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ARC invites the faiths to conduct their own energy audits

February 6, 2006:

Do you avoid over-filling urns, kettles etc so as not to waste water?

One of the simplest things that a faith group can do for the environment is to conduct its own energy audit, in order to work out how it can reduce their “footprint” on the earth.

ARC is currently developing a major audit with the Benedictine communities around the world, which will be published in Spanish, Portuguese and English, with a version in French also planned.

Do you try to buy local products wherever possible?
Meanwhile, for many faiths, we recommend the audit developed by the Diocese of London audit as a basic and useful model. And in preparation for the World Council of Churches General Assembly in mid February we will be placing it on our website, in the downloads section.

It is in the form of a long questionnaire, asking faithgroups to see many longlife lightbulbs they have installed, to check their recycling and FSC policies, to see whether their funds are invested in proactively ethical funds, and whether they have optimised the opportunities to allow their grounds to be the homes for wild flowers and animals.

Do you provide cycle racks, and encourage staff and congregation to cycle or share cars or come by public transport?
This audit is free of copyright, but please acknowledge both ARC and the Diocese of London if you print it or distribute it.

If there are any interesting or inspiring stories and anecdotes that arise from conducting the audit, please let us know at

Do you often bring environmental concerns into acts of worship throughout the year?"
Our thanks to the diocese of London, with whom we have had the honour of working for many years.

Link here for the full audit.

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