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Daoism and Christianity - new podcast explores historic links

November 12, 2014:

In a new podcast called ‘The Dao of Jesus’ on the Things Unseen website ARC Deputy Director General Alison Hilliard and Director General Martin Palmer discuss the ways in which Daoist thought has enabled a different reading of Christian traditions across the centuries and how this has influenced Martin’s own faith.

Daoism’s roots lie in ancient China, with the founding teacher Lao Tzu emerging in the 6th century before Christ. It wasn’t until the 7th century AD that Christians came top China and encountered Daoism, yet the parallels between aspects of the two traditions led them to an understanding of Jesus and the Gospels deeply imbued with Daoist thought.

Centuries later Martin Palmer’s studies of Daoism led him to a similar fusion of the two traditions and in this podcast he explains how he too learnt to see Jesus in a new light through the lens of Daoism, and how this helped him overcome what he found difficult in Christianity (particular its emphasis on good and evil) and ultimately led him back to his Christian faith.

Things Unseen

Things Unseen is a website for ‘people who have a faith, and those who just feel there’s more out there than meets the eye.’ Since 2011 it has been exploring ‘what’s beyond the material invisible world’ and now has a wide-ranging archive of podcasts on a variety of moral and faith-based issues.

Download ‘The Dao of Jesus’

There are links to previous podcasts that Martin Palmer has contributed to on his own website

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