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Christian econetwork

UK: Christian Environmental Network promotes eco-awareness

Update: January, 2011

Continuing from the success of “Parish Pumps”, the Conservation Foundation is planning to launch a new grassroots environmental programme for 2011.

The programme will be known as “Community Chest”, and will run with funding from various organisations. It will include a project called “Faith Works”, which involves tackling local environmental issues, working not only with Christians but community members from a variety of faiths.

For more information please visit the Conservation Foundation website.

The Church of England and the Conservation Foundation have established a network of more than 5000 parishes throughout the UK, aiming to promote environmental awareness and action.

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." - Henry David Thoreau
The project has been dubbed “Parish Pumps” in memory of the times before telephones and faxes or even newspapers, when the daily visit to collect water from the village pump was also the main source of information.

Today email and newsletters are important ways of passing on information... Through the Network 21 newsletter, members are put in touch with the wider international community; they also receive news, sermons, preaching notes, Sunday school materials and articles for parish magazines.

The Parish Pumps project – offered by the Church as a Sacred Gift in 2000 - arose directly out of the Church of England’s Millennium Yew Tree Project in which 7000 parishes around the UK were invited to plant yew saplings, propagated from trees that had been alive at the time of Christ’s birth.

They were all then invited to become Parish pumps, and most accepted. This network has encouraged development of local and national projects - working on issues such as climate change, and consumer action in support of both Forestry and Marine Stewardship Councils (FSC and MSC).

Many dioceses held Parish Pumps workshops on local environmental initiatives in 2002 and 2003. The Conservation Foundation also held workshops for Parish Pumps members, giving participants the chance to learn more about sustainable development.

There is no subscription to join the network of Parish Pumps and anyone is welcome to join. It is hoped that eventually every Parish will have a “Pump”.

To join the Conservation Foundation, contact

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