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All invited to 1-11 anti-toxins service in London

St James's Piccadilly.

ARC and WWF invite all their members and supporters to attend an extraordinary service at 1pm on November 1 at St James's Church, Piccadilly in London.

The service is in support of the issues surrounding the REACH legislation, currently making its way through the European Parliament. It marks the beginning of a month of prayer and reflection about the integrity of Creation and the Communion of Saints in its broadest sense, which starts with All Saints Day on November 1.

Today, 90 percent of chemicals on sale in Europe do not have to be supported by full safety documentation. REACH is intended to address this, and to help protect people, animals and the environment. Now and in the future.

Please come and support the initiative.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) today supported this initiative, and urged all Christians to make use of the prayers and liturgy specially created to focus their theological reflections on this crucial issue throughout November.

"We particularly recommend their use during the festivals of All Saints and Advent, times when the Church has traditionally looked at its vision of the unity and purpose of all life, linked through the unity of creation in God," said Rev Dr Sam Kobiah, general secretary of the WCC, in a strongly supportive open letter to ARC and WWF.

Karl Wagner, director of WWF's detox campaign, said that REACH is "the one piece of legislation that the chemical industry worldwide has been avoiding for 30 years." If it does not get through the European Parliament this time, "it could take another ten years until it can be readdressed."

For more information about REACH link here.

For information about WWF action on REACH link here. here.

For the full liturgy link here.

For the shorter Rainbow Covenant, suitable for use in all services in November, link here.

Anybody interested in supporting REACH is recommended to write to their MEP and to their MP.

If you would like to contact ARC about any of these issues, email John Smith at

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October 13 2005:
Full Hallowe'en/All Saints Liturgy to support REACH
The full text of a liturgy to be used through November to support debate on REACH anti-toxin legislation, before the European Parliament.
Paola Triolo of ARC, at Lambeth 2005:

November 1, 2005:
Churches around Europe gear up to counter toxins
A deeply moving service was held today at St James's Church, Picadilly in London to launch the official ARC liturgy designed for use across Europe in preparation for the REACH legislation debate at the end of this month.