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ARC celebrates tenth anniversary with stories


Tenth Anniversary Celebrations in the Lambeth Palace Crypt. Copyright Richard Prime.

In our tenth year ARC invited some of our friends, partners, staff and supporters to meet at Lambeth Palace in London for a celebration of a decade of working, talking and creating.

Some of ARC’s key partners were invited to tell stories from the past ten years, not only recording the facts about the projects with which they had engaged, but also reviewing the reasons why this work and these collaborations had happened in the first place.

ARC is increasingly recognising that one of its major roles is to create unlikely partnerships. The following stories, recounted as short presentations in the medieval crypt of Lambeth Palace, illustrate why this role is so important, and why we hope that it will become an even greater element of ARC’s work as we move into our second decade.

Many thanks to Archbishop Rowan Williams and Jane Williams for hosting our celebration at their home.

A welcome from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Stories from ARC's Founder, HRH the Prince Philip.

The World Bank and Buddhist Ecology: the story of the Asian Buddhist Network

** ARC and the Asian Buddhist Network.

** A story from the World Bank.

** A Buddhist perspective on the Asian Buddhist Network.

Fishing, Faith and Finance: the story of the Islam and Africa Project

** Of fish-traps and tomatoes

** ARC and the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Opening New Worlds: the story of 3iG

** A story from the international banking community.

** ARC and partnerships: a Jewish perspective.

A Journey through England to the World

** The story of the Sacred Land Project.

Finding the Way: The Daoists and the Sacred Mountains of China.

** A Daoist story

** A story from our sponsor Allerd Stikker of EMF.

The Energy of the Faiths: story of the religions' response to climate change.

** A story from the Climate Change Group.

** ARC and the Kyoto Protocol.

Work, Prayer and Study: the story of ecology and the monastic communities

** ARC and the Benedictine Community.

This page is still being built. More stories will be added later.

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