism for Development Kampong Thom.
1500: CWS: Partnering the Pagoda.
1530: Spirit in Education, the Pagoda and the NGO. Ven. Kittisak, SEKIYA DHAMMA and Chokdee Poralkanon, WWF Thailand. In Thai
1700: Finish.

Wednesday 12 May

0800: Panel Discussion: What NGOs look for in partnerships: Va Moern and Amanda Bradley, Mlup Baitong; Joanne Robinson and Tara Lewis, ARC; Nisha Agrawal, World Bank; Monychenda Heng, BFD. In English
Practical Training in Accountability, Transparency, Sustainability and Fundraising. Led by VBNK Training Institute for Managers of Organisations working for the Development of Cambodia.
1100: Lunch
1400: Practical Training continued, led by VBNK and Ven. Ly Khom of BFDK.
1700: Finish.

Thursday 13 May
0800: Buddhist Ritual led by Patriarch Ven. Tep Vong and Ven. Bour Kry.
0900: What One Monk Can Do: Building capacity: Ven. So Pheap of Prey Vieng Province and Director of COFAP.
0930: Group discussions on how to implement ideas: Kong Am, Mlup Baitong.
1000: Future Strategies for Collaboration, World Bank. Nisha Agrawal. In English
1100: Lunch.
1300: A future for the Sangha Network: Va Moeurn, Mlup Baitong, Joanne Robinson ARC. In Khmer and English.
1500: Meetings with the press.

See Press Release

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February 3 2005:
Cambodian monks create environmental association
The first official assembly of a new association of Cambodian monks dedicated to environmental conservation will be held in Pnomh Penh in March 2005.
June 16 2004:
Monks and nuns in Southeast Asia pledge to save their forests
A groundbreaking meeting on Buddhism and the Environment in Phnom Penh revealed a firm commitment among Buddhists to manage natural resources in a sustainable way.
Buddhist Faith Statement
A formal statement of Buddhist beliefs about creation and ecology: "The trees are like our mother and father, they feed us, nourish us, and provide us with everything"