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Druze publish a theology of the forest

September 6 2007:

For the first time ever, the Druze of Lebanon have announced their theology of the forest. Sheikh Sami Abilmona, the Secretary General of the Druze IFRAN schools in Lebanon, presented a statement on the Druze and the Environment at the Visby Faith and Forestry Gathering, organised by ARC in August 2007. Link here for the full statement.

It includes the Druze belief:

“ that God created all creatures perfectly and subjected them to humanity so that we can rise through worship and our intellect, towards the glory of humanity - and since humanity is the topmost honoured reflection of God’s image (Be He Exalted) that means towards the glory of God...”


It is impossible for the monotheist to agree with the idea of dominating nature and utilizing it by destroying the environment and causing damage to the natural balance of things, and consequently producing environmental problems that are not easy to handle, overcome or resolve completely!”


Most Druze today live in mountainous regions in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan. The total number of Druze worldwide is estimated to be just under 1 million, with over 300,000 living in Lebanon, mainly on Mount Lebanon. The Druze religion is perhaps the least studied religions in the world. This is the first time they have ever made a public statement about the environment.

Mount Lebanon covers three districts-- Shouf, Aley, and southern Matn—where the Druze live alongside other communities (mainly Christians). Vast areas of forest are also located here, some of which are considered assets of the Druze.

Historians trace their origins to the 11th century in Cairo where they began as an Islamic reform movement. Although the Druze are not necessarily regarded as Muslims by other Muslims, here they are placed under the Islamic faith, following the teachings of the Druze themselves.

Link here for the full Druze theological statement about forests.

Link here for more details about the Visby Faiths and Forests meeting.

Link here for more details about ARC’s Lebanese sister organisation AFDC.

Link here for a series of prayers about forests, from different faiths.

Link here for more details about ARC’s forest projects in general.

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