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Religious forests | International Religious Forestry Standard | Prayers about forests | Millions of hectares of religious forest managed ecologically by 2014

Prayers about forests

A Buddhist Blessing

The compassionate protector has fulfilled the essence of perfection for the benefit of all beings, and has attained the ultimate Enlightenment. May this truth bring you victory and blessings.

May you be victorious in all your endeavors – just as the Lord Buddha conquered Mara, the Evil One, at the foot of Bodhi tree, and attained the excellence of all Buddhas.

Unconquered, with delight, he attained the High Seat of enlightenment. He was the leader of the world, and the source of enjoyment of all His clan of the Sakya people.

Whenever a person does good and worships the Holy Ones, that time is a good time – it is an auspicious time, a good dawn, a good morning, a good moment and a good instant.

Meritorious physical action is beneficial.
Meritorious verbal action is beneficial.
Meritorious mental action is beneficial.
Your meritorious wish is also beneficial.
Whenever beings do meritorious deeds, they are to be blessed by such

Christian Prayers

Prayer from the Benedictine tradition

O cross of Christ, immortal tree on which our saviour died
The world is sheltered by your arms that bore the crucified
From bitter death and barren wood the tree of life is made
Its branches bear unfailing fruit and leaves that never fade
O faithful cross, you stand unmoved while ages run their course
Foundation of the universe, Creation's binding force
Give glory to the risen Christ and to his cross give praise
The sign of God's unfathomed love, the hope of all our days.

(Hymn from Stanbrook Abbey , a Benedictine
abbey in the English Malvern Hills).

Prayer from the Lutheran tradition

“Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow. If
you sow to your own flesh, you will reap corruption from the flesh; but
if you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life from the Spirit. So
let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at the
harvest time, if we do not give up. So then whenever we have an
opportunity, let us work for the good of all…”
(Galatians 6:7-10)

Prayer from the Maronite Tradition

A general blessing for all that is sown or planted

"Glory to You, who planted all trees, vineyards, herbs, vegetables and
seeds in order to give abundant and tasteful fruits for the joy of your
servants. Bless, O Lord, these plants under the stewardship of your
servants. Let them produce fruits for the joy of those who adore you.
Protect them from all harming diseases and insects. Let them be
guarded from all evil in the name of the Trinity, the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit, and by the living cross of our Savior, who dissipates all
evil and makes it vanish. Thus all of us will praise your glory; will
give you thanks for your loving care towards us, now and forever".

“Bless O Lord these trees placed under the stewardship of your servants.
Let them produce abundant fruits for the joy of those who adore you;
protect them from all harming diseases and guard them from all
(The Maronite Book of Blessings)
Note: The Maronite faithful lived in a very close relationship with his land and with his God. The text of Psalm 148, spoken in prayer in the liturgy every morning, has developed in the Maronite’s heart and mind a kind of natural sense of the sacredness of nature. Moreover, meditating on the text of the letter of Paul to the Romans: “Creation itself will be freed from its slavery to corruption and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Romans. 8/21), the Maronite Faithful lived his stewardship as a mission to bless and sanctify all the elements of creation and the universe. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find a large compendium of blessings: The blessing of oil, water, the water springs and wells, the foundation stone, the table, the home, the wine, the bread, the food stocks, the Easter eggs, the fruits, the wheat seeds, the plants of vine, olive and all that can be planted, the wine and olive press, the cows, the sheep, all animals, all birds, all objects used by humans.

Druze Prayer

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compassionate

My Lord, I raise my prayer to Thee from nature’s bosom, from where Thy
greatness manifests itself and Thy wisdom shows.

My Lord, my soul reaches towards Thy splendour, as the mountains and
oases stretch, and my prayer rises, along with the uprise of lofty trees
and the flow of rivers, with the chants of birds and the whispers of
the breeze, and with the succession of night and day and the sequence
of the seasons.

My Lord, love is Thine and to Thee prayer is offered with every new dawn,
with every soft murmur of light, every repose of darkness, every gust of
warmth and every bite of cold; whenever a crescent moon emerges
and a wind whistles, a sea surges, a crop grows and a tongue makes
an utterance.

My Lord, Thou gavest us the whole of existence: of every kind, race, colour
and measure - a splendid creation and an utmost innovation. So make
us reverent and inspire us by thy wisdom that is visible in all that
thou innovatest. And maintain Thy glory in ourselves, in our
societies, in our world and in all Thou created!

My Lord, help us to have integrity and agree upon that which is right for
the sake of humanity’s wellbeing worldwide. Help us to worship Thee
through knowing the secrets of Thy creatures and through the
genuine belief that Thou art the real existence and that existence
itself is one of the various ways through which Thou bringest us close
to Thee by means of Thy Love, compassion and kindness.

My Lord, by obeying Thee and by being at one with Thy system of creation
we worship Thee truly and we implore Thee every now and then to
help us and to bless our alliance. To Thee is Supreme power and to
Thee is Praise and Glorification.

Hindu Prayers

Here are two ancient Vedic Prayers drawing inspiration from the theme of forests

1. From the Sama Veda

O self – effulgent Lord!
Kindly make all our neighbours, the human beings, happy,
Let the animal kingdom be happy
And let the forests be enriched with increase in number of trees, herbs as
well as animals.

2. From the Yajur Veda

O Lord Almighty !
By your grace peace be unto heaven,
Peace be unto space,
Peace be unto the earth,
Peace be unto the waters, the seas, lakes, rivers and reservoirs
Peace be unto the herbs,
Peace be unto the trees,
Peace be unto all the presiding deities,
Peace be unto to the Brahman,
Peace be unto one and all
And peace be unto peace itself.
Kindly grant peace to this humble self.

Jewish Meditation

These are the words of the prophet Jeremiah, who compares the believer to an evergreen tree:

“Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is in the Lord alone. He
shall be like a tree planted by the waters, sending forth its roots by a
stream: it does not sense the coming of heat, its leaves are ever fresh;
it has no care in a year of drought, it does not cease to yield
fruit.”(Jeremiah 17, 7:8).

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Religious Forests
Sacred woods, forests and trees are found in all the major religious cultures of the world. The tree forms a fundamental part of the mythology of many faiths, from the Tree of Knowledge in Judaism and Christianity’s Tree of the Cross to the sacred trees of Hinduism.<
August 21 2007:
Faiths protect Forests: English press release
An unlikely alliance between Shinto priests in Japan and the Lutheran Church of Sweden has led to a meeting next week that will lead to millions of hectares of forests around the world being managed according to ecological principles.
September 6 2007:
Druze publish a theology of the forest
For the first time ever, the Druze of Lebanon have announced their theology of the forest. Sheikh Sami Abilmona, the Secretary General of the Druze IFRAN schools in Lebanon, presented a statement on the Druze and the Environment at the Visby Faith and Forestry Gathering, organised by ARC in August 2007.