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Times of India reports on Green Amritsar

June 12, 2012:

A pilgrim visits the Golden Temple at Amritsar

EcoSikh President Dr Rajwant Singh visits Punjab to promote launch of Green Pilgrim City

Under the headline 'EcoSikh to launch Green Amritsar Campaign', an article by Yudhir Rana in the Times of India today reported the arrival of Washington-based EcoSikh president Dr Rajwant Singh on a four-week visit to the Punjab. During his visit Dr Singh will meet with political and religious leaders as well as social activists and conducting consultative sessions. The aim of these meetings will be to promote the launch of Green Amritsar as a founding member of the international Green Pilgrimage Network launched in Assisi in 2011.

Secretary of SGPC Sikh Gurudwara Committee Mr Dalmegh Singh and EcoSikh President Dr Rajwant Singh meeting HRH Princess Michael of Kent in Assisi, 2011
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Dr Rajwant Singh performs the Sikh evening prayer at the launch of the Green Pilgrimage Network in Assisi, Italy
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Information about Green Pilgrimage Network launch in Assisi, 2011

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