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Jewish ecology in practice

Examples of Jewish ecology in action can be found listed in the Projects Overview section of this website.

Jewish Ecology websites

Hazon is Hebrew for "vision." And the vision of New York-based Hazon is to create "a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community - as a step towards a healthier and more sustainable world for all." In 2004 it launched a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programme called Tuv Ha’Aretz – which means “Good for the land and best of the land”. It involves a synagogue entering into partnership with a local organic farmer, and committing to pre-purchase a share of the season’s produce. For the farmer this guarantees a market, for members this gives access to fresh, organic produce at affordable prices. In the wider context, it helps to preserve farmland, build community, and protect surrounding wildlife and water systems from pesticides. By early 2009 there were 32 Tuv Ha’Artez locations in the US and Israel. In 2009 those sites will put more than US$1 million of Jewish purchasing power behind organic farms. One member of the Tuv Ha’Aretz programme was Rahm Emanuel, now chief of staff to Barack Obama, President of the United States. Hazon also organises an annual Food Conference and a Jewish Farm school. It is looking to work with other faith traditions to establish faith-based CSAs in more communities.

A new environmental resource for the UK was launched in 2007 in the form of the Big Green Jewish Website. The site - created by the Board of Deputies and the Noah project with the assistance of ARC was designed to promote environmentalism through an engagement with biblical, rabbinic and contemporary Jewish sources. It was also designed to be fun.

A new eco-faith initiative was launched in Dorset UK in March 2007 by Rabbi Neil Amswych to encourage understanding between communities and care for creation. The initiative IDEA, was publicised as a website in summer 2008. Link here for more details.

The Shalom Centre in the United States has long been active on environmental issues including publishing the Green Menorah Covenant. Their website includes a subscription to the Shalom Report edited by Rabbi Arthur Wascow.

Canfei Nesharim, meaning "the wings of eagles" is dedicated to "building a better world for our children, by learning and acting on the wisdom of our Jewish tradition to protect the environment." Plenty of resources for rabbis, teachers, parents etc.

The Coalition of the Environment & Jewish Life is a leading Jewish environmental organization in the United States.

The Jewish Nature Center is based in New Jersey, USA and runs camps for young people, to teach them more about nature and the environment.


One of our favourites, from the US, is the award-winning Jew and the Carrot eco blog.


The Green Kibbutz movement is bringing ecology into the forefront at such places as Kibbutz Lotan with its Center for Eco-Tourism and Creative Ecology.

Please let us know of other relevant links, and we will add them to our site.

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