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New teaching resources for GCSE Religious Studies

April 23 2012:

Representatives of many faiths gathered in Windsor to launch ARC in 1995

The significance of the "Assisi Declarations" and subsequent work linking religions' and environmental conservation make a powerful case study for looking at the way in which theology and religious belief can be a force for positive social action.

Throughout its 16-year history ARC has worked with religions to ensure a continuing stream of practical and effective actions that have helped improve the environmental conditions of people around the world.

ARC has prepared two lesson plans (complete with teacher and student resources) aimed at GCSE students and exploring the religious, historical and practical issues related to this topic. These resources can all be downloaded using the links below.

Buddhist monks in Cambodia ordaining trees to protect them from logging
While the AQA GCSE Religious Studies syllabus explicitly includes the Assisi Declarations as a curriculum item, the syllabus requirements of other exam boards also include elements exploring ‘religion and society’ that could equally encompass this topic.

For teachers delivering
AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification B) Unit 3: Religion and Life/Topic 2: Religion & Planet Earth,
the teachers’ resources below specifically address the syllabus requirements.

Downloadable resources

Lesson 1

Teachers' notes

Students' worksheet

Small group notes

Lesson 2

Teachers' notes

Students' worksheet

Small group notes Christianity

Small group notes Hinduism

Small group notes Islam

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