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Khorat educational work

Luangta Share with one of the posters used by monks in their environmental awareness campaign

Youth conservation workshops

During the last year five conservation training workshops for youth groups aged 15-20 have been held throughout Khorat province (total 250 participants). Three special courses for school children from Pimai and Chinat schools have been conducted at the training centre and in the forests (total 800 children). These residential five-day workshops cover religion, science and social science:

• Responsibility through Buddhist teachings
• Ethics
• Teamwork and leadership
• Natural resource management

Meditation preceeds a talk on the environment, with stories from the Buddha's life, at a junior school in Khorat Province
The training monasteries in each zone are also open as resource centres for teachers and many students return regularly to help the monks cultivate and plant seedlings.

Monk Training Courses

In the last year there have been two study and training tours for 160 visiting monks from north-east Thailand. These were held in district monasteries that are part of the Khorat network and at the Thai Forestry Training Centre. Each three-day course focuses on ethics, forest conservation, community forestry, awareness raising and networking. The courses include field visits to villages that have been working on the protection of their water sources in vulnerable watershed areas. As a part of the training monks and villagers have constructed a water supply system sourced from an underground unit and fed by a system of pipes into forest and village irrigation.

>Details of similar training programmes in Cambodia

Training for the general public

The training network has extended into the following provinces: Ubon Ratchatani, Mukdaharn, Chiang Rai, Nakorn Panom, and Sri Saket. The courses focus on environmental ethics, community environment and forest conservation. Trainings are often informal and take place in temples, district meetings and in temple forests.

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