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Chinese TV turns the spotlight on Daoism’s conservation role

November 25, 2014:

Martin Palmer taking part in a CCTV television broadcast at a previous CTA forum

ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer will be one of the contributors on November 26, 2014, when Hong Kong based Phoenix Television broadcasts a debate about what Daoism contributes to environmental awareness and action in modern China.

Martin, who is in China to attend the China Taoist Association’s annual International Forum, will be one of four expert guests on ‘The Tao of Heaven and Man’. This 90-minute discussion programme will be led by the well-known presenter and film maker Wang Lu Xiang and filmed at the sacred mountain of Jiangxi Longhu.

The other contributors will be:

  • Master Zhang Jiyu, Vice President of the China Taoist Association
  • Professor Lin An’Wu, head of the Institute of Culture and Religion at Tzu Chi University, Taiwan
  • Professor Liu Zhongyu, Director of the Religious Culture Centre at Heading Normal University

The Tao of Heaven and Man

The programme will explore the principles of Daoist thought as they apply to the relationship between humanity and nature and go on to look at the ways in which Daoism is already contributing to the growing Chinese environmental movement. Finally it will look at what future conservation activities the Daoist community can develop.

The commissioning of such a significant programme entirely focused on the role of Daoism in environmental awareness and action reflects the enormous achievements that the Daoist community and China Taoist Association have made in the last decade.

Phoenix Television is one of the few private television companies permitted to broadcast in mainland China.

ARC and Daoism - useful links

Daoist Faith Statement on Nature from Faith in Conservation by Martin Palmer and Victoria Finlay

Daoism, Confucianism and the Environment is a feature article written by Martin Palmer and published in the influential Anglo-Chinese website China Dialogue

Four sacred Daoist pilgrim sites are now members of the Green Pilgrimage Network launched by ARC and WWF in 2011.

Dutch businessman and ecologist Allerd Sticker has written Sacred Mountains, an account of his involvement as a partner with ARC in supporting the revival of Daoism as a cultural and environmental force within Chinese society.

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