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Mongolian Buddhist Ecology

An Ovoo marks a sacred Mongolian landscape shown here in a special sacred thangka painting to encourage monks to protect the ovoos, and the landscape they are in.

The following information has been extracted from the Mongolian Buddhists Protecting Nature Handbook which can be downloaded in English and in Mongolian.

Mongolia is a traditionally Buddhist country. But during the communist period, from 1924 to 1989, Buddhism was suppressed in violent purges in which tens of thousands of Buddhist monks lost their lives and virtually all monasteries were destroyed. A few of the buildings were kept as museums and by 1989 there was just one working monastery in Ulaanbaatar – kept open with three monks in an attempt to show visitors from abroad that religion was not oppressed.

Now Buddhism is re-emerging as a major force in Mongolia, and ARC is working with Buddhist groups to help them restore the beautiful natural environment of Mongolia in accordance with their age-old Buddhist principles:

Uncovering the lost sutras and ancient sacred sites of Mongolia>

The Khampa Lama inaugurates a sacred site at Bogduul, June 2003
Sacred Mongolian Environmental Texts>

Restoring Geser Sum monastery>

In July 2003, ARC announced that Nambaryn Enkhbayar, Prime Minister of Mongolia and Buddhist activist, would be its first International President. read more>

Papers from meetings of the Mongolian Buddhists Parliamentary Group and from the Mongolian Nomadics and Buddhist Economics Conference, edited by Nambaryn Enkhbayar.

read our 2004 update reporting activities in Mongolia.

Pages about Mongolian Environmental Wisdom, taken from the Handbook.

The Mongolian Lord of Nature.

Sacred texts, places and ovoos.

Sacred sites in Mongolia.

Traditional Environmental Law in Mongolia.

The work that the monks, in conjunction with ARC and the World Bank and others, are carrying out to rediscover the sutras about sacred land in Mongolia.

Do you want to support this?

For full contact and address details of Mongolian Buddhist Monasteries, please see page 57 of the Handbook. And for details of local Development, Environmental and Educational NGOs, please visit pages 58-59 of the Handbook.

Other links to Mongolian Buddhism and the Environment

Link here to access the news story about the launch of the Mongolian Buddhist Handbook.

Link here to download the Mongolian Buddhist Handbook in English. (Please note this file is 1.15MB)

Link here to download the Mongolian version of the Handbook.(A 2MB file.)

Link here to download the guide to the Mongolian Buddhists’ Eight Year Plan (this file is 4.13MB).

Link to Mongolian Case Studies.

And here on how to make contact with the Sangha.

To download the A3 poster of a new thangka about Buddhists protecting Nature, link here (5.61MB).

Brief History of Mongolian Buddhism.

Buddhism and the Environment.

Women in Buddhism in Mongolia.

Key Figures in Mongolian Buddhism.

Key Meetings in Mongolia.

Mongolian Buddhists and Development.

Mongolian Buddhists and Ecology.

Mongolian Buddhist Hunting Ban.

The Lost Sutras.

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Sacred Mongolian Environmental Texts
The key to Mongolia's sacred landscapes lay hidden in ancient Buddhist texts
15 July 2003:
Mongolian Prime Minister first International President of ARC
Nambaryn Enkhbayar, prime minister of Mongolia is ARC's first International President. Enkhbayar is a Buddhist who grew up as a communist – and he has drawn upon his faith to rebuild his country.