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Christian features

***** Friesch Dagblad, a major Christian newspaper in the Netherlands, reports on the ARC-Swedish Lutheran-Shinto initiative to create a religious forestry management standard by 2013. A feature in Dutch: Religieus bosbeheer op agenda. Link here for more information.

***** “Creation came into being by the will and love of the Triune God and as such possesses an inner cohesion and goodness. Though human eyes may not always discern it, every creature and the whole creation in chorus bear witness of the glorious unity and harmony with which creation is endowed." Feature about the World Council of Churches supporting the REACH initiative in 2006. Link here for more information.

***** ARC has been working with the Benedictine Order since 1999. In this feature Joanne Robinson describes how the lives of Benedictine monks are fully intertwined with the realities of the world around them, with issues of poverty, peace and environmental stewardship. Link here for more information.

***** The Harissa forest in Lebanon – named by WWF as one of 10 forest areas vital to the natural heritage of the Mediterranean – is directly benefiting from the global partnership between world religions, ARC and WWF. A feature on how the Maronite Church in Lebanon plays a key environmental role. Link here for more information.

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